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Systems Engineer Resume


Over the last three years I have worked at four hospitals implementing Soarian Clinicals (SC) at different times during the build, and have seen all aspect of the build. I have been requested to work at a many SC Live events making the total 14 in the past two years. My reputation has become the person who takes charge and gets things done at these events. My roles at the Lives have consisted of the Command center Security, Orders and Results and interface SME. Also have been CPOE and system educator. Additionally, have been a system trainer and consultant, developed course material, and instructed individuals to class sizes of 30. Has excellent analytical, consulting, and systems engineering skills and is thoroughly committed to fulfilling customers’ organizational goals.


Senior Implementation Consultant, Confidential

Serving as the team lead and/or subject - matter expert on multiple concurrent implementations and/or value-add engagements, through the SCM/SIM process and Confidential Methodology.

  • Plan and guide the customer through Soarian process to design and develop technical specifications to satisfy stated objectives.
  • Design, and oversee the customer process of building the system to meet the design specifications.
  • Assist with the development and/or execution of test plans where applicable and manages the resolution of issues identified as outcomes of the testing phase.
  • Participate in the training of the designated customer resources relative to the project.
  • Support the customer work effort and drives post-live issues to resolution.

Most recent responsibilities have been the build of multi-entity, multi-laboratory hospital. The build work consisted of the HCU structure, ancillary systems, interface between multiple laboratories, orders and results, Med Rec, assessments and security. Sustain the operation of the Production and Test environment using Messaging Services, SIEV and Job scheduler, while continuing to build in the Test environment.

Systems Engineer, Confidential LCC

Develop, train and implement the System Evolution Roadmap (SER). The SER will document NGA Acquisition Drivers, Goals, Sub goals and components that must be executed to achieve NGA’s mission responsibilities. In support of EE contract for NGA my duties included:

  • Brief mid and senior level government representatives while translating SER data into actionable acquisition and budgeting recommendations
  • Organizing, leading and supervising system engineering technical exchange meetings
  • Other requirements include analysis of SER data to determine critical cross dependencies, decisions and decision points, and identifying critical gaps in NGA’s system engineering efforts

Key Component Engagement Staff Officer, Confidential,

In support of the NCE Deployment contract, my duties included:

  • Assisted government leads in executing and implementing plans, schedules, and requirements for planning to the move to the NCE. Lead KC engagements meetings to inform and resolve deployment-related issues.
  • Communicated with senior-level and junior customers to ensure that their systems needs were met at NCE.
  • Facilitated internal deployment communications, tracking internal and external tasks and managing the deployment calendar with deployment related topics and meetings to keep the office on schedule for deployment.

Systems Trainer/Senior Imagery Officer, Confidentia

In support of the GeoScout contract, my duties included:

  • Systems training for the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence College (NSG) at the NGA external customer site with class sizes from five to twenty-five personnel
  • Provided in-depth training on the new multi-million dollar, National Imagery Exploitation System (NIES), NGA Library Environment (NLE), Data Center Migration (DCM) used by imagery analysts throughout the DoD. I
  • Developed course content, materials and presentation to ensure they met the requirements of NGA and its external customer base for the following: ASPA, GeoView, Remote View and Screener for VITec.

Geospatial Intelligence Officer Confidential

  • Served in a Joint Staff assignment at the Department of Defense (DOD) level.
  • Responsible for exploiting, reviewing, monitoring, and performing in-depth analysis of multi-sensor imagery related to command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) systems and electronic developments in the Asia-Pacific region.

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