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System/application Engineer / Architect / Administrator Resume


15 years experience in maintaining/troubleshooting hardware, developing applications for various platforms using several different programming languages, analyzing information requirements of networks and computer systems, 11 years experience as a SQL Server and Oracle Database Administrator. 11 years experience in designing, developing and implementing simple to complex computer systems. 11 years experience in HTML, Javascript, Cascading Style sheets, ASP. 11 years experience developing applications in VB (4.0 - 6.0), 11 years experience developing applications in C++, 10 years experience in ADSI programming, 8 years development experience in VB.Net, 8 years development experience in asp.Net, 5 years experience in XML, 3 years experience in developing web services. 3 years experience developing applications to access Smart card (CAC) data. 3 years experience developing mobile applications / systems.


SQL server: Developed for and administered the following versions 6.5, 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008, SQL mobile 2005, SQL compact 3.5, Oracle 8.0,9i,10g, SQL clustering, Linked databases, MySQL

Web Server Experience: IIS 4.0-6.0


  • Developed CAC/VPN login solution using SQL2000 linked to Active directory to validate user logins against Active directory ( using SQL) and user certificates (Using .dll developed in VB) against DoD CRL (SQL & VB).
  • Developed RSS feed solution for arguard.org (XML/RSS).
  • Cisco Router MIB walker developed in Visual Basic.
  • Content Management Server templates for external web site.
  • Developed .asp script and .xml page to enable Podcasts and XML/RSS parser.
  • Developed .dll (LoginAdmin.dll) to impersonate a user in VB, accessed via web page.
  • Simple Project Tracker using asp.net and SQL.
  • VB ActiveX application to generate password and print out user agreement/password agreement using Microsoft word as in-process server.
  • Warehouse inventory management application developed in .asp/VB/SQL.
  • VB.Net Application (using LogParser.dll as server) to Parse Log Files (IIS).
  • Developed system (VB.Net) to convert raw data from Oracle database into .html, then into .xml, and matching .pdf or .tif (name = MILPOtoPERMS), and automatically import files into iPERMS system.
  • Automation of various official forms to auto-populate with data from Oracle database (.Net).
  • Developed/Implemented a System (name =TORTmobile) (Platforms = VB.Net 2005, SQL CE 2005, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i, Windows mobile 5.0) to Sync data collected on Handheld scanner (Intermec device) to SQL server, application has capability to Auto Update itself via a web service, and attempt repair of Database on device, application converts the Barcode information from ID card from Base32 to Base10. Application generates several web based reports and generates a report in Excel (DoD requirement).


  • Experienced in Windows mobile 5.0/6.0 development
  • Experienced in VB.Net Accessing various data sources, In-process and Out-process servers, User certificate verification applications, ActiveX Controls, ADSI, COM, DCOM
  • Experienced in embedded C.
  • Experienced in C++; Using capicon/CryptoAPI for data encryption/decryption; ATL, MFC, database access etc..
  • Experienced developing /calling stored procedures, triggers, and extended stored procedures.
  • Experienced developing web based applications.
  • Experienced developing client server applications.
  • Experienced developing web services.
  • Experienced in multi-threading applications.
  • Experienced developing web parts for sharepoint 2003.
  • Experienced developing ISAPI applications for IIS.
  • Experienced in high security mobile and server applications.
  • Experienced developing applications to access/implement smart card technology.
  • Experienced accessing/ capturing data from disparate sources.
  • Experienced accessing and storing data in .xml
  • Experienced in Windows mobile applications.


  • Servers Compaq, Dell, HP, Clustering
  • Workstations IBM compatibles
  • Mobile Devices Windows Mobile 5.0 and greater, Windows CE


  • Word processing - MS Word 97,2k,Xp,2003
  • Spreadsheets - MS Excel 97 2k 2013, 2014, Xp, 2003 E-mail cc-Mail, MS Outlook 97-2k, web Based email
  • Database MS Access, SQL, Oracle (TSQL & PL/SQL), MySQL
  • Network Win NT., Active Directory
  • Operating Systems Windows 3.1, 3.11, Win95-98, NT 3.5-4.0,Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server, DOS 5.0 - 6.22, IBM PC Dos 5.0, Some Unix, some Linux
  • Development MS FrontPage, MS Developer Studio 97, Sun Java Workshop 2.0, MS Visual C++ 4.0-6.0, MS Visual J++ 1.0 6.0, MS Visual InterDev 1.0-6.0, MS Visual Basic 4.0 - 6.0, Borland Turbo C++, Notepad, JavaScript, Jscript, LotusScript, MapInfo, MS Access(VBA), Active Server Pages, Visual Studio.Net 2002, Visual Studio.Net 2005



System/Application Engineer / Architect / Administrator

Maintain several SQL 2000 and SQL 2008 database servers, containing approximately 80 individual databases and all the applications that connect to it. Maintain 1 Oracle 10g Server and all the applications that connect to it. Maintain numerous web based applications. Designed, developed and implemented numerous web based applications in house. Designed, developed and implemented a windows mobile based system (TTM4) used by Confidential and several other states (approx 30 other states) to collect training data in the field; store it in SQL databases, packing data for loading into the DTMS system, and present reports in real time; TTM4 case study http://www.intermec.com/learning/content library/case studies/csArkansasNatGuard.aspx. Designed, developed and implemented a CAC (smart Card) enabled VPN SQL/ Active Directory/CISCO database solution. Implemented and maintain Confidential Sharepoint 2003 portal and associated databases. Designed, developed and implemented an auto updater web service consumed by mobile devices in order to update applications. Designed, developed and implemented a data warehouse. Designed, developed and implemented a mobile inventory management system. Designed, developed and implemented a system (MILPOtoPERMS) to retrieve information from a database, convert it into documents, create an associated .xml file and move the documents and .xml to a server for storage in the iPERMS database. Designed, developed and implemented a method to secure mobile devices without using the built in functions in Exchange server. Designed developed and implemented a Recycle Bin ISAPI application for sharepoint 2003. Developed a web based IIS log parser application to monitor access requests on our IIS servers.


Database Analyst/ Asp Developer/ Webmaster/ VB Developer

Maintain and administer the National Guards Inter/Intra/Extra net sites. Development of Active Server pages, using VBScript, JavaScript, and SQL (6.5-7.0) and/or Access backends. Mantaining several legacy Access applications, and converting them to ASP or Visual Basic. Development of IIS applications ( WebClasses and WebItems). Visual Basic Development using VB 6.0. Maintain and administer several IIS servers (ver. 4.0), several SQL servers( ver. 6.5-7.0), ILS servers( ver 2.0), and Site Server (ver 3.0).



SQL, Oracle, IIS, windows mobile, Sharepoint development and consulting

Troubleshoot hardware/software. Built systems from the ground up. Installed troubleshoot the citys LAN. Updates to the city web site. Developed an interactive form using LotusScript for the fire department. Developed a registration form and the site its on for the fire Department. Developed a style sheet for both the fire department and Human Resources. Organized the file structure of the Citys web site. Made frequent updates to the map used by the citys 911 system.

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