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System Admin Resume

Palo Alto, CaliforniA


  • Having 8 years of IT experience in managing UNIX (RHEL,SLES, IBM - AIX,and HPUX) infrastructure from small to enterprise level environments.
  • Having 3+ years of managing VMware Vsphere 5.x.
  • Having 1 year experience with IT automation tool - Puppet
  • VMware certified professional (VCP), IBM AIX Certified, HP Certified System Engineer (High availability + HP Partitioning),HP Data Protector Certified
  • ITIL V3 certified. Strict adherence to process management guidelines and procedures.
  • Having responsibility to support all UNIX and vmware system problems 24*7and resolving them ontimely basis.
  • Having good experience on Logical Volume management (LVM) in RHEL,AIX and HPUX environments
  • Strong knowledge on virtualization concepts and implementation techniques on various platforms - RHEL,IBM,Vmware,HP
  • Configured mission critical servers using various cluster products - MC/Service guard, Veritas Cluster Server, IBM PowerHA/HACMP, and VMware-HA.
  • Automation of daily tasks including file removal, log rotation, performance collections, disk space utilization using shell scripting (bash, ksh).
  • Created scripts for pre-check and post-check tasks for storage (EMC/Hitachi) and host based migrations
  • Worked in data center consolidation projects and performed various P2V / V2V migrations


Operating Systems: Red Hat-5.x-6.x, SLES-10.x-11.x, AIX-5.x-6.x, VMWARE ESXi 5.x,IBM VIO-1.x,2.x,HP-UX-10.x,11.x

Hardware: HP Proliant, Confidential poweredge, IBM Power Series - P5 (510,520,550,570,595) /P6 (550,595), /P7 (775,795) and RS6000 series, HP PA RISC and Itanium - RP,RX,Superdome, HCL Globalline, HMC

Languages & Scripts: Bash, Ksh.

Networks: NIS, NFS & DNS.

Cluster software: MC/Service Guard, Veritas Cluster server, IBM PowerHA/HACMP

Web & App servers: Apache 1.x, 2.x

Other Softwares: EMC Power path, Hitachi HDLM, VIO, Netbackup, Data Protector, HP-OVPM, LPAR2RRD,Oracle RAC, IBM TADDM.

Monitoring Tools: HP Openview, BMC Patrol,Puppet, Remedy, HP-ITSM

Ticketing Tools: Mainframe RUMBA, Remedy, HP-ITSM


Confidential, California, USA

System Admin


  • Installation, configuration and provide support to Unix (linux,aix,hpux)and vmware servers in enterprise environment
  • Installation of RHEL servers using iso images and customization through kickstart utility
  • Disk management (using lvm). This includes PV/VG/LV/FS creation, deletion, resizing. LV migrations, mirroring, striping. PV moves on storage migration activities
  • Periodic patching of linux servers using yum
  • Network configuration on linux servers (ip and alias configuration, bonding, static routes, speed and gateway settings)
  • User and group management in Unix servers.Package management using RPM, installp and swinstall.
  • Configured Various NFS servers and NFS clients. And also involved in NIS team and configured NIS Master Server and Slave server in Linux Environment
  • Perform performance analysis and provided inputs for server consolidation projects
  • Securing servers using iptables. Have adequate experience in security hardening and maintain security standards as per customer guidelines and provide support to external and internal audits. (SOX etc...)
  • Snapshot management of linux servers on VMware and restoration of snapshots in DR test scenario
  • VMware esxi 5.x, vcenter server installation
  • Setting up vmotion, vsphereHA test and validate them.
  • Resource allocations and modifications in VM instances. DLPAR on IBM servers.
  • Vmware network configuration - vswitch, port groups, nic teaming and load balancing, vm ports.
  • Managing Users, Groups, Roles and Access Permissions in UNIX and Vmware servers
  • Lead VM client upgrades across the globe involving 700+ VMware clients
  • Puppet agent installations and signing with puppet master.Pushing the configurations to agents.Exposure to Puppet forge modules
  • Installation of AIX servers and TL upgrades using NIM and alternate disk method
  • Design and implement DR solutions across data centers. Lead DR test activities and ensure the success rate is 100%
  • Configured clusters across data centers with IBM PowerHA and EMC SRDF product. LPMimplementation and testing. Worked on creating DG, CG using SYMCLI.
  • Implemented several virtualization projects using IBM - APV.
  • Vendor co-ordination for fixing system bugs and hardware issues
  • Provide guidance to team for handling high severity incidents and escalation support to UNIX environment

Confidential, Palo Alto, California

Lead System Admin


  • Perform server installation and support projects that include RHEL/AIX/HPUX and Vmware servers
  • Automate and customize RHEL server installations using kickstart method and NIM
  • Disk and network management in linux/aix/hpux servers. Configure mirroring, striping.Configurenetwork bonding in RHEL, Etherchannel in AIX, Port aggregation in HPUX for better performance and redundancy.
  • Implemented veritas cluster server across the entire unix estate. Educated team members and prepared necessary implementation documents.
  • RHEL / Suse server installations in a vmware environment using templates
  • Customization of linux server installations by making clones and templates. Creation of VM’s with adequate hardware resources as per project requirements.
  • Storage migrations involving SAN (EMC Symmetrix to Hitachi, HP to EMC array) and NAS migrations on RHEL/AIX/HPUX servers. Created various scripts for pre and post validations.
  • Performance tuning of UNIX servers as per standards
  • Rollout several server decommission projects - SAN & IP reclaim, License reclaim, OS and VM instance deletion, server de-rack. Carried out all the tasks through business approved change controls
  • Backup and monitoring agent configurations on RHEL/AIX/HPUX servers
  • Periodic patching of RHEL/AIX/HPUX systems as per client roadmaps
  • Plan and implement IBM frame migration projects. Moving IBM Lpars from P5 to P6/P7 using SAN swing method/mksysb
  • Design and implement highly available clusters using hacmp/vcs/mcsg that provides resiliency for the critical applications
  • Perform HACMP upgrades (5.2 to 5.4). Support cluster nodes and perform RG failover/fallback/customized script testing
  • Migration of AIX systems from 5.x to 6.x using alternate disk method using virtual optical media
  • VIO installation, configuration and management with SEA/NIB/NPIV technology. Performed dual vio upgrades with zero downtime
  • Performed detailed architecture study of IBM frames and moved around 1000+ disks onto high capacity disks. This involved in adding them to a volume group, move the PV’s, reclaim the original storage disks
  • Implemented a project of SEA configuration in dual VIO servers for a huge environment that resulted in considerable cost savings to client
  • Develop scripts using shell that automate daily tasks. Send mail notifications for customized script errors and outputs.
  • Lead DR test activities including OS restoration on different hardware located in DR site, configure as per the production system and till the level of customer testing
  • Resource management (CPU/Memory) using DLPAR
  • Involved in implementation of Sun one Directory server (LDAP) client across entire UNIX estate. This project eases the management of users centrally instead of managing them locally
  • Responsible for quality of deliverables with respect to the technical aspects and provide quality root cause analysis
  • Strictly follow ITIL standards so as to meet the defined SLA’s in all areas of IT management - Incident, Change, Problem, Configuration

Confidential, Plano, Texas

System Engineer


  • Involved in new server builds ( RHEL/HPUX/AIX ) and configuration of backup clients
  • Developed and tested migration tasks for upgrading the software levels of server
  • Part of capacity management group and involved in capacity analysis
  • System performance monitoring and tuning of UNIX servers
  • Created and configured more than 300 HP internal servers using HP Data Protector 5.1
  • Handled critical restoration request independently within specified SLA’s and ensured service is restored
  • Defined policy configuration methods that involve integrating with specific backup agent like oracle, SAP
  • Involved in backup infrastructure design phase that involves moving local backups to a centralized server
  • Implemented alerting at various phases and performed full functionality tests
  • Integration of alerts onto incident management tool Remedy

Confidential, Santa Clara, California

Customer Engineer


  • Installation, configuration and migration of HPUX and Windows based servers
  • As a data center engineer managed around 50+ HP RISC and Windows servers
  • Configured cluster using MC-Service guard on HPUX servers
  • Troubleshoot cluster related and performance related issues.
  • Configured load balancing (NLB) on windows based servers
  • Created test procedures that checks the redundancy at server level
  • Configured Citrix Meta frame servers and clients
  • Written shell scripts for jobs like temporary file removal, resource statistics, script for exporting ORACLE user backup
  • Disk assignment in oracle RAC environment using raw disks.
  • Troubleshooting of Hardware, HP-UX related Problems
  • Ignite backup and recovery
  • Implemented RAS configuration in windows 2000 servers.
  • Support of thin client projects using HCL products.

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