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Senior Systems Engineer Resume


Knowledgeable Senior Systems Engineer/Administrator with a passion for providing exceptional customer support. Currently working for the worlds largest provider of pharmaceuticals. High level experience with UNIX, Solaris and AIX installation, deployment, support and maintenance. Specialization in identifying and implementing comprehensive cost saving IT solutions for multiple business processes. Enthusiastic to learn and apply new technologies.


Hardware: HP C7000 - ia64 Integrity BL860c i2; BL465C, ia64 hp Superdome2 16s, Integrity RX8640; RX6600; RX2800; RX2660; RX7640, SUN M4000; T5120; V490; T5120, IBM, Fujitsu, HP3000 and HP9000

Operating Systems: UNIX HP-UX 11.31, HP-UX 11.23; MPE/IX,Solaris 8 and 1; AIX 5.2, 5.3 & 6.1

Software/Programs: Veritas, Veritas clustering,VCS, VMS, SVM, XP512, HP Service Desk, WRQ Reflections,Windows, SAMBA, JAVA, Visio, MS Word, SQL, Sun Disk Arrays, HMC, Lantronix, BoKs, HACMP Cluster, VMWare, VCS, HP Openview, Dominos, Lotus Notes, NFS, Tivoli Storage Manager, SAN, Hitachi and Symantec Netbackup, VNC, BMC, Raritan, SIM, Patrol, Service Guard, SUDO, VAS,VPN, Citrix, Raritan, Ignite

Ticketing Software: BMC Remedy, CMS, SupportTrack, HP Service Desk



Senior Systems Engineer

  • Provide comprehensive hands-on service and support HP-UX and SUN Systems in a data center of 500+ servers.
  • Software Support ( HP-UX 11. 31 and 11 .23, Solaris 5.10)
  • Maintenance
  • Performance tuning
  • Support to SAP Application and Database team which includes filesystem maintenance, resource maintenance, SAP account maintenance
  • Root cause Analysis and prevention
  • Upgrades to ensure contemporary and efficient systems usage and minimize required maintenance
  • 24/7 Support for application and system owners
  • Created Implementation plan procedure for in depth OS patching
  • HP-UX server builds to include server audit and Application verification
  • Virtual Server build of VM Hosts, VM Guests and VPARS
  • Cluster configuration changes
  • Annual High Availability Failover testing ( Cluster failover)
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Server migrations
  • In depth OS Kernel skills including quarterly OS Kernel patching; DRD patching ( Dynamic Root Disk)
  • Creation of Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Lead of Disaster Recovery tests of 30 + server per tests; three times per year
  • Created in depth Decommission Procedures which includes software and hardware decommissioning
  • Quarterly Disk Space management
  • Managed Annual Inventory for all supported hardware assets
  • System recovery with Ignite
  • Change Management Process
  • Change Manager for Department of Company to analyses and preview upcoming changes to SAP environment and to evaluate impact
  • Verification of Change Management Company Compliance to include review and approval of all requests which included attendance of weekly change approval meetings


Senior Systems Analyst/Engineer

  • Provide comprehensive hands-on service to SUN, Fujitsu and IBM Systems in a data center of 500+ servers.
  • Supervisor of 4-8 employees
  • Hardware and Software Support (Solaris 8, Solaris 10, AIX 5.2, AIX 5.3 and AIX 6.1 including HACMP, Linux Red Hat, SAN)
  • Maintenance
  • Performance tuning
  • Root cause Analysis and prevention
  • Upgrades to ensure contemporary and efficient systems usage and minimize required maintenance
  • 24/7 Support for application and system owners
  • Upgrades and patching of Solaris 8 and 10, AIX 5.2, 5.3 and 6.1 including implementation plan
  • Solaris 8 and 10 server builds to include server audit and Application verification
  • Server Build of AIX 5.3 including configuration and support of AIX system related issues to include server audit and Application verification
  • Configuration and hands on support for TCP/IP; including NIC installation; NFS configuration and Client maintenance
  • Virtual Server build of AIX 6.1 including NIM and VIO builds
  • Virtual Server build of Solaris 10 servers; LDOMS (T5240)
  • Installation of Veritas storage foundation on Solaris 8 and 10 servers to include maintenance and support
  • Installation of GPFS on AIX 6.1 servers to include GPFS configuration, System tuning, monitoring I/O performance and managing filesystems and disks
  • Firmware upgrades
  • VMware support
  • In depth OS Kernel skills including quarterly OS Kernel patching
  • Consolidate Servers and applications using Solaris Containers, including creating resource pools, defining Solaris Zones, assigning CPU usage, installing and booting Zones and configuring access to raw devices from Zones
  • Participated in the 2009 Disaster Recovery Project for data-warehouse for the banking system; which included pulling storage of netbackup for applications and databases for testing
  • Change Management Process
  • Team member of Company-wide Change Management Enhancement Project
  • Verification of Change Management Company Compliance to include review and approval of all requests


Senior Systems Analyst/Engineer

  • Provided comprehensive service to HP3000/MPEIX, HP9000/UNIX and AIX
  • Systems for a data center of over 1000 servers.
  • Hardware/software maintenance and support on HP9000 and AIX servers; Operating system upgrades; root cause analysis and prevention implementation; Scripting of system dump information program
  • Primary 3rd level on call Support 24/7
  • Technical problem solving for UNIX/WAN and AIX based applications
  • Participated in quarterly Disaster Recovery testing for scheduled regions which included hands on expertise on Hitachi storage transfers and support throughout the project
  • Hitachi XP256 (Regional) and XP512 (Data Centers) Storage support
  • LUNS configuration and release
  • Storage support on all Hitachi systems
  • Built the N Class systems and AIX systems to support migration of the 969 server
  • Includes installation of the memory, SCSI Cards, Network cards, Tape
  • drives, HP/SCSI Fiber channel router and Hitachi SAN configuration
  • Managed disc space availability Corporate Home Office test center.
  • Add-a-machine and delete-a-machine knowledge
  • Developed and implemented the Predictive Capacity Support tool used
  • to manage operating systems availability for State Farm Corporation.
  • Periodic Disaster Recovery Test for USA and Canada
  • Developed and Implemented Hardware Inventory procedures
  • UNIX POSIX Shell access for XP256 pair display
  • Storage allocations and disk array administration
  • Troubleshooting SAN related problems, switch administrating and
  • disc array administration
  • Administrating Hewlett-Packard disk array subsystem with extensive
  • knowledge of administrating CISCO Router fiber optic switches
  • HP Service Desk change coordinator for system migration, system
  • maintenance, new projects
  • Chaired Bi-weekly meeting identification of current system issues
  • server failure, disc space, user system deficiencies, upcoming
  • maintenance coordinated and managed the solution


Systems Analyst/Engineer

  • HP 3000/MPEIX service system. Business Partner account maintenance
  • and hierarchy restoration.
  • Server maintenance preparation. System reboots; System startup and
  • shutdown.
  • Worldwide development and maintenance of Agilent’s offshore
  • accounts.
  • Volume set additions and lost records file recovery. System backup
  • support.
  • Review and investigation of software and hardware Business Partner
  • processing issues.
  • Serviced maestro’s automated scheduling system for both MPE and
  • UNIX systems

Event Detection and Notification Analyst

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Documented unscheduled downtimes
  • All Customer Service Issues
  • Business Partner message receipt verification
  • Documentation of information pertaining to problems
  • Documentation of temporary workarounds and environment changes.
  • System preparation for scheduled maintenance
  • Preliminary investigation and solution recommendation for Customer

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