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Unisys Programmer/analyst Resume


Creative problem solver, strategic thinker and change agent seeking to deliver client/employer business advantage via software development, classic legacy systems modernization and implementation of state - of-the-art information systems for Unisys MCP environments that reduce total cost of ownership (TOC).


  • Strong understanding of Unisys A-Series systems (ClearPath, Libra) and COBOL74 application software development. Experienced with requirements discovery, application design, code construction, testing and implementation. Performed business software development project management for both internal and external client in a consulting engagement environment accountable to both business management and owners.
  • Support of DMSII database environments as DMSII Administrator including design of restart and recover algorithms, transaction response time optimization and data set reorganizations a COMS environment.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with the ability to interact with all levels of internal and external clients.


Confidential Company

Unisys Programmer/Analyst

  • Completed COBOL74 programming on a Unisys Libra (A14 ClearPath) system using CANDE, DMSII, WFL, for parameter driven online report execution system used by internal employees to streamline specific reporting functions conforming to HIPPA guidelines and internal user security administration for specific Health and Welfare Funds.
  • Developed an EDI intra-fund benefits reciprocity system interfaced to the National Pension Fund website for Plumber and Pipefitters conforming to their specific EDI formats. This system enables the elimination manual reciprocity payment system saving end-of-month manual effort an enabling a quicker turnaround in benefits payments. Programs were written in Cobol74 using Cande.

Environment: Unisys Libra ClearPath, COMS, DMSII, WFL, COBOL74, CANDE, DMUtility, DASDL.


Principal Consultant

  • Founded entrepreneurial start-up while under contract with my former employer continuing to provide value and expertise as needed to enable transition of their systems environment to their parent company, ADM, in Decatur, IL. Value-added reseller of SYSPRO Impact Software, Inc., an ERP software suite marketing into the SMB manufacturing and wholesale distribution space providing visioning, software solutions selection, sales and project implementations for selected clients. Moved away from VAR relationship with SYSPRO in 2010 and consulting with owners of legacy UNISYS MCP ClearPath systems.


Information Systems Manager

  • Served as Enterprise IT departmental head reporting to Executive VP and CFO.
  • Developed IT Strategic Plan to guide IT initiatives.
  • Developed and tested 5-level Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Provided oversight of all data processing operations maintaining 99.7% uptime of services.
  • Monitored work output and directed growth of staff ensuring quality, loyalty and retention.
  • Maintained core COBOL74 business applications software suite with CANDE developing COBOL74 applications running in the DMSII/COMS environment. Also administrated the IBM AS400 based Rolfe & Nolan Real-time Information System for Commodities (RISC).

Environment : Unisys ClearPath (entry/level), A6, MCP/AS, SMCS, DMSII, COMS, COBOL74, WFL, CANDE, DASDL, DMUtility, DEPCON (Distributed Enterprise Print Control), TDI, Ethernet, IBM AS400.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Unisys Programmer/Analyst

  • Provided expertise in DMS II synchronized recovery with COMS in the COSMOS redevelopment project for health insurance claims processing assisting in the design process.
  • Performed coding in ESI’s GenPulse COBOL code generator and XGEN on the claims systems Benefits Package Log (BPL). This was my specific application development responsibility.
  • Assessed and selected XGEN as a part of the review team to replace the GenPulse development tool. Received training in XGEN and rewrite the Benefits Package Log application using the XGEN tool-suite and CANDE to complete my assignment for the COSMOS development project.

Environment : Unisys A-Series (large), DMSII, DASDL, COMS, WFL, CANDE, COBOL74, DMUtility, ESI GenPulse (COBOL code generator), DataPulse (data dictionary), XGEN.


Unisys Consultant

  • Presented Unisys (Burroughs) systems and software applications development proposals to clients and prospects identified by Unisys sales personnel. Negotiated project deliverables agreements, managed project schedules and participated in the development of the deliverables for projects won.
  • Focused principally in the building materials industry and custom make-to-order door-unit manufacturing. Managed development and contributed expertise in COBOL code construction, DMSII database administration, and Unisys legacy data communications.
  • In 1989, performed a migration of the COBOL applications systems to the Unisys A-series A-4 platform (pre-Libra) to complete my contract with my remaining customer prior to taking the assignment with United Health Care (UHC) to begin the COSMOS development project.

Environment : Unisys A4 System, Burroughs B1000, DMSII, DASDL, COBOL68, COBOL74, COMS, NDL, Workflow (WFL), MCP, SMCS, CANDE, GEMCOS, ODESY, Burroughs Medium Systems.

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