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Unix Network Admin Resume

Triangle Park N, C


Confidential, Columbia, S. C.


Supervised 10 people for janitorial projects at West Pharmaceutical, performed payroll, hiring, administrative duties, and planning of projects for completion.

Confidential, Red Banks Road, Greenville

Crew Leader /Enumerator

Management of several people collecting Federal Government data for the 2010 Census. Performed supervising of hours, payroll, Data collecting, and procedures specified by manager. The job required traveling and dealing with different scenarios to complete the designated objective.

Confidential, Kinston, NC


Managed young adults along with other Staff in a group home environment. Responsible for their welfare during the 12 hour shift which included personal hygiene, serving food to them, assisting them with school work and their tasks within the living quarters.

Confidential, St. Kinston, N.C.

Site Manager

Managed a 32 multifamily unit complex, collected rent, made bank deposits, performed accounting, budgeting, ordering supplies from vendors, dealt with contractors for contract work and supervised one maintenance person. I attended meetings from organizations inside and outside the company. I had several meetings with the Kinston Housing Authority for updates from HUD.

Confidential, Triangle Park, N. C.

Unix Network Admin

Monitored Legato Networker and provided support in different ways. Checking the server status, managing the backup volumes, labeling and mounting backup volumes, and troubleshooting all kinds of connection and operating system problems. The UNIX system being utilized was Data General . The Data General unix was DG/UX 5.4R3.10 for AviiON.

Confidential, Mountain View, Calif

Programmer Unix Support

Provided a high level of customer satisfaction through delivery of technical support and service programs using Unix on Sun machines. Assisted in organizing and managing projects in shell scripts written in C and Korn shells. Have experience in utilizing various protocol such as TCP / IP and PPP. Trained to work with operating systems, for example, Sun Solaris. Position required strong analytical communication with E - mail, and stress management skills for mission critical network infrastructure services and related processes. At times worked alone or with a team on various projects or assignments with almost every project being priority one. These tasks required a rapid ability to use Oracle / Sql, shells and unix programming, troubleshooting techniques, as well as using system administration skills for workstations, file servers, networks and printers. The unix used was SunOs 5.1, Solstice FireWall - 1 ver 2.1 with Kerberos Security for secure RPC, and OpenWin plus CDE.

Confidential, Milpitas, Ca

Unix Jr. System admin / Tech Support

Ensured the security of HP3000 s992 / 977, and HP9000 systems and equipment by responding to problems encountered and monitoring all performance issues that pertained to users having access to the systems. I assisted or worked alone on various projects in system administration, security, user maintenance on accounts, production source and object code moves, file capacities, and ordering supplies. Trained others in all facets of operation. Utilized Ask Manman for HP3000 setups for various applications, and assisted all users that had PC or Mac problems. I performed system administration task on HP-UX 9000 600/150 , 800/H20-40, 847s Kclass and 800/G70. The job duties were to add users, cancel or kill processes, monitor database performance on Oracle and Sqlnet using HPOpenview, and write scripts in Korn to automate jobs. This was a migration project from HP3000 to HP9000 ver9-10.1.

Confidential, San Francisco, Ca

Sr. Computer Oper./PC-Mac Support Tech.

Maintained system performance utilizing database tools. I initiated stores/restores on systems, changed parameters for scheduled production. Distributed reports to users on a daily and monthly schedule. The job also included PC upgrading whether is was hardware or software projects.

Confidential, Santa Clara, Calif

Site Help Desk Spec./Unix Support-Administration

Resolved or reassigned calls from customers by gathering the facts of information needed to solve their problems. I escalated calls as needed or requested by users..Documented all calls in a SMS tracking system for ticket reference. I provided Unix support adding users, canceling request, databases, and killing run away processes. The job also required general knowledge about all platforms supported by the site including services offered, major customers support, common problem types and rapid resolution practices. Used HP9000

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