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Sr. Unix/linux Ops Sa/dplymnt Engr Resume


24 years of progressive Big 5, DoD/Federal, and Blue Chip Corporate experience in BPR, Pre - Sales/Sales Engineering and UNIX/Linux Infrastructure Architecture and Systems Administration.  His breadth of experience covers architecture, coding, deployment, administration, documentation and troubleshooting; scaling to 30 countries, 25M intl. users, 2000 servers and PBs of data. Consistently provides timely solutions to mission critical opportunities via Public Domain, new tool development, and application of existing tools in innovative ways (often adopted by vendors as break-through new products or features).


  • Oracle Solaris UltraSPARC/x86/x64, Blades, ZFS, Jumpstart, LDOMs, Live Upgrade, Flash
  • Veritas VxVM (Volume Manager), VxFS (File Systems), VCS (Cluster Server), Replicator
  • Veritas NetBackup 5.x/6.5.6/7.5; ufsdump/ufsrestore; fbackup
  • Sun StorEdge 3510 and 3511 sccli; StorageTek 2530, 2540 CAM GUI and cli;T3 Arrays, RAID 0/1/5; RAID-Z, Z2, and Z3; JBOD; IDE; PCI; SCSI; SAN; and FC (Fiber-Channel)
  • Globally replicated, load-balanced High-Availability (HA) Disaster Recovery (DR) Architect
  • SECURITY: Solaris STIG, SRR, Retina, CSA, DISA, IAVA, ISO, Audits, Remediation
  • NFSv3/4; DNS; ssh; scp; iptables; firewalls; Apache; HTTP(S); SSLv3 tunnels; sendmail
  • Technical Writing: Procedures, ISO, Security Remediation, Proposals, Architectures
  • Sizing, Performance Tuning, Benchmarks, Capacity Planning, Feasibility and Cost Analysis
  • Programming: C; Perl; ksh/bash/sh shell script for task automation, new tools, and crontabs
  • Monitoring: HP SiteScope and NAGIOS: install, configure, tune, troubleshoot, script
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Project, Visio (no Windows admin)



Sr. UNIX/Linux Ops SA/Dplymnt Engr

  • P2V migrating Solaris Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare virtual consolidations across enclaves
  • Managed work by prioritized tickets, requiring typed status input at monitored time intervals
  • Integration of Nagios/OpsView NRPE Agents with Solaris 10 SMF startup and shutdown
  • Participated in 24x7 monthly on-call (phone) schedule, including Cisco VPN and laptop
  • Performed 100 x CA ControlMinder/AccessControl installs, integrations and configurations
  • Planning and deploying M 4000/6000/10000 IP/PPAR and FC N/W: H/W, driver and cfgn
  • Solaris 10 virtualizations for consolidating to higher utilization, incl. LDoms/VMs and Zones
  • KSH scripting batch jobs on trusted servers to gather data from 100+ servers for reports
  • OS and SAN diagnostics, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and capacity planning.


Security Engineer

  • Scripted SCAP Security Vulnerability Compliance Checks on all Solaris servers in Korn
  • Collected quotes for 5 Symantec and EMC backup options, e.g. CM, MSEO, Enterprise
  • Recovered Oracle servers from an unbootable state due to old F/W and disk misconfigs
  • Proceduralized and performed Solaris 10 U11 and patch Live Upgrades on several servers
  • Researched multiple architectures to propose a Microsoft Servers 2008 SP2 storage solution
  • Automated central user creation/deletion across all servers that complied with standards
  • Added automated filename input, to batch parallel searches, to a simple file transfer script
  • Off-site backup tape rotations, including inventories, labeling, and robotic library interface


Security Engr 

In this NSF role, it was a spreadsheet of 25,747 Security Vulnerabilities on every Solaris, Red Hat, Ubuntu, AIX, etc. server plus another 40 Vulnerabilities that were all on every one of 101 servers, for which I automated all corrections in Korn Shell to run on a central server.

Tangible Software


  • Redesign for migrating 100's of volumes across dozens of Solaris UltraSPARC servers and EMC CLARiiON arrays on Brocade Fiber Channel SAN switches to Linux Intel servers, connected with SAN switches and arrays from a new vendor


Lead Spec Engineer

Government Network Operations Security Center 

  • Extensive Oracle Solaris 10 administration, tuning, and architecture of Oracle SPARC and UltraSPARC V, R and T Servers
  • Deployed initial Veritas NetBackup on Sun Servers and Clients, as well as S/W, H/W, and firmware on Sun SL48 Robotic Tape Libraries, and Policies for several separate projects
  • Custom scripted functionality, saving $10k/server vs.Veritas NetBackup Vault Product
  • IRS SONUS EMS Systems and Security Administration
  • Personally led all UNIX DISA (DTS-P-II) Security Scans, Corrections, and Remediations
  • Authored all Whitepapers, ISO Procedures, and Justifications; and Prototyping Architectures 
  • Recovered 6+ DTS-P-II Servers from an unbootable state within 1st week of arrival. 
  • Coordinated with Oracle to inventory all Oracle Sun server and robotic tape library H/W
  • Based on inventory, renewed and consolidate separate expired support contracts in to one

Confidential, Inc., Fairfax, VA,

Sr. Member of the Professional Staff

Sr. Solaris Systems Engineer, 

  • Automated parallel Oracle RMAN export file transfers totaling 12+ GB, cutting 33 hrs to 1
  • Scripted automatic IAVA fixes
  • Performed 3 patch and IAVA cycles of 32 servers in VA and AZ
  • Introduced Live Upgrade for DR (Disaster Recovery)


  • Scaled Windows to Solaris/EMC mass storage migration and new replicated remote DR
  • Built 18 server prototype lab
  • Tuned and troubleshooted production mass storage showstoppers
  • Proceduralized automated jumpstart of Oracle VMs (aka LDOM)


Engineer, Consultant 

  • 90 day project because Human Genome Project suddenly grew to daily backups of a PB
  • Designed/automated jumpstart and personally built 50 Solaris 10 48TB backup servers
  • Authored all documentation including Project Wiki, Status Alerts, and Admin Procedures
  • Trained 3 junior Red Hat Linux systems administrators to repeat the process on Solaris
  • Prototyped the concept on Red Hat Linux smart storage Intel Servers initially available

 Sr N/W Engineer

  • 90 day upgrade/documentation of Solaris, Apache and WebLogic skipping multiple versions
  • Built new QA, Production, DMZ; and DR server builds and deployments; and firewall rules
  • Fixed and remediated UNIX security vulnerabilities, and wrote remediation justifications


Sr Systems Engineer

  • Project 1st was to pass compliance audit with an impending with BS and ISO audit
  • Responsible to lead 24 others in, and author, documents (2 yr project done in 90 days)
  • Outstanding Performance Evaluations for 2 years
  • Reduced downtime 96% for legacy server and data center move and upgrade
  • Teamed with Veritas to invent integration of Volume Manager with Solaris Live Upgrade
  • Avoided space/cooling/power ceiling by selling concept of migration to Sun CMT servers
  • Architected seamless data center migration parallel with OS/HW upgrade via Solaris Flash
  • Intro Veritas SF on RHEL/AIX/Solaris for cross-platform administration simplifications


Sr Systems Engineer

  • Managed Paris-based French fashion company websites
  • Solaris, AIX and FreeBSD systems, web and application server administrator
  • Responsible for UNIX/Linux email, web servers, backups, and spam filters


Oracle Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Redhat Linux Systems Administrator, Infrastructure Architect, Sun Solaris x86/x64/SPARC/UltraSPARC, Blade, ZFS, Jumpstart, LDOM, Live Upgrade, Flash, HP-UX Ignite-UX, JFS, SAM, PXE, Service Guard, S/W Distributor, DL, Smart Array, BTO Veritas VxVM (Volume Manager), VxFS (File Systems), VCS (Cluster Server), NetBackup Sun StorageTek SL48; StorEdge 3510 and 3511 sccli; STK and 2540 CAM GUI/cli; T3 Arrays RAID 0, 1, 5; RAIDZ, RAIDZ2, RAIDZ3; JBOD, IDE, PCI, SCSI, SAN, FC (Fiber-Channel) Globally replicated, load-balanced High-Availability (HA) Disaster Recovery (DR) Architect NFS v3, v4; DNS, ssh, scp, iptables, firewall, Apache, HTTP(S), SSL v3 tunnels, sendmail Technical Writing: ISO 20000 and 27000 Procedures; Proposals, Architectures, Feasibility

Security: ISO 20000/27000 , DISA SRR, HPCMO CSA/Llama and ISO; fixes; remediation

Engineering: Sizing, Performance Tuning, Benchmarks, Capacity Planning, Feasibility and Cost Programmer: C, Perl and sh, ksh and bash shell scripting for task automation and new tools

Monitoring: HP SiteScope and NAGIOS Install, configuration, tuning, troubleshooting, and scripting of dozens of plug-ins

Microsoft: Office Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook; and Visio, Project, Live, XP, Windows 7

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