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Systems Analyst Resume

Fishkill N, Y


Extensive Information Technology experience, including Software Support, Operations, and Programming. Programming experience includes development and maintenance of a variety of commercial systems, in particular, request systems designed to establish management and administrative approval to grant access to system and associated resource (ie. datasets, tables, applications, etc) and automate defined tasks to satisfy the request with as little intervention as possible. Extensive REXX, DB2 (SQL), and JCL, on the IBM MVS (zOS/390) and zVM mainframe environments.  


Obtain a challenging position as a programmer with emphasis on application development and process automation.

    Work Experience

Systems Analyst -

Confidential .,Fishkill,N.Y

Responsibilities: Provide support for mainframe data collection process to determine client mainframe usage. During this assignment, I updated one the supporting REXX programs to allow dynamic definition of the input files, replacing the hardcoded statements. I also created an ISPF dialog that trapped the output from the LISTALC command to improve the readability and allow scrolling.

Inventory Control Specialist -

Confidential .,Fishkill,N.Y

Responsibilities: Provide support for store inventory quantity and presentation. Occasional requests for process automation programs written in REXX with ISPF dialogs for mainframe operations support. The programs run on zOS systems.

Systems Analyst -

Confidential ., Poughkeepsie,N.Y.

Responsibilities: Provide process automation function utilizing REXX in an OS/390 environment to assist in document management function. Assist in scanning documents onto server to be later uploaded to mainframe.

ystems Analyst -

Confidential, Southbury, C.T.

Responsibilities: Monitor systems in my assigned cluster and provide process automation tools as needed. The tools provided were REXX programs utilizing IOS3270 dialog manager and developed to run in a VM/CMS system environment. The systems being monitored were OS/390 partitions running jobs from CA Scheduler. 

Programmer -

Confidential, New York, N.Y.  

Responsibilities: Provide support, across all supported partitioned systems, for vendor supplied software, Install vendor software on the test partition OS/390 system. When software has been verified for functionality, the package was migrated to production systems utilizing Changeman to certify the package. Changeman was also used to migrate in-house developed applications written in REXX with ISPF dialogs, process automation programs and in-house developed macros whenever the function being developed was to be utilized in the production environment.    

Independent Software Consultant  

Responsibilities: Provide support and develop REXX programs and applications as needed by clients. This was accomplished on VM/370 and MVS OS/390 operating systems.  

Programmer -

Confidential, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.   

Responsibilities: Provide operator support for assigned VM/370 operating system. As a programmer, I was responsible for database support (SQL/DS) and development of associated application code and report generation programs. These programs were written in REXX with IOS3270 used for dialog management.     


Languages: REXX, Cobol, JCL, PLI, PLS3, Assembler  

Dialog Services: ISPF, IOS3270, DMS  

Databases: DB2, SQL/DS   

Operating Systems: VM, MVS

Support Software: CICS, Changeman, CA Scheduler, TMS (Tape Management System), FTP, SMTP     

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