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Senior Systems Engineer Resume


IBM ITSM Administrator: IBM iSeries (AIX) Administrator

Sun Solaris Administrator: IBM Redhat Linux System Administrator

Microsoft System Administrator: Network and System Security and vulnerability assessments

LAN Administrator: SAN administration (IBM, EMC, fiber/iscsi/cloud)

Shells: Korn, Bash

Basic: Perl scripting



Senior Systems Engineer

Lead AIX technical support assisting commercial prime contractor in the consolidation of data centers around the globe. Configuring and implementing IBM iSeries Logical Partitions around the globe including Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and the US. Remotely configured and built multiple AIX and Linux systems in an LPAR and VMWare environment utilizing an IBM HMC platform. Organized, and directed the installation, customization, implementation of Operating Systems and integration of assigned SAN storage for each LPAR. This included the development and management of on - going documentation of specific installation instructions that ensured all LPARs were consistent with customer requirements. Other support activities included vendor contact, problem resolution, analysis, programming, documentation, installation, and assisting the configuration planning team.

Major Contributions:

  • Installed and configured 100% of the LPARs and VMs assigned and required by customer
  • Created master document that guided all system admins in the consistent installation of all LPARs
  • Assisted in process creation that streamlined installations across data centers.


IT - Systems Engineer

Lead technical engineer supporting corporate data protection, databases and systems components. Mitigated data error issues due to media failure, systems software failure, or applications program error, which included: midrange, and Intel platforms. Administered and maintain the IBM Tivoli Storage Management software and hardware environment on IBM Xseries and Pseries servers and IBM 3584 tape library. Ensured business continuation via data integrity management: Planed, organized, and directed the design, customization, implementation, optimization and support of system hardware and software configurations for the IT environment and maintain both IBM DR550 and DS4800 SAN enclosures for bank images. Provided additional manpower on ongoing enterprise support for IBM SVC and DS5600 which includes Fiber Optic connectivity from hosts to SAN via IBM Enterprise Class Director switches, McData switches, iSCSI support using SANRAD products and other support activities including on-going system administration in an x86 environment performing problem resolution and break/fix support of all platforms and systems.

Major Contributions:

  • Stabilized IBM ITSM system that ensured industry compliance by introducing VTL technology for off-site replication.
  • Implemented the IBM DR550 system for image archiving.
  • Tested and validated the use of StorSimple cloud device in coordination with Microsoft Azure storage in order to decommission the IBM DR550 archiving system.


I/T System and infrastructure Consultant

Provide system and infrastructure design, implementation and support for small to medium size businesses and home office users. Researched, planned and implemented company infrastructure for network connectivity and company email and website rollout; planed for backup and recovery, systems software failure, or applications program errors; includes: midrange, and Intel platforms.

Additional IT Experience:

Confidential - San Antonio, TX Open Systems Stg. Mngmnt - I/T System Programmer

Confidential - San Antonio, TX Midrange Server Mngmnt - I/T System Programmer

Confidential . - Alexandria, VA System Admin/Network Admin (LAN Support Task)

Confidential . - Alexandria, VA Jr. System Admin (Integration System Support Task)

Confidential . – Alexandria, VA System/Network Tech (System Support Task)

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