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Senior Systems Analyst Resume

Dallas, TX


After several years as a Unix Systems Administrator and Server Automation Expert, I have recently discovered a paradigm shift in the IT world towards virtualization. I recently started focusing on OS Virtualization enrolling in courses for Hyper - V, Openstack and VMware. Expanding my base of knowledge into virtualization will allow me to leverage my 16 years of IT experience towards building and managing virtual server environments.



Linux Server Admin, San Antonio, Texas

Primary duties include:

  • Building Linux VM satellite servers in a virtual environment in support of the HP Server Automation tool.
  • Bare metal server provisioning with Base RHEL 5.X OS
  • Configuration of RHEL servers for HPSA
  • Installation of HPSA application based
  • Configuration elements based on Customer requirements
  • Create technical documentation detailing networking and management access
  • Conduct peer reviews of technical documentation to ensure high level of success prior to installation


Virtualization Administrator, San Antonio, Texas

  • Install bare metal servers with Ubuntu Linux
  • Install and configuration of Havana Openstack
  • Install and configure OpenStack Compute
  • Configure Keystone, Neutron, Nova, Cinder, Glance, Swift
  • Create and Manage VMs
  • Import VMs from other sources: HyperV, VMware
  • Manage virtual machines in a secure environment

Implementing VMware Virtualization:

End-of-Course outcomes:

  • Installation and configuration of management server
  • Installation and configuration of ESX hosts
  • Install and configure ESXi on bare metal
  • Install and configure vCenter
  • Configure and manage ESXi networking and storage

Implementing Microsoft Virtualization:

An in-depth study of designing and deploying virtualization solutions when using Windows Server 2008 R2 in an enterprise organization, including server virtualization and desktop virtualization.

End-of-Course Outcomes:

  • Install and configure ESXi on bare metal
  • Install and configure vCenter
  • Configure and manage ESXi networking and storage
  • Deploy, manage and migrate virtual machines
  • Manage user access; monitor resource usage
  • Increase scalability
  • Secure virtual machines; manage high availability and data protection.


Server Automation Admin, San Antonio, Texas

Primary duties:

  • Vetted for ADP-1 Security Clearance (Secret) to operate in an Elevated Security Environment.
  • Assigned Common Access Card (CAC) access to work in DOD approved facility.
  • Rolled out implementation of 9.13 HP Server Automation tool including installing and configuring the HP Server Automation application and Satellite servers.
  • As the primary Subject Matter Expert for server automation for this new implementation, it was my responsibility to configure and make ready for production based on my past experience using Bladelogic Server Automation.
  • Provide training and to internal employees and end users as to the major features and functionality of HP Server Automation.
  • Provide detailed documentation for the installation, configuration, maintenance and continued support of HP Server Automation infrastructure.
  • Maintain strict control on end user access using single sign on via AD server validation with LDAP utilizing CAC card authentication.
  • Develop feature enhancements of HP Server Automation submitted to HP as Enhancement Requests for future implementation in product improvement.
  • Assisted in managing VMWare Vsphere environment including taking snapshots, creating clones, spinning up new Linux hosts (RHEL 5.8)

RHEL server management (linux)

  • Configured servers for highly secure environment (see additional duties)
  • Installed and configured 3 rd party software
  • Installed and configured HP Server Automation to function within the restrictions of our secure environment.
  • Server tuning including establishing baseline for kernel parameters and modifying configuration files.
  • Layout of multiple filesystems to support a large application
  • Performed backups of servers as needed, including taking snapshots in Vmware console

Additional duties:

  • Configuring a highly restricted operating environment for our infrastructure. My duties included:
  • Perform Annual Security scans and audit with external audit team as part of an ATO effort for Department of Defense Military Health Systems (DOD MHS)
  • Conducted intensive hardening of RHEL servers based on Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) requirements provided by DOD
  • As part of the Auditing process, interact with Auditing team to provide high level of detail for deviations, exceptions and POA&M items which involved creating additional documentation outlining the reasons for the accepted risk, exception or delay in implementing required security measure based on business needs.
  • Maintain firewall rules and to control and restrict access by port and by IP address
  • Utilized Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) and Retina scanning tools to evaluate security health of our server environment.
  • Performed monthly scans of all servers for internal auditing and security mandate.
  • As part of a team, managed several RHEL 5.8 servers as part of the HP Server Automation Infrastructure
  • Maintain a high level of personal awareness and security operating in a secure facility
  • Perform all TASKERS and WARNORDS and other security notices in a timely manner as required.


System Dev Senior Analyst, Dallas, Texas

  • Led 2-4 team members as Transitions Team Lead.
  • Participated in cross-functional, multi-organizational project teams to on-board new clients.
  • Coordinated support for 30+ c lient migration projects.
  • Created project plans using MS Project
  • Created detailed design plan to integrate clients
  • Evaluated need for required technical resources
  • Determined hardware and software capacity requirements
  • Coordinated with Networking and Engineering teams
  • Supported Project Managers with technical expertise and guidance
  • Requisitioned hardware and software
  • Managed Bladelogic Team Training through the use of MS Excel, Visio and Project, including Wink and Webex recordings to support Bladelogic team and client System Administrators.
  • Created Bladelogic Process Documentation. I developed dozens of Process documentation for our Organization making us one of the most well documented teams in the company.
  • Leveraged Sharepoint repository creating all manner of Bladelogic and RSCD training materials and FAQ resources
  • Exponentially reduced both the number and type repetitive requests, eliminated common and reduced uncommon repetitive errors in process and procedure.
  • Provided detailed processes for new client on-boarding, Server Admin troubleshooting, Unix Patching and 3 rd Party installation. Some of these documents are now Enterprise-wide ITO standard processes and procedures Confidential Confidential /Xerox.
  • Participated 24/7 Oncall rotation supporting over 300 System Administrators Confidential Enterprise level for client incidents, problems, server administration and client patching.
  • Proficient with several versions of Bladelogic from 7.4.x back in 2007, up thru versions 8.0 SP4, and
  • As Bladelogic Admin (BBSA) assisted in supporting up to 300 system administrators, representing over 80 clients and 25, 000+ servers.
  • Provided Primary support for RSCD installation using bulk installer devices as well as adhoc RSCD agent installation. Also utilized File deploy methods for upgrades of existing agents.
  • Managed 30 new projects in 2 years, for business integration from both internal and external new business into our Bladelogic instance in Dallas.
  • Supported a Bladelogic Infrastructure of 8-appserver Linux-based solution with load-balancing technology. Also, with an attached multi-terabyte Fileserver and separate Reports Server and Reports Database
  • Provided reports using Cognos-based Reporting tool
  • Supported multiple Windows and Unix helper servers for remote patching
  • Primarily Managed 20+ Bluecoat Devices’ connectivity using the Bladelogic Infrastructure management tool for DNS validation with remote client environments where local addressing was not possible due to IP overlaps.
  • Proficient in many facets of (BBSA) Bladelogic Server Automation Application, supporting versions 7.4.x, and 8.x, currently on version
  • Assisted with development of client layout in the console
  • Created Extended Objects and Configuration Objects used in validation of Auditing and Compliance work
  • Primarily responsible in creating Baseline ITO standardization document for the entire ITO Organization’s use of Bladelogic emphasizing Patching, Compliance and Auditing, and Quality Assurance for all Windows and Unix OS versions.
  • Primarily responsible for Unix Patching including testing and validation of Production and Lab Unix environments for AIX, HPUX, Solaris, and Redhat.
  • Maintained VPC environment for AIX, HPUX and Solaris.
  • Maintained Patch helper server for HPUX
  • Bluecoat Proxy management and maintenance
  • Re-validated Unix patching with each upgrade of BMC Bladelogic BBSA for each Unix vendor:
  • HP versions 10.20, 11.11, 11.23, 11.31
  • IBM versions 5.3, 6.1
  • Solaris versions 9, 10

SUSE Linux server management

  • Install and configure 3 rd party software
  • Install and manage BMC Bladelogic Server Automation to function within the parameters of the ITO requirements
  • Server tuning including establishing baseline for kernel parameters and modifying configuration files.
  • Monitoring servers for any issues, established preventative measures to mitigate outages.
  • Created shell wrapper scripts to upload and push out 3 rd party software to remote servers from centralized repository
  • Wrote shell scripts to capture server configuration data gathered for client reports
  • Developed Objects written in shell-based language to function within BMC Bladelogic to provide enhancements to information captured by the Server Automation tool.
  • Assisted with enhancing server security based on stringent guidelines.


Senior Systems Administrator - (Midrange HPUX System Administration) Dallas, TX

  • Mana ged 200 servers primarily HPUX of various types from K-class, N9000, Superdome, Integrity, and OS ranges: 10.20, 11.00, 11.23, 11.31, SUSE9/10, AIX 5/6
  • Performed System Administration duties, including fulfillment of client requests for additional capacity, troubleshooting application issues, OS system upgrades, installation of 3 rd party software, disk management, user management, system security, resource management and resource analysis.
  • Participated in Off-site f ully- replicated Disaster Recovery exercises for various clients
  • Restoration of Unix Operating Systems
  • Rebuilding of application filesystems
  • Recreating databases using raw or mounted luns
  • Configuring and establishing network connectivity,
  • R econstruction of client data from tape and/or storage backups
  • Validation of Disaster Recovery criteria to complete a successful exercise .
  • Utilization of the Sungard facilities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Chicago, Illinois
  • Scripting
  • Developed Disaster Recover scripts to recreate servers in the DR environment.
  • Created DR scripts to capture pre-DR server image data to use in rebuilding process
  • Automated patching process in HPUX servers using scripting
  • Created provisioning script process to build server from raw IP into running server.
  • Provided HP Server Provisioning of Stand-Alone and Virtual Servers on HP N-9000 and Superdome platforms, for new implementations and application growth. Built and tested new servers using Quality Assurance Testing procedures and rollout to client environments, including coordination with Client Business Unit managers and also Hardware and Network teams.
  • Performed Patching as needed for Critical and Security patching, and bi-yearly for Bundle updates.
  • Evaluated server performance using industry software such as BMC Patrol, Workload Manager (WLM), Glance, HP OpenView
  • Primary Lead Liaison for Confidential Enterprise BladeLogic Server Automation implementation and my HPUX System Administration team. Provided coordination between my IT organization and the Bladelogic team, proficient in execution of all features and functions for server management including compliance, audit, remediation, and reports.


Senior Systems Analyst, Dallas, TX

  • Supported 40+ HPUX Systems of all varieties from D, K, L, V-class,
  • Managed VPar and NPar Physical/Virtual servers such as N9000 and Superdome 32/64 complexes.
  • Managed virtual hardware, reassigning as needed per application.
  • Provisioned Vpars and stand alone HPUX servers
  • Expert in managing Mission Critical Service Guard (MCSG) systems
  • Expert in managing Cell- based systems. Managed the first production Superdome in the entire ITO organization Confidential Confidential &T in 2001.
  • Expert Configuration of Logical Volume Management ( LVM) tasks
  • Proficient in management of attached Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Proficient in using Net backup and system recovery tools from tape and DVDs,
  • Assisted with Firmware upgrades and S ystem restores of Vpar/Npar, Superdome technology.
  • Expert in multiple SAN disk migrations from legacy storage to Hitachi and EMC, World Wide Names (WWN) assignment
  • BCV mapping for Data Replication to reports server.
  • M anaged one of the largest single- client SAN infrastructures of 20TB, utilizing multiple EMC arrays, in cluding BCV management, WWN management, and data duplication using a reports server. Designed and Configured layout for Raw data storage for Oracle Databases
  • Provided Dedicated primary 24x7 oncall support via pager and remote support.
  • Proficient using many software products in the course of my daily work including BMC Patrol, Connect:Direct, Power Path, Omniback, Glance, EMC Control Center. Script writing using ksh, bsh, awk, sed
  • Wrapper scripts used to parse data which is then relayed to a local database.
  • Creation of configuration scripts to modify the environment of a server to meet required standards.
  • Remote execution scripts to run on servers, gather asset data, and server configuration information
  • Scripts to parse user data for client application: gather user statistics from application activity on the server.
  • Provisioning scripts used to build Enterprise standard servers to meet ITO requirements
  • Parsing syslog and other logging to capture data for server status and alerts for creating monthly reports

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