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System Administrator/developer Resume


A dedicated, hardworking system support analyst. Highly organized with a positive attitude. Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Ability to handle multiple pressured situations and consistently meet tight deadline schedules. Quality conscious and detail oriented team player. Motivated to learn new skills and implement new ideas. Takes pride in managing problems from inception to completion.


Programming Languages: Oracle, SQL, Foxpro, Cobol, C, Fortran,VAX Basic, Data Trieve, Visual Basic 6, Mapbasic, DCL, JCL, Pearl.

Operating Systems and Environments: Windows NT4, 98, 2000, XP,7; VAX/VMS (Alpha/OpenVMS); UNIX (Tru64,HP,SCO); MVS (OS/390); Linux(RedHat); Macintosh.

Software: MS Office, Crystal Reports, SAS, ARCserve, Veritas BackExec, Trend antivirus software, Multinet V4.2, Citrix Metaframe, Lotus Notes, Reflection, Ghost, MS Visio, MS Project, Secure Remote, CONNX,HEAT,Remedy,VMS Volume Shadowing,IIS,SNA,LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, Scheduler, MCL, Medias, CA Spectrum, TWS, SBM



Production Technician

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting real time systems which are getting data from the Exchanges all over the world using in house monitoring tools (xwatch, feedmon) which were built on Linux system.
  • Performed operations tasks using multiple mornitoring and reporting tools on Linux systems, IBM Mainframe and Windows.
  • Handled DR testing, daily system backups, users’ accounts managements. em


VMS Operator/Production Support

  • Performed multiple VMS cluster systems backup and restore, batch jobs run and system monitoring using Scheduler, Medias, TSM server ABC backup.
  • Performed system operations tasks on Unix systems using Appworx, UC4.
  • Handled DR issues and Intracorp, Dental, Behavioral application support.


VMS System Administrator

  • Performed various Alpha OpenVMS system administration tasks for 600 users within or outside of the island.
  • Support ACMS application CIS system and other applications such as MMIS,REGpay and OBS.
  • Administrated IBM Storage Server.



  • Email system Migration from Novell Groupwise to MS Exchange 2000.


Support Analyst, Tech Services

  • Handled the technical support for DMC and PBA users on VAX/VMS, Windows NT and 2000 including hardware and software(local and remote access through VPN).
  • Performed various VAX/VMS and Windows 2000 system administration tasks, Exchange 2000.
  • Mastering Trend antivirus software, ServerProtect, OfficeScan,VirusWall E - manager.
  • Created and maintained all system and application documentations.
  • Run Veritas BackExec v7.3,v8,v9 NT servers and Exchange 2000 server backup.
  • Maintenance the application software using VAX Basic.
  • Run daily, monthly jobs on both VAX/VMS and Windows system.


Support Analyst, Computer Operations

  • Handled the technical support, 7/24, for 100 users across Canada for Windows NT and Alpha/Open VMS systems ensuring all issues were dealt with in an expedient manner.
  • Maintenance and upkeep on 100+ node mixed Windows/Mac Network, and managing and deploying new workstations and software.
  • Set up Alpha Open VMS user accounts, Exchange 5.5, NT local and remote access and admin Citrix server.
  • Created and maintenance the application scripts and programs using DCL and Vista.
  • Created and maintained all system and application documentations.
  • Cleaned up VMS and NT disk space ensuring appropriate managers and users were contacted and backup was done.
  • Installed new software such as OS, Office, and third layer products on Open VMS when requested.
  • Ran, daily, monthly, sales reports for president, accounting and sales staff.


System Administrator/Developer

  • Performed various VAX/VMS and Windows system administration tasks for 200 users across the country.
  • Supported a heterogeneous network of SGI, Sun and DEC workstations.
  • Installed third party applications such as remote sensing and simulation.
  • Met with various clients to discuss and document their office automation applications.
  • Designed, implemented, documented and tested applications.
  • Developed customer database query forms with graphical output.
  • Worked on the research and programming team that analyzed, programmed and developed user interface design and graphics routines for a forestry production simulation program.
  • Performed Oracle, All-in-1 administration and LAN/WAN tasks.

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