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Senior It Security Consultant Resume

San Ramon, CA


  • A bilingual, results - driven security products and services expert who is known for combining keen business acumen, broad and deep security knowledge, and well-honed analytical skills with cross-functional collaboration to achieve strategic security objectives. With over 15 years of experience as a Security Systems Consultant and Security Network Engineer, achieved a solid record of success as an Advisor, SME, and Sales Partner on high-level security projects. Now seeking to leverage experience and industry expertise in higher education, semiconductor, healthcare, and oil and gas to support a sales team as a Sales Engineer or Architect, or as a Systems Engineer SME in Security Solutions. ed the upgrade effort of one of the business critical web services application with minimum business interruption. 2) Led the conception, selection and worldwide implementation of endpoint protection for legacy systems. 3) Served as SME for implementation and deployment of Endpoint Threat Detection and Remediation solution. proposed and executed solution to stabilize and optimize RSA SecurID infrastructure by deploying key fob technology on mobile devices.
  • guided proof-of-concept deployments of RSA SecurID/Authentication Manager on compressed, aggressive timeline. led the upgrade of PKI-based desktop application security and re-architected the two-factor authentication (2FA) solution that improved security for global environment of 24,000+ users.


Cybersecurity Technologies: ETDR and Whitelisting solutions

Software/Tools: VM, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Unix Command Line

API: Client-Side templating, HTTP, SOA/REST/JSON and BizDev

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS & Wireframing

Backend: SSJS, databases, frameworks and data pipelines

Web Services App: SSOCompliance: RSA Archer GRC, Check Point R70 Firewalls, FTK Imager, IEHistory, MS Project, NMap, Nessus, Nipper, Qualys, Remedy, RSA Keon Advance PKI, RSA SecurID/ACE Server, SafeBoot, Symantec Enterprise Security Manager, TFS BoKS - UNIX Role Based Access Control, Websense, Visio, VPN (SSL and IPsec), Wireshark

Cloud Technologies: SaaS, PaaS, IaaSVM

Platforms: Windows, Solaris, Linux


  • Exceptional project planning and execution skills: consistently able to deliver complex projects on time and within budget while meeting the most aggressive timelines
  • Demonstrated ability to sell, negotiate, persuade and influence decision makers
  • Proven relationship builder, with a talent for opening doors and partnering with clients to identify security needs and translate business requirements into effective security solutions


Confidential, San Ramon, CA

Senior IT Security Consultant


  • As Subject Matter Expert (SME), Project Manager, and Application Owner, evaluated and devised the strategy, and performed the upgrade of Chevron’s business critical Web Application and Single Sign-On Solution that provides secure access to Chevron and non-Chevron employees, partners, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Assumed control of unstable project and led the upgrade of the business critical application; initiated inquiry resulting in realization of substantial savings by eliminating cost of extended support and reduction of payment of more than 500,000 unused end-user licenses for maintenance support.
  • On accelerated timeline, spearheaded project to identify and propose security solution and vendor to protect legacy systems (for core infrastructure and global business units). Within 3 months, presented vendor and solution resulting in noteworthy savings.
  • As SME on ETDR, led efforts to remediate technical issues with the vendor, completed technical tasks with internal Chevron groups, and helped develop security support model.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Security Systems and Risk Management Advisor


  • Thoroughly assessed and planned implementation of RSA Authentication Manager v7.x and replica, then completed the integration of the Two-Factor Authentication System with the UC Davis LDAP directory, automating the users account provisioning and de-provisioning.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA


  • Led the initial replacement of 3,000 SecurID tokens at US headquarters and remote US sites.
  • Leveraging security expertise and US implementation experience, devised an effective model for remediation at global sites.

Confidential, San Francisco


  • Assessed, planned, and remediated the Two-Factor Authentication infrastructure
  • Completed integration of the Two-Factor authentication system with UCSF secure LDAP directory, and automated users account provisioning / de-provisioning.
  • Developed multiple versions of Windows agent image installations.

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Security Systems Advisor, Healthcare Services


  • Assumed control of unstable infrastructure and devised turnaround strategies, increasing performance/uptime and restoring company’s reputation with the client.
  • Collaborated with security vendor Sales Manager to deliver a complete technical presentation to SHC with 2 solutions, including full proof-of-concept testing.
  • Proposed, sold, and deployed a new form of SecurID software authenticators on Windows PC, Macintosh, iPhones, iPads, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. Documented and trained 8 people in Service Desk, Access Control and IS on effective utilization.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Security Network Engineer


  • Delivered well-received presentation on ESM 6.0 compliance tool at company Security Summit.
  • Instrumental in success of multiple M&As, performing international physical/logical assessments and coordinating new hire account provisioning / SecureID token acquisition.
  • Re-architected and upgraded global compliance tool (Symantec ESM 6.0) and developed custom integration between ESM Reporting Manager 6.1 and Sun One Directory Server to support Secure Single Sign-On requirements.

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