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Enterprise Storage Architect Resume

Baltimore, MD


  • Enterprise Storage/Infrastructure/Data Center Architect (Mainframe & Open Systems) provides fully integrated “turnkey” storage solutions that support corporate goals and are cost effective with a clearly defined ROI. Experienced across z\OS, z\VM, z\Linux, UNIX/Solaris, Windows, and Teradata - Backup storage/infrastructure platform environments. Possess excellent communication & leadership skills and a commitment to providing superior customer service.
  • Provides the stability of a carefully structured architecture, the cohesion of systems integration, planned implementation strategy and the discipline of true systems engineering.
  • Defines a set of standards, frameworks, and guidelines and facilitates compliance across the organization with architectural standards.
  • Applies leadership skills to gain commitment from technical teams, without direct management authority.
  • Researches emerging technologies to evaluate advanced capabilities for potential inclusion in contracts and client’s strategic technology roadmap. Creates business cases and defines ROI’s that gain 100% approval.
  • Additional broad based technical experience includes; computer operations, data center facilities, data control, data security, technical IT training, application load balancing, system load balancing, networking, IT consulting, systems integration, systems and applications programming.


  • Storage and Infrastructure Optimization
  • Data Center Automation
  • Data Center Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Storage Strategies
  • Storage Vendor Management
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Enterprise Capacity Planning & Reporting (Mainframe & Open Systems)
  • Storage Procurement Proposals
  • Disaster Recovery/ & COOP, Cloud, (20+ years, Pre/Post Sales Systems Engineering
  • Enterprise Storage Consolidation & Migrations (Mainframe & Open Systems), Storage Area Network (SAN) Technologies, Continuous Availability, Tapeless, Storage Virtualization, Backup Architectures, Virtual Tape, Replication, Archive, Tape Encryption, Project Management, Software Defined Storage (SDS),
  • Proof-of-Concept (POC)/Benchmarks/Performance & Functionality Testing


Hardware: IBM (EC12 CPU), Oracle Virtual Storage Manager (VSM5/VSM6), Oracle SL8500, SL3000, SL150, IBM (TS7740, TS7720, TS3500), EMC Symmetix (V-MAX 20K & 40K), VPLEX, VBlock), IBM Enterprise SVC IBM DS8100/DS8800, Series HDS VSP Enterprise Series DASD, Oracle (T10KC/T10KB, 9840D) tape drives, FICON, IBM TS1130/TS1140 Tape Drives, Brocade DCX Backbone Switch (8510 & 6510 Switches), Integrated Enterprise-wide Archive, Backup, & Restore Solutions, CISCO 9513 Switches, DASD Mirroring, Replication, Brocade SAN, hardware (Tape & DASD) configuration, Parallel Sysplex, WAN, Hardware ESCON & FICON Cabling, HMC, Tape Encryption, Fujitsu Eternus CentricStor 4000, VTL, EMC VBLOCK, EMC VPLEX, NetApp EMC NS960 & VNX Platforms, Teradata, EMC Data Domain, IBM ProtecTIER TS7650G, Disk Data At Rest, NetApp, Tapeless, NAS Storage, Replication, HP

Software: z/OS 1/13, TSO/ISPF, CA-1, CA-11, CA-Scheduler, CA-Top Secret, RACF, RMF, SMF, SMP/E, CICS, ExLM, M/S Office 365 Microsoft (VISIO, Project), Windows (2007,2010,2013), EMC Proshere/Unisphere, SRM, SPA)), Applications/Systems Monitoring, SRDF, Timefinder, HMF/CMF, DFSMS, ExHPDM, HUR,, PPRC-XD, XRC, EMC SRDF, EMC RecoverPoint, HSC, Strohl, CA-Vantage, z/Linux, z/VM, VMware,, Innovation FDR & FDR Upstream, Commvault, Isilon, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Symantec -VERITAS Netbackup, Brocade Network Advisor (BNA), Software Defined Storage (SDS), ViPR SMS


Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Enterprise Storage Architect


  • Serve in multiple leadership roles as the Subject Matter Expert on enterprise storage platforms, internally with Confidential (LM) and externally in support of client engagements.
  • Primary LM customer facing liaison and technical point-of-contact for all enterprise storage.
  • Enterprise Storage Architect for the LM, Capacity, Performance, and Storage Management team in support of mainframe (z/OS & z/VM) and distributed (Teradata, z/Linux, Solaris, UNIX & Windows) hardware/software platforms.
  • Support for two Confidential CTO’s in their assigned duties and responsibilities.
  • Able to perform storage/systems engineering and project management tasks in direct support of assigned storage architectural projects.



  • Won Virtual Data Center (VDC) business from the government. Designed, architected, and configured all storage hardware and software, including enterprise storage backup & disaster recovery/COOP, as the base configuration. Designed and engineered for high availability, disaster recovery, replication, and application failover.
  • Recognized by Confidential senior management for exemplary & efforts in sustaining business winning IHCCS (infrastructure and Centralized Connectivity Services) task order. Provided leadership, expertise in enterprise storage architectures, with key contributions winning in (FY2014) a 10-year $560M contract (CMS VDC IHHCS) and was the recipient in a Confidential Accomplishment award for this project.
  • Storage subject matter expert (SME) for RFP & RFQ technical proposals and was responsible for the storage strategy, defining storage architecture, vendor partner & solutions, detailed configurations, initial costing, and final Bills of Material (BOM).
  • Developed and defined detailed (software defined storage proof-of-concept) requirements and use cases focusing on storage provisioning and capacity reporting which were presented to EMC, HDS/ViON, IBM and Netapp to demonstrate their current solution functionality, levels of storage automation, and ease of use for their solution.



  • Enterprise Storage Architect for modernization and refresh initiatives to optimize the data center. Developed, architected, and utilized stellar communication skills to write initiatives for “turnkey” software/hardware solutions. Achieved 100% approval for all tactical initiatives/proposals during 7.10 -year tenure.
  • Built a strong customer relationship with the government by always delivering on promises made, resulting in $15M+ LM procurement actions in FY2013 alone in support of CMS.
  • As part of an enterprise storage-centric modernization plan, led $90M+ technical infrastructure refreshes for a stable and scalable platform designed a well-engineered architecture, defined an ROI, elastic to adjust to future data growth, seamless integration with other vendor solutions, and with minimal disruption to production processing.
  • Wrote detained IT technical initiatives with a defined ROI, approved by CTO and senior management to address such issues as end-of-life or obsolete hardware/software storage solution, and to seamlessly integrate the new technologies to support the changing requirements for mission critical applications at CMS.
  • Delivered enterprise storage architecture to seamlessly evolve from 440TB of DASD (FY 2007) (mainframe, z\Linux, UNIX Solaris, Wintel & Teradata platforms) to 2.5 PB of online usable disk storage combined (FY 2014).
  • Delivered enterprise storage architecture to seamlessly evolve from 4 PD (FY 2007) of tape (mainframe, z\Linux, UNIX Solaris, Wintel & Teradata platforms) to 16+ PB of tape storage (FY 2014) combined.
  • Completed numerous seemless enhancements to a large-scale data center in support of Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) including:
  • Defined and executed a data storage strategy which was scalable, able to meet the needs of exponential data growth with an integrated, maintainable and easily assessable solution.
  • Provided architectural direction, guidance and oversight to key vendor technical staff, and LM (Storage Engineering, Operations, Management, & Project Management) staff. I was responsible for managing daily operations, storage system maintenance and upgrades, and storage implementations and migrations.
  • Provided for free vendor training to government & Confidential technical staff and detailed technical briefings on new storage solutions/technologies being installed and implemented at CMS and the LMDC.
  • Responsible for eliminating any at-risk environment with the migration from end of service life (tape & DASD) storage to virtual data storage (VTL) with integration of Oracle, Fujitsu & Data Domain devices. Reduced physical tape data from 750K physical tapes to 65K in the CMS data center and consolidated (7) HDS storage sub systems into (2), one HDS VSP and one EMC V-MAX 40K storage subsystem.
  • Architected seamless, non-disruptive upgrades and enhancements to an enterprise storage infrastructure that supports mainframe, Open Systems and Teradata operating systems platforms.
  • Supported host site application load balancing to include: Mainframe DB2 Applications that are extrapolated via an Informatica server to an Oracle Data base in an open systems environment and return to mainframe platform via the same Informatica server platform.
  • Supported system load balancing of applications between multiple sites. Worked on project to determine which applications are best to be hosted at each site, how much network bandwidth is required to support the workloads from both a production and disaster recovery perspective.
  • As part of an enterprise capacity planning and growth management plan, completed numerous upgrade and implementation projects including:
  • IBM TS7720 VTL for mainframe DFHSM data, an Oracle VSM6 to replace an Oracle VSM4 (end-of-life service) system, and installation of EMC Data Domain de-duplication devices to support the Teradata backup platform.
  • 60TB EMC Data Domain device to support UNIX/Solaris tape environment and reduce backup window.
  • Migration EMC V-MAX 20K to newer EMC disk technology (EMC V-MAX 40K) to support (z/OS, z/Linux, and UNIX/Solaris) storage to fully exploit auto tiering, thin provisioning, and snap shot disk technologies.

Confidential, Silver Spring, MD

Senior Tech Advisor (Vice President)


  • Worked as Project and Operations Management responsible for a large enterprise Data Center (88,000+ sq.). I rapidly came up to speed with almost no training, utilizing ability to absorb technologies and learn new skills through self-study and dry-run practice.
  • Duties included: enterprise hardware planning, engineering, mainframe, SAN & network hardware installation, implementation, configuration, troubleshooting, hardware consolidation and optimization, FIBRE, FICON and ESCON cabling and configuration, Storage/CPU upgrade (planning & installation), project planning, vendor management, data center optimization, floor space management, data center hardware site management, and hardware environmentals.
  • I was responsible to testing and evaluating of new hardware (network, storage, server, CPU) for all CITI data centers.

Confidential, Falls Church, VA

Principal Storage Engineer/Storage Architect


  • Created a detailed project migration plan (Standalone Tape, Virtual Tape & DASD) and oversaw its successful execution for a data center consolidation project, completed on time and under budget.
  • Made recommendations for technical refreshes and initiated procurement actions for modernization and automation purposes, with a 2-3 year ROI on the investment.
  • Saved client in excess of $10M with the creation of a Disaster Recovery (DR) site that repurposed storage hardware scheduled to be scrapped.
  • Provided status reporting to management. Responsible for data center design and configuration requirements, capacity and performance planning, storage system optimization, replication/mirroring, and cross-platform system/network storage connectivity network for a high-performance architecture.
  • Provided direct support to ensure sufficient network bandwidth was available to support system multi-site production processing, migrations and ongoing DR testing.

Confidential, Falls Church, VA

Assessment Manager


  • Supported the Confidential ’s IT Server Assessment and Consolidation project to evaluate and minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the IT infrastructure.
  • Responsibilities included: interviewing; project management; detailed survey analysis; deficiency identification, documentation; disaster recovery/contingency planning; written technical assessment of all client/server platforms, applications servers, and Storage Area Networks; NCC/NOC assessment and network backbone at each base in the command

Confidential, Chantilly, VA

Senior Systems Programmer


  • Worked as IT Disaster Recovery Coordinator for large multi-site data center configuration.
  • My duties included: developing and updating mainframe & open systems disaster recovery (plans, procedures & testing), wrote and updated Business Continuity plan, conducted systems & application testing, network connectivity, project management, ensured data center and applications adhered to IT disaster polices & standards, develop test disaster scenarios, briefed DR plans and results of testing to management.

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