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Network Lab Engineer Resume


  • Resourceful Network Engineer skilled at executing efficient and reliable solutions to complex enterprise networks. Hard - working and driven with a diligence to provide routing and switching support for the end client’s business and network requirements.
  • Combines creativity with technical proficiency for performance optimization and effective troubleshooting.
  • Proficient Lab Engineer with intensive attention to detail
  • Technical Point of Contact
  • Manage, design, and implementation of enterprise-level size networks. 1,000 + sites
  • Consolidation of Data Centers and Enterprise networks
  • L2VPN/L3VPN, MPLS, BGP, IGP, DMVPN, VSS and various other design driven protocols
  • Exceptional ability to analyze/translate complex technical information to various audiences
  • Highly motivated team player with a technical vision and effective people skills
  • Proactive problem solver, implementing solutions with careful consideration to the bottom line, long-range goals, feasibility, and ease of use


System Equipment: Cisco Routers 2 600 - 900 0 Series Cisco Switches 2 900 - 680 0 Series + Tactical LANS Cisco ASA Devices 5510, 5515, 5520, 5550, 5585

Network Design Management: Enclaves and demarcation awareness Solutions provided addressing customer requirements Engineering/ Re-engineering, Transition/Migration, and Deployment/Implementation

Switching/Routing Protocols and Services: STP, VLAN/Private VLANS, VTP, ARP, CDP RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP MPLS, Multicast, QOS, Frame Relay, DMVPN, VSS Layer 2 VPN/Layer 3 VPN (ATOM, VPLS, BGP Multiprotocol, etc)


Network Lab Engineer



  • Snapshot of Duties performed for end client(s):
  • Technical point of contact (supporting engineering efforts and network deployments)
  • Supply best practice design recommendations extracted from Lab environment
  • Re-engineering and migration/transition strategies
  • Provide technology training to needed personnel - Large and Small Teams Engineers & Executives
  • Communication and coordination with senior management on major design changes, project statuses, and customer cost savings
  • Model and document the customer environments, define transition steps and strategies from the current to future state architecture
  • Validate the application designs for conformance with the enterprise network designs
  • Identify material re-use opportunities
  • Perform fault analysis on Cisco devices.
  • Coordinate with management team to introduce product improvements relevant to customer’s needs
  • Optimize customer networks to attain the highest possible level of reliability, performance, and manageability.
  • A few of the recent projects:
  • DMVPN Migration
  • Virtual Switching System (VSS) Support
  • Lab Protocol/Feature Testing

Network Administrator



  • Snapshot of Duties performed for end client(s):
  • Responsible for the desktop upgrades, cisco device code upgrades, day to day network maintenance, telecommunication connectivity and daily backups.
  • Support of Network/Server environments includes management of network/server system resources; network design and installation, problem analysis; network/server troubleshooting maintenance.
  • Configure Enterprise-Level LANS, CANS, WANS Network Infrastructure.
  • Install and maintain Systems Administration and software/ hardware upgrades to various end devices.
  • Participate in the maintenance of network configuration and documentation.
  • Cable runs for cat 5 and fiber

Permanent Installation-Lead Sculptor



  • Designs sculpture concept sketch and model that commemorates Langley's technological contributions.
  • Communicates and collaborates with diverse group of Langley employees and facilities to secure material collection, metal fabrication, site-location determination, and drafting plans.
  • Drafts dimensional drawings for main structure, parts, and trajectory paths.
  • Tests several metal fabrication processes including: soldering, sand-bagging, and forming curved surfaces.
  • Fabricates over 80 metal parts to be applied as the surface of the design.

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