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Network Engineer Resume

To join an organization where I can demonstrate my eleven years of network experience and progressive leadership and project management skills.


12/2004-Present: Confidential, Beltsville MD
Project Manager (Network Specialist)

  • Responsible for managing the resources for large projects and government contracts to include network VoIP support (Avaya), network installations and conversions and ensuring the project is completed to customer satisfaction.
  • Responsible for project solicitation and biding to include site surveys.
  • Design and support of WAN services for Government Agencies.
  • Manage customer relationships and keep customers abreast of project status and time lines.
  • Provide technical and hands on support to include fiber and cable testing and certification.
  • Provide on-call network support for outages at various sites.
  • Manage budgets, funding and materials.
  • Keep track of resources and project deliverables.
  • Make hiring decisions and supervise staff.
  • Coordinate switch and router upgrades, installs and reconfigurations for satellite locations.
  • Review billing and invoices for accuracy.

9/2007-9/2008: Confidential, Sterling, VA
Optical Network Specialist – contractor

  • Implement and support fixed network equipment and optical circuits, with a specific focus on end-to-end operability, customer interface and network quality.
  • Accept, test and maintain data and transport networks across lit, dark or manages wave length fiber circuits.
  • Writing and reviewing Methods of Procedures (MOPS) and Managing network maintenance activity.
  • Perform configuration, installation, operational preparation and provisioning of SONET-based equipment and software.
  • Investigate and resolve service/system problems while providing customer support within assigned region.
  • Develop Visio drawings for all network expansions throughout the Washington DC region.
  • Manage customer relationships and provide technical support required to install circuits into the customer MCS or alternative termination point.
  • Manage timely installation of Fiber Tower equipment at the customer termination point that meets the customer’s requirements such as Site Survey and Manage contractor activities to prepare space for equipment installation.
  • Communicate the project plan and the schedule with the customer for equipment and circuit installation.

10/2005 – 5/2007: Confidential, Bethesda, MD
IS Consultant (Telecommunications and Data Systems) – contractor

  • Manage voice and data network while maintaining MAC (moves, adds or changes) for the entire corporate office and satellite locations (Airports and Travel Plazas) via VoIP.
  • Large scale Project Management of network communication for airports and travel plazas to include provide server and Switch application support for Siemens, Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Enterasys, Omtool, Genifax, Forum Conference Bridge and Poly Com Video Conferences Platforms.
  • Blackberry configuration, handheld software and the Blackberry Device. Resetting password and adding end users.
  • Developed Visio drawings to documenting and track network expansion and upgrades.
  • Coordinate switch and router orders, installs and reconfigurations for satellite locations.
  • Conduct phone system audits for accurate billing.
  • Oversee contractor cable infrastructure and modifications, tear outs and additions to Fiber, Lease lines, Dry Pair, ISDN and WAN lines for new construction and remodeling of satellite locations. Troubleshoot outages of T-1 lines to T-3 for Network upgrades and expansions.
  • Vendor Management
  • In-house network user training

7/2004 – 10/2005: Confidential, Arlington, VA
Long Distance Engineer-Contractor

  • Provide maintenance of SONET/DWDM, Frame Relay, ATM services (Fujitsu 4500, 7500 and 7600), Lucent’s Lambda Extreme and related technology.
  • Process network faults through Remedy ticket system.
  • Monitoring SONET/DWDM network events using various surveillance systems & tools to include OMS, NetSmart and NFM.
  • Perform troubleshooting and remote maintenance of network elements utilizing Operational Support System tools such as Network EMS, DACS and React remote test systems.

8/2003 – 06/2004: Confidential, McLean, VA
Lead Network Engineer-Contractor

  • Responsible for monitoring and surveying Netcool and HP Open View software.
  • Pro-active element status and health checks, fault sectionalization for MSOs and Nextel.
  • Technical support on iDen network (UNIX) elements to identify network and site related troubles and outages.
  • Testing and Provisioning of T1 and DS3. Created and maintained database for T1 and DS3.
  • Loop back testing of CSU and DSU.
  • Perform notification to NOC customers via direct interface or via Network Alerts and Flashes.
  • Initiate, update, track, and close network related trouble tickets. Created and maintained spreadsheets.
  • Trained and mentored Jr. Technicians.

3/2001 - 7/2003: Confidential, Washington, DC
Team Lead/ Tier 3 Network Engineer – Contractor

  • Supervise and train junior staff of 15.
  • Provision, translate, test, troubleshoot and map Cisco ONS 15454, Nortel OC –3 thru 192, DWDM, DS3, DS1, DSO, Multiplexer, De-multiplexer, Accessnode, Channel Bank, ISDN and for network management.
  • Transform network from Nortel OC equipment to Cisco ONS 15454 optical equipment.
  • Work as part of the Network Engineering team in developing transport capacity solutions. Troubleshoot local services, liner systems, 2-fiber BLSR systems, 4-fiber BLSR systems, optical amplifier systems.
  • Design, test and turn-up of Cisco optical network systems, ONS 15454 add-drop multiplexers, for DWDM and SONET networks. The design covered all areas from network management to security zones, all of which were chosen by the architecture team after research and presentation by the responsible party.
  • Implemented regional networks with multiple high-speed points of presence for telephone and cable providers. The process of developing the backbone required RFI’s to be prepared for new products that were to be evaluated for possible implementation.
  • Engineer other aspects of the telecommunication network including synchronization and timing, fault alarm system, data and communication networks
  • Establish criteria to maintain deadlines and time frames for successful completion of assignments.
  • Proficiently manage the remedy tracking system to trouble-shoot and resolve technical inquiries within a 24-hour occurrence.
  • Developed plan specifications for carrying out proposed applications and program interrelationships as they pertain to configuration management.
  • Interpret telecommunication policies and guidelines as well as providing sound advice to internal and external customers.

3/2000 - 3/2001: Confidential, Washington, DC
Project Manager/ Field Operations Network Engineer – contractor

  • Lead and train a team of 10-12 technicians on various projects.
  • Vendor contract negotiation. Input on decisions to choose vendors.
  • Planned and scheduled the installation of HDSL T1 circuits into AT&T wireless network base stations by CLEC’s for network builds.
  • Use Auto Cad for the design of new CLEC installations.
  • Oversee the installation of circuits to ensure service is delivered and met in a timely manner and have the highest quality of standard.
  • Intrusive acceptance testing of DS3, T1 circuits and network switch interfaces using the FIREBERD 6000,TBERD 310 and 2209.
  • Maintain, monitor, configure and loop back testing on DS3, T1 circuits and other network switch interfaces.
  • Mapping of DS3, T1 and DSO utilizing the TITAN 5500 and 532(DAC)

11/1997 - 3/2000: Confidential, Upper Marlboro, MD
Sr. Communications Specialist

  • Provide front line support for voice and data network for Dimension Health Care Sights.
  • Vendor contract negotiations.
  • Monitoring 9600 Siemens PBX system cornet through five sights including T1 and PRI interfaces.
  • Maintaining dependable and uninterrupted operations of the PBX system.
  • Conduct weekly backup of the PBX and Data system.
  • Troubleshoot voice and data networks (SQL, RDBMS, Cisco switches and routers, Novel, NT) to determine the source of network problems.
  • Provide consultative services to DHA organization regarding telecommunication technology, Video Conferencing and firewall security.
  • Use Auto Cad to design new installations of all new additional lines.
  • Moves, adds, and change of telephone extensions, calling features, voice mail and long distance access via VoIP
  • Desktop support for 7000 network users.
  • Distribute reports by department to monitor long distance telephone billing.
  • Identify budgetary requirements for Telecommunication equipment acquisition or replacement.
  • Oversee vendors with sight surveys for upcoming projects.
  • Supervise and train new and junior staff members


  • Siemens Xpressions
  • Siemens (PBX) HiCom 4000,3000 and 9600 Siemens voice mail
  • LAN & WAN
  • Fujitsu 4500, 7500 and 7600 Net-Smart Management
  • A+, NT (in-house), fiber optic and cable terminations
  • Lucent Lambda Extreme
  • Microsoft Project Manager
  • Auto CAD
  • Visio Basics
  • Nortel
  • Access and PowerPoint (in house)
  • CCNA virtual training
  • Cisco ONS 15454 Training, Cisco Internetworking Troubleshooting - FASTRAC on-line training, Cisco Building Scalable Network – FASTRAC on-line training


  • Crossland Senior High School, Graduate
  • Capital Commitment Telecommunications School: Certified, Graduate
  • Advances Telecommunication School: Certified, Graduate

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