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Help Desk Support Resume

Santa Fe, NM

A+ Certified; Cisco, network and electronics training; LSI/Engenio SAN SATA/Raid Engineer Training, Linux Redhat 9.0, Suse 9.x; Network construction; Data backup & preservation. Windows Migrations - Symantec Ghost image creation/ distribution. Novell 3, 4, 5; ZENworks. Stage Servers and Workstations: NT, 2000, 2003 Server, 9X, NT, 2K, XP; MS Office, Exchange, Outlook. Lotus Notes Migrations and Desktop Support. UNIX platforms. Cisco/other routers & switches.
Installation and configuration of Large and Medium Scale HPCC Cluster Solutions.

Confidential, Santa Fe, NM 6/08 - 4/10
Desktop Support (12/08 - 4/10)

  • Hired full time by Genzyme. Hardware and software support for Genetics Testing facility, including printers etc. PC support of Windows XP, Vista and 7. Support of PSI karyotyping systems in Mac OS/9 and 10.
  • Assist in creating images for rapid deployment in production environment.

Help Desk Support (6/08 - 12/08)

  • Contract Position: Help Desk support representative. Supported Genetics users in resolving standard and non-standard software and hardware related issues. Worked with other support and development groups to insure timely resolutions of production and test environment related issues. Supported all Genetics Laboratory Software including ICIS, FORS, DNA and Bio Chemistry. Created accounts for AD, LMS, ICIS, FORS and DOCS users per submitted forms.

Network & Tech Support Consultant, Self-employed, AL, FL & Santa Fe, NM 1/03 - Present

  • Network and desktop support for Realty Title and Mortgage Company. User creation and setups - email, client configurations, installation/ configuration of network application for real estate management.
  • Hardware and software consulting for upgrades and network management; PC maintenance, troubleshooting and resolution of hardware conflicts and software issues for a non-profit and several small business clients.

HPCC Engineer, Confidential, Birmingham, AL 9/04 - 12/04

  • Assisted in preparation of time & cost estimates on HPCC system installations for Dell and proprietary Verari hardware.
  • Installed and configured HPCC Clusters, Servers, Nodes and Powervault arrays, per site requirements, for government, DOD, universities and private companies.

Senior Hardware Systems Engineer, Confidential, Birmingham, AL 10/03 - 7/04

  • Assisted in installation and remote client phone support for computer hardware/operating systems relating to Medical Database Practice Management software on multiple platform solutions including: MSFT 9X, NT, 2000, XP; NT 2000 & 2003 Server, Novell 3.12, 4.1 & 4.11, & various UNIX platforms, including AIX.
  • Researched, evaluated and introduced new technologies/services to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction.
  • Designed, installed, integrated and supported networks and communication systems.
  • Quality staging of computer hardware for third-party installations, including Dell Poweredge Series servers, Compaq/HP ML 330/350 Series and customer hardware solutions.
  • Coordinated, followed-up and reported on equipment availability for call control, problem resolution, and escalation.

Confidential 6/02 - 1/03
System Administrator PC/LAN , Confidential, Oakland, CA (9/02 - 1/03)

  • Lotus Notes 5.03 Client migration, PC Roll Out, Equipment Refresh, & desktop support for all East Bay facilities.
  • OS Installations using DCI 2.0 image software. Imaged 1000+ Desktop PC's for the Lotus Notes Migration.
  • Installed and configured hardware, software, printers & other peripherals.
  • Help Desk support for NT & Lotus Notes Clients using Enterprise Support System Software, including user, system management and remote installations.
  • Inventory documentation of all hardware changes resulting from Lotus Notes Migration.

Team Leader, Confidential, San Francisco, CA (6/02 - 9/02)

  • Managed 6-17 technicians in all aspects of IBM - Honeywell Wall-to-Wall Inventory Project in the Central US.
  • Arranged access to all secure client locations, servers, applications, using IBM Squareone inventory dbase software.
  • Conducted site surveys to assess readiness/needs for team entry. Performed detailed site walk-throughs to formulate efficient and timely data acquisition and entry. Developed client contacts to ensure full site coverage and asset allocations for departments & personnel.
  • Maintained constant contact with Project Managers on all aspects of inventory activities. Submitted timely reports on asset entry, data quality and accuracy. Handled issues and/or escalation to ensure problem resolution.

Network & Tech Support Consultant, Self-employed, Birmingham, AL 5/01 - 5/02
Maintained office PCs; troubleshooting/resolution of hardware conflicts & software issues for a non-profit enterprise, small business clients (financial consultant, CPA, lawyer), & home users.

Novell ZENworks Coordinator, Confidential, Birmingham, AL 12/00 - 4/01

  • Constructed Novell ZENworks test bed network for deployment evaluation and debug purposes.
  • Application distribution, health monitoring and registry integrity to all Microsoft platforms using ZENworks.
  • Provided network techs access to remote management applications as part of planned network support cost reduction.
  • Planned the merge of two Novell server systems.
  • Supported Auto Cad 2000, Solid Edge, Outlook; Created Master CD archives of completed jobs /contracts.
  • General hardware preparation and construction; Daily/weekly backups of 10 Novell servers.

Confidential, Birmingham, AL 4/00 - 12/00
Team Leader,Trillion Digital Communications (12/00 - 12/00)

  • Clean-up activities at unscheduled facilities participating in Statewide project (see Trillion below).
  • Troubleshooting, link testing using Linux Red Hat 7.0; fine-tuning countywide wireless WAN system.

Specialized Support Technician,Confidential PC (11/00 - 12/00)

  • Troubleshooting the migration from Windows 95/98 to NT environment.
  • Supported all applications including data salvage and restoration (e.g. settings, macros, etc.).
  • Coordinated with AL Bankruptcy Court to provide user access to automated bankruptcy & foreclosure filing system.
  • Managed and installed new Perfect Practice application for foreclosure department.
  • Installed Outlook, Word Perfect and configured to integrate with Perfect Practice.

Team Leader, Confidential (5/00 - 10/00)

  • Supervised 2 techs in AL School System statewide inventory audit of PC hardware, software & network servers.
  • Documented Physical Inventory (Device type, serial numbers, physical location).
  • Audited Networking Protocols (Types of protocol used, system impact, utilization).
  • Audited Systems Applications (Client-PC-based, server-based, utility, productivity, security)

Network/Field Service Technician, Confidential (4/00 - 5/00)

  • Troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Resolved Ethernet/Token Ring issues.
  • Completed software reloads for network access. Computer and printer setups.
  • Supported Lotus Notes & Outlook/Office. Repaired Compaq Proliant Series Servers & HP printers. Field service work.

Consultant/Technician, Confidential 1/00 - 2/00

  • Novell Server Installation/PC Rollout: Installed equipment to bring newly acquired branches onto the network.
  • Ghost imaged PC's prior to hardware installation. Network troubleshooting. Field service work.

Xerox Connect: Confidential - Y2K Statewide Rollout Project, Birmingham, AL 3/99 - 12/99
Team Leader (9/99 to end of project 12/99)

  • Supervised deployment team of 8 techs in final phase of Project. Generated technical documents for team use to install proprietary software. Problem-solving. Created custom medical Ghost CD images for PC distribution to departments.

Customer Liaison/Quality Assurance (6/99 - 9/99)

  • Worked closely with network administrators to generate logins & user access to network resources, and users to assure all data & software applications restored and properly configured.
  • Technician (3/99 - 6/99)
  • Installed Compaq replacement PCs at AL hospitals, including data backup and restoration using Ghost Software. Imaged clones and Compaqs w/Ghost. Configured workstations with Y2K compliant versions of current software. Mapped printers. Captured ports, etc. Used Y2K test program to verify compliance.
  • Installed & configured IBM PC3270, Cemer Lab, SMS Radiology & other medical software.

Computer Support, Confidential, Birmingham, AL 2/99 - 2/ 99

  • Troubleshooting & installation of support software for IBM token ring adapters.
  • Installed Novell client upgrades & Netscape Communicator. Installed/configured Lotus Notes & TCP/IP protocol.

PC Technician, Confidential, Attorneys at Law, Birmingham, AL 1998-1990

  • Maintained office PCs; troubleshooting/resolution of hardware conflicts.
  • Upgraded 486's to Pentiums. Installed printers, modems, Microsoft operating systems (95, 98, NT, MS Office & Corel).

Owner, Confidential, Chicago, IL & Birmingham, AL 1/92 - 12/98

  • Serviced commercial and residential clients, prepared bids, supervised 1-4 workers in landscape activities.

Computer Technician, Confidential, Chicago, IL 6/96-10/96

  • Custom assembled 4 - 8 Pentium PC's per day, plus repairs/upgrades: graphics, sound, modem, network cards, etc.
  • Installed Microsoft operating systems/ software (95, NT, DOS, MS Office, Corel), SCSI adapters & peripherals.

6/02 - 11/02 Pittsburgh, Confidential Cisco Systems Networking Academy - I
3/98 - 7/98 Confidential, Birmingham, AL Computer network administration.
9/90 - 12/91 Confidential, Nelsonville, OH Wildlife resources & management
9/89 - 6/90 Confidential, Confidential, Wooster, OH Landscape construction and design.

A+ Certified

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