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Customer Service Associate Resume

Old Navy Brea, CA


B.A., Confidential, Riverside
Major:Economics & Administrative Studies


Marketing Research-- Worked in groups of six to create a marketing research plan. We developed a proposal to help a company redesign their brand in a way that would allow customers to view their product as high quality food rather than just another fast food restaurant. The goal of this proposal was to allow the company to sell more product than their competitors and become the number one leading fast food restaurant chain. We created surveys to ask college students about their fast food preference and what they based it off of (i.e. Quality of food, location, customer service). Statistical Forecasting, Time Series & Regression-- Took large groups of data and predicted future values of company sales using Regression, Decomposition, Exponential Smoothing and SARIMA models.

  • Marketing—Created a marketing plan and implemented ways of advertising a new company and product by creating a brand. Mainly focused on promotion, placement, price, and people.


Program Assistant II, Confidential
Riverside, CA

  • Createbi-annual reports for the education department by creating spreadsheets of student GPAs and overall program GPAs to determine the effectiveness of our programs.
    • Transform data collected into graphs.
    • Analyze the data to determine which programs students found most useful when going back into the classroom to teach.
Schedule courses each quarter by contacting instructors for dates,times and locations. Create detailed spreadsheets to determine a course budget or to monitor the progress of students in specific programs.
  • Assist students with their inquiries of programs offered at UCR.
  • Organize student files and applications.

Customer Service Associate, Old Navy Brea, CA

Was mentioned in customer experience surveys for excellent customer service. Worked in a team setting to set sale signs, markdowns, and clearance items each week.

  • Assisted customers in applying for new company credit cards.


  • Intermediate, conversational Spanish


  • Knowledgeable in writing code in Statistical Analysis System (SAS) to analyze small and large sets of data through hypothesis testing
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • Knowledgeable in setting up data, charts, pivot tables and equations in Excel spreadsheets.

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