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Senior Reliability Technician Resume

Redmond, WA


  • Up-to-date knowledge of current reliability engineering evaluation practices
  • Experience in accelerated life testing – HALT, DTC, ATC, THB, HASA, LOL, HOL, etc.
  • Experience in hardware prototype debug, fault detection, and failure analysis
  • Hands-on experience with avionics, electrical assembly, soldering, wiring, setup of electrical tests and interpretation of electrical schematics.
  • Experience using electrical instrumentation such as oscilloscopes, generators, analyzers, source meters, power meters and integrating instrumentation with data acquisition systems, etc.
  • Experience in fixture development for reliability testing
  • Experience with surface chemistry and different materials for reliability testing
  • Experience in functional testing of consumer electronic hardware, to include Windows based operating system testing
  • Have detail orientation with strong analytical ability. Able to recognize test and test part anomalies, trends and malfunctions.
  • Knowledge of automatic functional testing. Experience in operating and automating test equipment
  • Experience in high volume, consumer electronic development and manufacturing coordination
  • Experience with managing contracting staff and prioritizing lab work
  • I am able to take ownership of task execution, and work with minimal supervision.
  • Comfortable working in team environment and adapt to changes in assignments, and balance multiple tasks.
  • Proficient with MS Office including Excel formulas and charts, Word and Power Point.
  • Fluent able to communicate technical information and test results effectively and provide test summaries.
  • Experience desired with Excel Macros, Visual Basic, Data acquisition / test equipment automation (Lab View or Visual Basic, Spider, Data Logging, etc.)
  • Some domestic and international travel is perfect.
  • Complex problem solving, quick learner, organized and self-motivated team player


Senior Reliability Technician

Confidential, Redmond, WA


  • Perform mechanical and environmental test of electronic hardware systems and components
  • Collect test data and analyze, create detail test procedures and preliminary test reports. Solve and identify problems and take action for addressing them
  • Maintain and calibrate test equipment.

Assistant of Electronic Instructor

Confidential, Seattle


  • (Volunteer) Tutoring students in Technical Mathematics, Electricity, Electronics, and Avionics

Electronic Equipment Repair Technician

Confidential, WA


  • Repaired (component level), installed, maintained and upgraded monitors, laptops and desktop computers. Installed and maintained local net and Internet, fire alarm, and security systems

Electronics Engineer



  • Tested radio equipment; checked, set up, and calibrated measurement equipment. Repaired computers, and office equipment. Proposed, implemented, fine - tuned radio-communication systems
  •  Implemented online and database technology. Maintained and administered Web server and middle ware tools, database administration and user standards and procedures
  •  Responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining electronic equipment such as audio, video, sound and public address systems, computer monitors, computers, clocks, bells, and fire alarms systems, design for manufacturing and test
  • Taught and trained employees to operate, maintain, and repair electronic, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical equipment
  • Taught and tested employees for the purpose of appropriate safety and environmental procedures and gave a scenario applied to them
  • Trained business owners and their employees to operate new electronics equipment and coached staff to resolve technology programming issues. Management in retail supply chain and logistics

Electrical Engineer



  •  Worked in the Reliability laboratory as a reliability/research engineer for five years.
  •  Responsible for the manufacture, installation, and repair of equipment and programming management for manufacturing lines using computer control equipment, CNC, robots and manipulators
  •  Calibration and operation of a variety of mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment and apparatus impulse clocks, camera, fire alarm and security systems
  •  Tested different electronics equipment in a special laboratory, design for manufacturing and test
  •  Taught and trained employees to operate electronic, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical equipment
  •  Taught and tested employees for the purpose of appropriate safety and environmental procedures and gave a scenario applied to them
  •  Inventions certificates for electronics equipment

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