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Helpdesk Lead Resume

Chantilly, VA


  • Evident and knowledgeable with professional and personal experience in IT support, technology, and networking.
  • Adept in leading an organized team to troubleshoot and develop consistent workflow.
  • Proficient in handling network hardware/software deployment, maintenance, and monitoring.


  • Network Operations & Management
  • Sharepoint
  • Domain Assets Management
  • SCCM
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft 365 and Exchange
  • Hardware & Software Support
  • Solarwinds Web HD and Orion


Confidential, Chantilly, VA

Helpdesk Lead


  • Assist in configuring routers, WAPs, Cisco switches, and ethernet cable management (crimping, testing, running).
  • Configure Cisco switches with duplex and high speed Ethernet to provide SCCM access point for computer imaging.
  • Manage Helpdesk email servers using Solarwinds, VMs with Windows Server 2012, and VSphere to maintain ticket workflow.
  • Resolve discrepancies in DHCP server with DNS management in AD for hardware assets.
  • Provide working knowledge of networking principles, OSI & TCP/IP models, and server configuration to Technicians for complex resolutions before escalation.
  • Create reference guides and training for new - hire Technicians providing immediate knowledge of basic systems and troubleshooting.
  • Monitor Helpdesk system with various reports to maintain steady workflow of Helpdesk Team.
Confidential, Chantilly, VA

Helpdesk Technician


  • Troubleshoot software and hardware issues through Solarwinds ticketing system for internal and external users. Total supported users average at 4000 or more.
  • Assist infrastructure team in preparation of deploying user features for various Microsoft and PDRI software through SCCM, Group Policy or MS 365.
  • Develop working knowledge of AD and Solarwinds Orion to monitor and maintain 100+ network assets.
  • Manage administrator tasks for PDRI Sharepoint to streamline project documents management.
  • Research and catalog information on issues to create and document resolutions to provide rapid assistance.
  • Communicate with Tier 2 team to escalate complex tickets and research possible solutions.
Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Sales Associate & Technician


  • Communicated updates or changes to work procedures with associates maintaining a productive and enjoyable work environment.
  • Inspected order records for inconsistencies insuring customers receive correct product.
  • Organized and review purchase invoices to maintain proper record keeping.
  • Assisted Senior Technician with troubleshooting and hardware replacements for efficient work flow.
  • Contacted customers with submitted computers for repair and troubleshooting statuses providing immediate notifications.
  • Advised customers on warranty qualifications to insure the most optimal procedure of repair.
  • Assisted customers who require in-store troubleshooting, producing rapid and convenient technical support.

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