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Senior Contractor Resume

Minneapolis, MN


I am a professional who takes a creative approach to solving the technical issues encountered daily in the field of IT. My excitement for automation and scripting allows for building reliable and repeatable processes that simplify and improve stability, supportability, and reporting. My years of working closely with Compliance and Legal teams have given me an understanding of their business needs and how various technologies can be used to fulfill their requirements.


Programming: Perl, Powershell, Windows Shell, VBA, SQL, Bash, Python

Server Applications: Confidential /DataProtection, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Elastic Stack ELK (FileBeat, Logstash, Elastic Search and Kibana), SQL Server, CA AutoSys, Actiance Vantage, Exchange, McAfee Email Gateway, Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS)/Forefront(ILM2), SVN, Git, Jira, Confluence

OS: Windows 2012/2008 Server, Windows 7/10, Linux



Senior Contractor

  • Annual Confidential policy review and revision
  • Reviewed Confidential ’s existing Confidential policies and trigger rates
  • Worked with the business to identify areas in the policies that could be refined for accuracy
  • Refined the policies resulting in significant decreases in false - positive and false negative trigger rates
  • Created scripts to move the refined policies between their development, testing and production environments guaranteeing that the policies developed and tested were moved properly to production
  • Wrote scripts allowing for a quick and simple roll-back process for the deployed policies
  • Provided instructions and guidance for deploying the revised policies to their production environment


Subject Matter Expert

  • Provided design, capacity planning and support for their Confidential platform
  • Created address formatting and import scripts for Bloomberg messages retrieved from the Bloomberg Vault guaranteeing proper address identification for the full message set
  • Designed processes utilizing Perl and shell scripts for delivery of production data from Confidential to other systems
  • Designed scripts for the deployment of Confidential policies between environments guaranteeing that the policies tested were the policies implemented in the production environment
  • Added Content Indexing functionality to their existing Confidential environment providing the ability to identify common language across disparate messages
  • Developed a more-robust Confidential policy-testing platform resulting in higher-quality review in the production system
  • Developed and maintained CA AutoSys jobs for various production and testing processes
  • Integrated Confidential with Elastic Search, Kafka and Hadoop as a first step for replacing Confidential
  • Constructed an environment allowing for the ability to re-evaluate electronic messages previously evaluated by Citi’s Confidential system
  • Provided project management for a Proof-of-Concept for Digital Reasoning’s Synthesys platform


AVP Compliance Applications

  • Responsible for the management of all compliance and archiving applications
  • Technical liaison for the Compliance and Legal departments
  • Automated the daily Bloomberg data download with Perl guaranteeing a complete download and failure recovery for the ingest into Confidential
  • Provided archived data to the Compliance and Legal departments for legal holds, internal/external audit and other regulatory requests
  • Implemented an Information Boundary preventing electronic communication between the Research and Investment Banking departments
  • Maintained and upgraded Confidential, Symantec Enterprise Vault, and McAfee Email Gateway environments as needed
  • Created, revised and maintained Confidential policies allowing for more-dynamic email and instant message identification
  • Implemented Actiance Vantage giving more-robust control and management of Instant Messaging clients
  • Maintained OFAC reporting software and automated the update process giving the reviewers a better ability to identify accounts on the OFAC list
  • Scripted portions of the user migration and upgrade process for their Exchange 2010 rollout simplifying the project

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Perl Developer / Identity Management Consultant

  • Automated processes for identity management across entire enterprise during their merger with Confidential
  • Combined user data from various sources into a central repository for output to Active Directory, legacy Mainframe applications, crew badge systems and HR Databases using Perl and MS Identity Information Server
  • Wrote processes in Perl with data flows managed through MIIS
  • Automated user directory management for terminated users
  • Migrated user directories between numerous servers
  • Created scripts to guarantee unique email addresses for over 450,000 users during Confidential ’s Exchange user migration to Delta’s Exchange environment


Field Support Engineer

  • Provided product and technical guidance for engineers in the field
  • Product expert in email and IM monitoring functions, Data Loss Prevention, network traffic analysis, policy creation and 3rd party integration
  • Wrote utilities in Perl, VB and VBScript to automate manual processes including license generation, reporting lab IP use and AD hierarchy management
  • Built lab servers hosting numerous VMs used in testing, proofs of concept, and troubleshooting
  • Designed, built and managed the implementation of mobile labs for real-world demonstration of Confidential at client sites
  • Tested new software configurations and created in-house utilities

Independent Consultant

  • Created custom Excel macros to provide more reliable and efficient document tracking for both internal and external communications for Promedia/Ultrasound, Hercules, CA
  • Installed and configured servers and moved local server racks to a new office location for Sakonnet Technology, NY
  • Provided technical assistance for Exchange and Domain migration for Confidential, NY


Senior Technical Consultant/Assistant Manager

  • Created Perl, SQL and VBA scripts to automate administrative procedures, provide information on server and workstation configurations and states, and update inventory database data from real time information
  • Monitored all department servers, established guidelines for server access and automated reports for various server conditions
  • Upgraded and consolidated development and production web, Message Queue and Database servers
  • Evaluated Terminal Server, Sharepoint Server and VMware ESX and its Linux kernel for production and development server use
  • Created specifications and guidelines, built and configured servers for Cognos Web Reporting software
  • Designed patch and virus definition rollout schedule to insure that servers met patch requirements
  • Managed server-related projects including architecture design and changes, upgrades, OS and application patch cycles
  • Provided project and resource scheduling for 20 web developers and testers, and user support for custom applications for the Investment Banking departments Web Application Developer group

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