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Soils Consultant Resume

San Jose, CA


Soils Consultant

Confidential San Jose, CA

  • Advised clients both in writing and in person on sampling design and testing.
  • Cultivated relationships with clientele including private individuals, businesses, universities, management agencies, local cities and parks departments.
  • Visited field sites and client locations to collect soil, water, and plant tissue samples for analysis, including pathology testing.
  • Created detailed written recommendations to clients, based on interpretation of soil, plant tissue, and water analyses. Projects include commercial and residential landscapes, as well as manufactured soil blends and wetland and grassland restoration sites. These recommendations:
  • Identified potential soil chemistry, fertility, and cultural issues to help resolve problems in existing landscapes.
  • Provided guidance to mitigate pathogen and disease issues and improve cultural conditions for increased plant health.
  • Aided clients in adjusting plant selections based on a thorough understanding of the landscape and site plans.

Range Technician


  • Conducted scientific surveys of vegetation and compiled data in Microsoft Excel.
  • Organized, verified, and crosschecked data.
  • Maintained detailed filing system for thousands of experimental samples.


Range Technician

  • Effectively systematized and maintained data files. Streamlined an extensive amount of data by digitizing current and archived data while identifying and correcting flaws.
  • Conducted vegetation sampling and sediment sampling for SageSTEP sagebrush steppe restoration project throughout the Great Basin.
  • Prepared soil samples for analysis, ran a variety of lab tests.
  • Supervised hourly employees; instructed them on proper use of lab equipment and preparation of samples for testing.
  • Partnered with multiple universities, government agencies and non - governmental institutions for program management, funding sources and shared data resources.
  • Executed seasonal vegetation surveys for evaluation of watershed disturbance. This included plant identification, cover estimates and meadow surveys.


Student Intern

  • Performed scientific research using a variety of libraries and online resources, as well as data entry and statistical analysis using SigmaPlot and Excel.
  • Monitored effects of CO2 enrichment on grassland vegetation. Responsibilities included plant identification and vegetation surveys, as well as supervising sampling crews during yearly plant biomass harvest.
  • Represented the project by attending presentations and conferences.
  • Collaborated on graduate research; performing vegetation surveys, plant identification and assisting with biomass harvest and measurement.

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