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It Site Services Manager Resume

Sacramento, CA


  • Experienced IT Support Technician with over 10 years of hands - on experience within Information Technology industry, with skills to organize, train and motivate successful teams. Excellent ability to research, analyze and implement complex technologies with proven success. Strong desire to contribute, achieve and produce; works well independently and as a team member.


OS: Linux, Windows 10, Seven, XP; Mac OS, iOS, Android, Amazon Web Services

Software: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, MS Server 2012 R2, SCCM-(OSD imaging), Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 (SCCM), Active Directory, Microsoft Office 2013&2016, MS Project, Visio, Internet Explorer, Symantec Antivirus, Remedy, ITSM, Service Now, Remote Desktop, Extra Mainframe, AS/400, Oracle, and other apps.

Hardware: Cisco IP Phones (7940, 7942, 8811), Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, HP (desktops, laptops & Tablets), LCD Screens, Lexmark, HP, Xerox Laser & Inkjet printers, Konica Minolta and/or Ricoh Scanners, Polycom Video Conference Equipment, Nortel Polycom Sound Station s

Mobile: I-Phone s, I-Pad s and Android device s, Blackberry s


Confidential, Sacramento, CA


  • Sole Face of everything IT related for over 6 different facilities in northern California region
  • Perform varying degrees of problem analysis and resolution of software and hardware issues relating to desktops and laptops
  • Experience-based Windows 7 & Windows 10 support, BitLocker encryption, Configuration/imaging, Crash/BSOD resolution, Installation environment, General Windows OS troubleshooting,
  • Hardware support and troubleshooting, Replacing desktop/laptop hardware, Installation of peripheral devices
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel, Lync, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint (usage and support), Visio, Project (support), Able to create documentation and contribute to KB articles, O365 support
  • Experience working with network hardware, Troubleshooting connectivity issues, Thorough understanding of wireless/wired networks

Confidential, Rocklin, CA

IT Support/Systems Engineer

  • I have installed over 5000 workstations at customer’s desk, complete hardware, and software configurations.
  • Completed win7 to win10 migration over 500+ desktops and laptop users
  • Support 100 + Software/web/mobile device developers on Windows/Mac OSX /Android
  • Deployed and Maintain New SAV, Print, file, and Backup server and tape server.
  • Worked with RAS and PINGID remote access token software and cisco tunnel VPN in conjunction to both desktops, laptops, smartphones, windows, android and mac.
  • Maintains, analyzes, troubleshoots, and repairs computer systems, hardware and computer peripherals both in a windows, MAC & a citrix environment.
  • Under Supervision, Able to write and execute windows script using PowerShell.
  • Create & Mange a large scale Cisco IP phone environment with: Device user profiles, extension mobility, & voicemail within Cisco Unified CM & Unity Connection Admin Console
  • Windows & Mac OSX based desktop support technician primarily supporting user’s onsite as well as remote support.
  • Supported repair and maintenance of all HP, Lexmark, Cannon, Ricoh, Epson, laser and ink jet printers
  • Trains employees, identifies, analyzes, and repairs product failures, orders and replaces parts as needed
  • Completed Smart phone upgrade for 200+ user on Both Android & iOS
  • Able to perform 100% success for data migration and backups.
  • Knowledge of All TCP/IP protocols, DHCP and DNS
  • Ability to configure multiple types of endpoint devices with Static IP
  • Ability to configure and setup basic network equipment on specific company subnets and VLans
  • Ability to decipher Network Routing Tables
  • Proficient in imaging and deploying software using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 (SCCM)
  • Confidential was a full SCCM OSD deployment environment
  • Ability to run queries in SCCM to detail which hostnames are missing critical software patches across company domain
  • Ability to check if all assigned software packages were correctly distributed to all resources within SCCM
  • Experience managing large groups of user account information, OU groups/tree, and security groups within Active Directory
  • Ability to add/delete user, Add/Delete OU’s/Groups, Move User to another OU, Apply/Remove security permission to both user, folders, and files on both a group and a granular level
  • Ability to configure your custom VPC with Internet Gateways, Nat Gateway’s, Bastion host and custom Security Groups and NACL’s for a High Availability, Elasticity and Fault Tolerance.
  • Ability to Create Multiple Private VPC cloud’s with Private and Public subnets configured with either a RDS or No SQL database in the private subnet And a group of EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer connected to an Auto Scaling group with custom Launch Configurations in the public Subnet.
  • Provided front end technical support to end user during office/outlook 365 Conversion
  • I have configured data backups in S3 with lifecycle management, cross region replication and custom ACL’s.
  • I have created static Web sites using S3
  • I have created a fully tolerant Word Press web site complete with Cloud front enabled to serve images globally.
  • Created multiple large number of user and groups in IAM complete with custom IAM roles and policies (for special access to EC2, S3, RDS/No SQL, and cloud watch access).
  • Setup EFS file systems for EC2’s spread across multiple availability zones in same region
  • Can create EBS snapshots to facilitate creation of custom AMI’s
  • Create detailed Could watch Dashboard’s with custom metrics
  • Setup custom Billing and Performance alarms in Cloud Watch
  • Ability to configure Route 53 to deploy websites with various types of custom records, and routing policies


IT EHR Desktop Support Lead

  • Supervisor to Desktop Support Technicians during Sutter Health's EHR Implementation Projects for all Hospitals in the Northern California Region
  • Supported Desktop, laptops, smartphone, tablet, printers in Windows XP/7, Mac OS 10.5-10.10, android, blackberry OS.
  • Worked with RAS and Cisco VPN.
  • Analyze and document systems, interfaces, control, data flow, logical and physical information, status of the projects milestones, challenges, and alternative resolutions.
  • Over 10 years of experience managing active directory. Add/ remove computers to domain, manage users, apply security permissions and create security groups.
  • Supervised Installing/troubleshooting Citrix client and receiver, PC Imaging, EHR/TDR Computer Setups, WOW Cart installations/troubleshooting, Fujitsu Scanner Configurations
  • Provided Superior Customer Support to a wide range of clients such as Doctors, Nurses, Medical assistants, Receptionist, cashiers, and Executives at all of Sutter Health medical Center Hospitals, Medical Offices, and offsite facilities
  • Organized pre-deployment Site Surveys, Data stores, Coordinated desktop, laptop, laser printer deployments across Multiple Sutter hospital campuses, Arranged network port activation schedule
  • IT trainer for all new techs on various different types of EHR Equipment deployed throughout Sutter Hospitals
  • Hospital Warehouse manager, Coordinated inventory for Tech assignments, maintaining detailed inventory logs, responsible for shipping, receiving, and organization of new equipment
  • Supported repair and maintenance of all HP, Lexmark, Cannon, Ricoh, Epson, laser and ink jet printers
  • Supervised the pc remediation’s of all legacy computer’s in hospital from windows XP to Windows 7
  • Successfully migrated over 1,000 computers from XP to WIN 7 during 2 years on EHR project.


Senior IT/Support/Data Technician

  • Configured and Installed of over 400 LEXMARK & HP Network LaserJet Printers, Zebra Label printers, Rilis Printers, and Armband Printers, 1,000 Computer Workstations within Modesto MMC, Assembled and Configured over 400 KPHC Wireless Carts for Central Valley Area Hospitals.
  • Integral part of IT team during Modesto Health Connect Impatient Phase 2 Installation and Hospital Go Live
  • Responsible for Receiving assets, Staging equipment for build /image activity, Preparing assets for deployment, Executing equipment replacement activity, Updating asset management system to reflect work performed, Installing and maintaining PC software, python/shell scripting, linux/unix servers, Troubleshooting network usage and computer peripherals, System backups and data recovery, Manage incoming and outgoing assets.
  • Supported over 2500 end user within Kaiser’s central valley area.
  • Resolved daily help desk tickets pertaining to all Information Technology issues such as software installation, PC trouble shooting & configuration, active directory management, computer deployments/upgrades, network setup & connectivity issues.
  • Assisted with multiple expansion projects in Kaiser (4th floor Hospital Expansion, Wireless Network Upgrades, Exam Room Printer Expansion, EMRGIN Server Support, windows 7 migration)
  • Supported repair and maintenance of all HP, Lexmark, Cannon, Ricoh, Epson, laser and ink jet printers
  • Installed, configured, and troubleshooting over a hundred POS debit/credit card readers for all of Kaisers Cashier station within hospital and medical clinics.
  • Successfully migrated over 1,000 computers from XP to WIN 7.

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