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It Infrastructure Specialist & Sr. Technical Support Analyst Resume

Deepwater, NJ


  • Strong IT background based on in - depth training and ongoing experience in desktop
  • PC/Server/Networking technology.
  • Expertise in Application/File/SQL/RDP/DC server configuration, hardware/software installation, benchmark testing, troubleshooting/diagnose/repair, desktop/laptop/server support, any Windows based/Linux based computers.
  • Energetic and self-motivated team player/builder. Facilitate a team approach to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Quick study with an ability to grasp new technologies, software and IT architecture.
  • Enthusiastic Worker with good communication skills, interpersonal, intuitive, technical, analytical, and problem solving.


  • Desktop Operating Systems: MS-DOS, all Windows version up to Windows 10, Linux (Ubuntu,RedHat 6.X - 7.X)
  • Server Operating Systems: Server 2000, 2003,2008,2012,2016, Linux Server (Ubuntu, Mandrake, RedHat, CentOS )
  • SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 & SQL system administration
  • MS Exchange and Office 365 applications
  • Hyper-V administration and support
  • All Windows Mobile OS/ All Android OS
  • Active Directory administration
  • Domain/Application/File/Backup/Database/IIS/SCCM server build/administration
  • Data backup software (Backup Exec, ArcServe, Microsoft DPM )
  • Desktop/Laptop Hardware: Compaq, HP, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, HP Unix, TOSHIBA, Samsung, Macintosh, Apple products
  • Server Hardware Experience: Compaq, HP, IBM, Dell
  • Symantec Ghost, Windows PE, Acronis imaging software
  • Specialty hardware/software for the engineering/office/lab/production environment
  • MS-Azure administrator
  • Batch/PowellShell script
  • Specialized for R&D labs / manufacturing related support/ Excellent safety training&records in the hazardous environment
  • Production/Lab hardware and software ( Aspen, Agilent, Rockwell, Honeywell )


IT Infrastructure Specialist & Sr. Technical Support Analyst

Confidential, Deepwater, NJ

  • Server administrator for multiple Chemours sites in NA region
  • Responsible for building/upgrading/administrating various type of servers
  • Backup operator for multiple Chemours sites in NA region along with responsibility of disaster recovery plan
  • IT project engineer for various IT improvement/implementation projects for the multiple business units and sites in NA region
  • Responsible for maintaining special computer environment for the research/analytical labs at multiple Chemours sites in NA region
  • Responsible for providing any technical consultations to the production areas including Aspen IP21 servers & CMIO servers connections to SCADA pack, and work with vendors such as Rockwell/Honeywell/ABB for the resolution
  • Building/Administering all Aspen IP21 servers for the production units
  • Responsible for resolving critical connectivity issue by working with the network engineer & firewall administrator
  • Responsible for maintaining/observing/organizing Active Directory structure for multiple Chemours sites
  • Responsible for training new IT special environment support technicians
  • Responsible for developing scripts to assist business to automate and simplify IT operations
  • IT technical consultant for the production units
  • Linux server/workstation support specialist/administrator
  • Member of MS-Azure migration project and the support personnel
  • Responsible for requesting any firewall connection to the multiple firewalls in various zones in NA region
  • Responsible for evaluating/recommending/specifying/configuring non-standard HW/SW for multiple Chemours sites in NA region
  • Responsible for virtualizing needed workstation or server

Sr. System Analyst


  • Server administrator
  • Lead tech of the out-of-scope technical support group
  • Primary computer imge designer/creator
  • Responsible for supporting any out of scope computers/software for the site.
  • Streamlined/organized/upgraded all out of scope computers for the site from Windows 2000/XP to Windows 7
  • Developed/designed/implemented private network to separate Windows XP system for the labs and the production areas
  • Performed hardware/software/process/license separation tasks to assist spin-off between Dupont and Chemours LLC
  • Designed/created site specific computer hardware specification/image/configuration to deploy appropriate computers for each different business environment
  • Completed various IT projects to assist site IT lead
  • Upgraded/built/reconfigured all IT managed servers including multiple SQL servers, Hyper-V/Remote Desktop servers.
  • Responsible for the backups using tape backup, DAS, and Cloud
  • Built domain controllers for the site PCN (Process Control Network)
  • Active Directory administrator
  • Built WSUS to update all out of scope computers and servers at multiple sites
  • Assisted Dupont corporate IT team to build a new support structure for the multiple sites/businesses to prepare the spin-off
  • Responsible for developing IT support improvement plan for the team
  • Created various IT technical support documents to assist network software delivery system
  • Built/administered/maintained application servers for various business unit per request
  • Dedicated support technician for Dupont employees from abroad with computers in various foreign languages
  • Top tear wireless support specialist
  • Dedicated support technician for Microstation/Documentum/PDMS system
  • Developed/implemented/supported Engineering data backup system using Second Copy
  • Responsible for supporting various Engineering hardware/software
  • Responsible for creating/staging/deploying new hardware using Ghost & Acronis
  • Responsible for administer multiple Engineering application servers
  • Responsible for supporting Microstation/Documentum/PDMS

Sr. MicroComputer Specialist

Confidential, Malvern, PA

  • Level III support technician & server administrator
  • Responsible for desktop PC & Macintosh/Apple computer support in the environment of 3000+ remote/local employees in 20 states.
  • Responsible for software/hardware evaluation, recommendation, & training.
  • Configured and deployed new PCs using Norton Ghost or Drive Image program.
  • Responsible for maintaining & upgrading software/hardware for the IT department.
  • Responsible for creating technical documents & instructions for IT staffs and responsible for training new IT staffs in the Technical Service Department area.
  • Specialized to support Dell/NEC/HP workstation/laptop users who travel or work remotely.
  • Responsible for managing network printers and print servers
  • Implemented MS-Internet Explorer using the Administrator ’ s kit via the LAN or the CD distribution.
  • Responsible for supporting any handheld device & wireless network device
  • Dedicated on-call staff member for user/business critical situation
  • Responsible for creating and updating a software distribution CD for the internal clients by creating HTML based instruction.
  • Responsible for supporting VPN, PPP and broadband connection for the remote users.
  • Linux workstation support

PC Specialist & CAD Operator

Confidential, Norristown, PA

  • Server Administrator
  • Backup operator
  • Executive support technician
  • Responsible for maintaining servers and 500 client computers in the corporate HQ
  • Responsible for procuring PC equipment & software for the corporate HQ
  • Designed/Implemented Windows based computers to upgrade mainframe/Unix environment
  • Responsible for controlling PC inventory system.
  • Responsible for end user training
  • Responsible for setting up new user account in NT server/Unix based mail system.
  • Core member of the Intranet development project
  • Responsible for Windows/Unix/Mainframe data backup
  • Responsible for operating CAD system to help manufacturing team to research A.I based production system
  • Responsible for designing/deploying/managing all computers/servers in R&D center
  • Responsible for researching new computer technology to implement paperless environment

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