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Management Analyst/ Trainer Resume

Washington, DC


  • Excellent Senior Software Trainer with 18+ years experience in the Information Technology field and over 5 years experience in implementation and training subjects.
  • Extensive experience with face - to- and web-based trainings. Related skills include:
  • Technical Assistance and Training Evaluations Implementation of Training Materials
  • Remedy ITSM HEAT ITSM Magic
  • Confidential Enterprise
  • Web-Based Technical Assistance Customer Service Professionalism
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • ASPEN Student Information System
  • Conference Call Facilitation Database Monitoring
  • Active Directory
  • Database Management


Confidential, Washington, DC

Management Analyst/ Trainer


  • Facilitates in classroom and desk side training for Confidential sites locations outside of the continental United States ( Confidential ).
  • Corresponds with the Confidential and post staff via phone and email correspondence of deployed hardware and software
  • Conducts pre-and post-system deployments; follows up to ensure comprehensive communication
  • Creates custom training plans on biometrics technology and previously developed technology training modules
  • Provides evidence based feedback into the development and improvement of training modules
  • Engages with varying levels of diplomatic employees and staff
  • Offers insights on how to improve daily workflow and processes

Confidential, Washington, DC

Technical Trainer - Software


  • Researched, wrote and created material to include user guides, tip sheets, computer based training modules and other training materials.
  • Coordinated and maintained the schedule of classes, seminars, and open forums to be offered monthly.
  • Facilitated class seminars, orientations and open (ask the trainer) forums.
  • Provided phone or one-to-one desk-side support of software related issues and/or question & answer regarding the use of software or computer applications.
  • Utilized Remedy in providing user assistance.
  • Trouble- shoot documents remotely or scheduling one-on-one desk side training

Confidential, Washington DC

Senior SIS Support and Training Analyst


  • Serves as the initial point of contact for support for internal Confidential employees on the Student Information System
  • Prepare and update training materials for Aspen trainings
  • Create/prepare training scripts
  • Frequent updates systems to reflect users requests
  • Testing and user validation of Student Information System
  • Technical Writing

Confidential, Silver Spring, MD

Training/Technical Assistance Specialist


  • Co-facilitated face-to-face Services Accountability Improvement Systems (SAIS) related trainings and conducted live Web-based interactive trainings to assist Center for Substance Abuse and Treatment (C.SAT) grantees with a better perception of and meeting Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) requirements.
  • Prepared training materials for on-site Confidential trainings/ assisted with the logistical planning for grantee and staff trainings within the government travel allowances.
  • Provided grantee progress evaluations and course material updates to ensure that all information provided was accurate and up to date

Technical Assistance and Logistic Project Coordinator/Trainer



  • Managed Technical Assistance (TA) requests for over 50+ Confidential Government Program Officer ( Confidential ’s) and over 400 Center for Substance Abuse and Treatment (CSAT) program grantees nationwide; managed TA requests from onset to conclusion incorporating conference calls and logistical planning for CSAT consultants.
  • Provided system administrative support for Confidential (Technical Assistance Request System).
  • Developed Technical Assistance protocols.
  • Created a Technical Assistance User Guide on how to use the Confidential system; Established TA Risk Management Plan; developed email templates and voice scripts/ which cut back on preparation times - allowing correspondence consistency, prepare SAIS Weekly Action reports for Bi-Weekly team meetings; compile and prepare monthly data for Technical Assistance monthly report
  • Provided phone, email and Web-based assistance to over 400 CSAT grantees on programmatic and technical issues regarding the Services Accountability Improvement Systems (SAIS) website and data collection tools.
  • Tracked Help Desk call volumes, email volumes, response time and resolution; prepared Ad HOC reports on Help Desk activity
  • Extracted datasets to review client records for accuracy; monitored upload and processing of client data into the SAIS database.
  • Resolved issues and concerns from grantees through direct resolution of issues; responded to grantee questions on the administration of the CSAT GPRA tool via telephone assistance or email communication.

Confidential, Montgomery County, MD

Help Desk Analyst


  • Provided Information Technology (IT) support to over 40+ Montgomery county government agencies; Interfaced directly with end-users providing advanced hardware, software, network and application problem resolution
  • Provided technical support via phone and/ or remote support using SMS and BOMGAR software; Remote installation of software, network printers, local printer drivers.
  • Ensured First Call Resolution and proper internal escalation procedures
  • Followed specific agency guidelines within strict (SLA’s) Service Level Agreements with various clients/government agencies
  • Configured Microsoft Outlook and Exchange email accounts
  • Tracked all IT related calls/emails in the MAGIC Service Desk ticket tracking system
  • Ensured connectivity and setting for mainframe connections
  • Installed and configured Intel Wireless Software
  • Exhibited strong customer and communications skills; professional demeanor

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Implementation Specialist Lead


  • Implemented and installed new (POS) Point of Sale hardware/software at various client sites Nationwide
  • Modified SQL Database, reports and documents for customer system installation while on site
  • Consulted with on-site client to review hardware, software and/or system functional specifications
  • Developed training and presentation materials; conducted on site End - User Management/ Staff Training on POS
  • Provided 24-hour onsite support coverage at customer’s site on and after system install date

Confidential, Baltimore City, MD

Operations Support Specialist


  • Provided (IT) Information Technology assistance to all levels of staff within the school district (over 100+ schools and school related agencies)
  • Tracked all Service Requests in the Heat Tracking System, provided remote assistance with Dame Ware Software and complex computer workstation /LAN/WAN support
  • Recommended deployment of technical resources such as applications, database and/or software; performed complex analysis of problems and made changes as needed
  • Interfaced with vendor supported service groups to ensure proper escalation of technical problems/issues during outages and/or periods of degraded system performance
  • Prepared/maintained systems, development and operations documentation, including user manuals, maintained internal documentation libraries
  • Participated in training programs offered to increase technical, interpersonal and communication skills and proficiency related to assigned projects
  • Utilized skill and exercised good judgment when interacting with the general public, school and central office personnel
  • Performed and promoted all activities in compliance with equal policies; following federal laws, state laws, school board policies and professional standards

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