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Senior Epic Him Builder / Analyst / Implementation Consultant Resume

Lincoln, NE


  • Seven year of Epic experience, certified in HIM: Hospital Coding and Abstracting, Deficiency Tracking, and Release of Information. A dditional experience includes scanning integration (OnBase, Perceptive Scan ), encoder integration (Optum and 3M ), HIM R eporting, S ecurity and Chart Validation. In - depth build, support, implementation and G o-L ive experience.


  • Windows 8, Windows XP, NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 7, Snag IT
  • E-Mail Applications MS Exchange, Outlook Express
  • MS Office 2010, Share Point, IE 8, 9, 10, 11 Intranet, VPN 5.0, Citrix,, Remote Possible, Go To Assist, Adobe Acrobat11, E-Heat, BMC Remedy 7.1, XRM Ticket Software, Cherwell Ticketing System, Capture, Active Directory, PWA, ALM HP Quality Center 11.00, Hyland OnBase Scanning, Perceptive Scanning, Dragon, Encoder (3M, Optum), ChartMaxx, Orion


Confidential, Lincoln, NE

Senior EPIC HIM Builder / Analyst / Implementation Consultant

  • Lead HIM Build Analyst for 4 Major Hospitals for Bryan Health
  • Assigned as the HIM Representative for the following groups: Testing Integrated Workgroup, (MPI) Master Patient Index Workgroup, Facility Structure Workgroup, Data Migration Management Workgroup, Chart Correction
  • Configured the Save to file Setup
  • Built the ROI Letters, Release Types, Release Templates and Workqueues
  • Configure Right Fax Utility and EPS Printer config
  • Configured Security for the users in the HIM Department
  • Configured Release to Inspector, EpicCare Link Requester and Release to MyChart Security
  • Configured ROI Release to Inspector
  • Built the Fee Schedule and Workbench Reports
  • Built the Provider Suspension Letters and DT Workqueues
  • Worked with various application teams to complete Tasks in Orion
  • Served as a Mentor to the HIM Analyst
  • Created training documents to assist the FTE’s with Epic build for ROI, Deficiency Tracking and Coding.


EPIC HIM Application Analyst

  • Assigned to the Command Center and HIM Department
  • Provided support for 4 locations in Twin Falls Idaho
  • Logged, tracked and resolved issues thru Remedy Ticketing System
  • Trouble shoot the different options on how to scan items into Epic thru Hyland OnBase
  • Make sure the users had the proper security for ROI, Coding and Deficiency
  • Assisted the end user with Coding different accounts in Epic using the 3M Encoder
  • Assisted the end user with properly printing and completing a full Release in ROI
  • Assisted the user with any questions in reference to Deficiency’s

Confidential, Palos Heights, IL

Senior EPIC HIM Builder / Analyst

  • Created Proof Of Concept Service Area to build as a template for future Community Connect Sites
  • Configured the Security for HIM Users in the ROI Department
  • Built the ROI Requesters, Workqueues, Release Types, Save to File, Fee Schedule and Reports.
  • Built the Coding Workqueues ( Inpatient, Outpatient, ED, etc)
  • Built the DNB’s, Validation Checks, Claim Edit
  • Configured the EPR and LWS so the workstation and printer can communicate with EPIC
  • Made Hardware recommendation for Printers, Scanners and Workstations
  • Work with other application teams to complete user request and complete workflows
  • Created Tip Sheets and Quick Start Guides that will assist the HIM users to complete a full release in ROI and Code an account from start to finish.
  • Trained the end users on Hyland OnBase Scanning, In Bound Faxing Process, In Application scanning and Unity Client Batch Scanning
  • Setup the BCA Client for the Community Connect Site
  • Maintained and Updated the build tracker located in SharePoint
  • Provided Go Live Support for Confidential first Community Connect Site
  • Samanage is the ticketing system we used to log and track tickets
  • Completed future implementations discovery’s for future Palos Community Connect Sites

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

EPIC HIM Application Analyst

  • Assigned to the command center and the HIM Department for desk side support
  • Logged and Track tickets through Cherwell Ticketing system
  • Trouble shoot issues with scanning into Image Now Perceptive Scan
  • Resolved End User printing issues within ROI
  • Reinforce proper procedure for logging and completing Release in ROI
  • Support Coding staff with completing accounts from various Coding Workqueues using 3M Encoder
  • Address Deficiency Analyst questions regarding Deficiency Tracking
  • Supplied end users with tip sheets and workflow processes solutions
  • Attend daily resolution calls to discuss issues, concerns and updates
  • Provided Go Live support for 4 major hospitals in Baltimore, MD,

Confidential, Allentown, PA

EPIC HIM Application Analyst

  • Provided support for 4 major hospitals in Allentown, Pa.
  • Assigned to the HIM Department in the MAC building for support
  • Assist users with basic navigation for their specific workflows
  • Made sure the user has the proper support documentation and tip sheets
  • Work with each user to make sure they had the proper access to complete their daily task
  • Trouble shoot issues scanning into Hyland OnBase
  • Logged and track tickets thru XRM Ticketing system
  • For remote coder issues, trouble shoot thru remote application to resolve issues
  • Walk the user thru coding several different coding accounts including Simple Visit Coding Workqueue
  • Attend daily team meetings discuss updates, concerns and issues the user may have

Confidential, Burlington, MA

EPIC HIM Application Analyst

  • Provide support for two major hospitals in Burlington, Ma.
  • Assigned to the HIM Departments in Building 29 and 41 with support for the Confidential
  • Trouble shoot problems or issues from user
  • Assist the users with the proper support documentation, workflows and tip sheets
  • Logged, tracked and resolved issues through Remedy Ticketing system
  • Assisted the user with printing and scanning from Release Of Information
  • Made sure the user was comfortable with completing a release and familiar with all the functionality throughout a release.
  • Received information/ suggestions from the user to make EPIC more users friendly. Also informed the user this may be considered as an optimization process in the near future

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

EPIC HIM Application Analyst

  • Provided Build and support for 5 major hospitals in the Sacramento Metro Area
  • Created and configured the following items:

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

EPIC HIM Application Analyst

  • Provided HIM Build through the BMC Remedy ticketing system for ROI, Coding &Abstracting, and Deficiency Tracking
  • Created and/or Configured the following:
  • Deficiency-related: Provider Suspension Letters, Registry, Creating Categories, Location Build, Unit Build, Build Deficiency Reports, Build Deficiency Workqueues.
  • Coding-related: Build Coding Workqueues for (Inpatient, Outpatient, ED, Claim Edits), Build Coding reports
  • ROI-related: Build / Configure Fee Schedules, Quick Disclosures, Configure ROI Workqueues, Create Release Types, Build ROI Requesters, Build Print Groups, Build ROI Reports, ROI Letters
  • Created and edited various master file records from the following INI’s: IDM; IDB; FSC; CDQ; SDF; BWQ; BWR; RTD; ETX; HRX.
  • Created and configured security templates for HIM users in ROI, Deficiency Tracking, Coding and Abstracting
  • Participated in the chart validation for the Chart Conversion process in POC, TST, DEV, SUP, and PRD which involved Chart Type creation.
  • Trouble shoot issues with scanning and printing in OnBase
  • Unit Testing Lead for Coding using the Optum Insight Computer Assistant Coding (CAC) Software
  • Participated in the Operational Readiness Meetings, which reviewed the build status and formulated remediation actions for any deficient build issues.
  • Provided support to 4 major hospitals in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Maintained and updated the build tracker located in SharePoint

Confidential, Appleton, WI

EPIC HIM Application Analyst

  • Provided HIM System Build and support for the 3 major Community Connect Hospitals
  • Created and configured workbench reports for Deficiencies, Coding & Abstracting and ROI
  • Created Alerts to staff at risk delinquent flags notification before they become delinquent, Identifying accounts in various stages of progress
  • Configured Alerts to providers before it is delinquent but still be in house, OP Report
  • Created processes for co-signature requirements, provider absence hold/tracking, and coding query signature date and time by providers.
  • Created / customized Suspension letters
  • Created and configured coding work queues with 3M Encoder
  • Troubleshoot problems or issues from users

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

EPIC HIM Application Coordinator

  • Created Category list for Scanning Documents for EPT 1904 and DCS 100
  • Created and configured 13 HIM Dashboards for 4 different facilities
  • Built coding work queues for the HIM department
  • Created and configured workbench reports for deficiencies, coding & abstracting and ROI
  • Migrated thousands of records from POC to TST and PRD
  • Logged, tracked, and resolved issues and changes following change control policy
  • Performed unit testing for deficiency tracking and coding
  • Updated build tracker in compliance with strict organizational standards
  • Developed training documents for knowledge transfer to colleagues
  • Staffed Command Center to resolve HIM related issues

Confidential, Richmond, VA

EPIC HIM Application Coordinator

  • Built HIM ROI, Deficiency and Coding Reports
  • Created security templates for HIM users
  • Created and edited various master files such as CHT, DEF, ETX, LRP, LPG, EMP and SER
  • Proficient with deficiency and episode build
  • Provided ROI build, letters, and HIM Workbench reports
  • Customized HIM system build
  • Provided Go-Live support for HIM system build
  • Troubleshoot problems or issues from users
  • Prioritized and implemented system changes
  • Review and test each new release and communicating needed changes
  • Worked with users on the sharing of data, category lists, etc.
  • Set standards for naming and numbering conventions and security classifications
  • Developed and documented internal procedures.
  • Analyzed new functionality in new releases to determine whether or how it should be used
  • Built ROI components such as Info Requester and Info Release Types
  • Modified programming points and created Chart Stations
  • Created and modified coding work queues
  • Built and modified Print Groups, Hyperlinks
  • Gained familiarity with Data Courier and change control processes

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