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Junior Consultant Resume



As someone who enjoys creating programs to solve problems I find the feeling of getting code to run successfully decidedly rewarding. I am eager to expand my programming knowledge to tackle essential problems and advance the tasks asked of me by lending my skills. As a Technological Systems Management graduate from Confidential I am pursuing a career in software development.


  • Experience coding in Java, C, HTML with CSS, SQL, and VBA.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office (Word, Power Point, Project, and especially Excel).
  • Windows and Linux OS.
  • Team strength and weakness insight.
  • Situational threat management.
  • Technology assessment & SWOT analysis.
  • Computer troubleshooting and hardware repair (mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops).



Junior Consultant, MD


  • My initial responsibilities include creating, designing, and maintaining the company’s official website, that it may create an appealing look into the its competitive advantages to its potential client base.
  • I have experience developing problem - free software applications using Java and C, which I test and using different test cases and error trapping ensure error-tolerant functionality. I have developed different programs in Java and C for sorting, mathematical processes, visual representation, multiclass & interface interaction, and file reading/sorting/cataloguing.
  • I am highly capable of debugging without the use of an IDE debugger, using only a Confidential compiler and text editor as well as editing/altering given code to improve, expand, and maintain it.
  • I have produced sites with specific design parameters using HTML and CSS to create functional and structured websites, an example of this being a working subscription page I created for a dummy social media site. I also have cursory experience designing sites using JavaScript and PHP methodologies.
  • I have designed VBA applets for data analysis and management in spreadsheet.

Project Manager



  • I led a team of four to create a proposal for the design and manufacture of a garden structure for a Project Management class.
  • Schedules among teammates were difficult to synchronize, but we were able to successfully complete the project ahead of schedule with design features that made it more efficient and cost-effective leading to speedy development and a reduction in budget cost.
  • I possess an exceptional understanding of client-employer relations and communications when it comes to assessing client needs and wants in congruence with team capabilities for delivering. I also understand proper timing for employer/client concurrence to ensure proper project direction.
  • As part of Interdisciplinary Research Methods, my team explored and assessed the state of VR technology, writing, as well as presenting a technology assessment report which was divided into military, gaming, industry, marketing and financial trends & technology topics.
  • I researched and postulated the viability, efficiency, and safety of offshore nuclear reactors, presenting on the characteristics and superiority of hosting nuclear fission below sea in contrast with on shore reactors.

Strategist and Leader



  • I relish planning team strategy, assessing situational threats to determine the best course of action for a specific mission.
  • An essential part of the strategies’ success was to form appropriate mission teams - whether planned or improvised - by assessing each teammate’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • My teams on average had an 85% success rate.
  • As part of Management for Engineers, my team conducted a SWOT analysis to study Confidential ’s New Shepard’s space capsule with the goal of identifying opportunities to enhance the beta phase of the capsule.

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