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Technician Resume

Oakland, CA


  • Experience working on software development teams and integrating code with extensive software applications.
  • Fluent with object - oriented programming techniques in multiple languages.
  • Background in embedded systems design and microcontroller prototyping and programming.
  • Experience with internet of things mesh communication protocol development.
  • Ability to architect and build end-to-end IOT system with focus on node to gateway communication
  • Expertise in RTOS programming on different embedded processors.
  • High level of proficiency troubleshooting software and performing quality assurance testing.


Languages / IDE: Adept with object oriented programming techniques and numerous languages including C++, Java, Python, Objective-C, C#/ASP, PHP, Angular.js, Node.js and assembly. Familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010,2012, 2013, Eclipse, NetBeans, Microsoft Excel VBA Editor, and Xilinx ISE Design Suite.

Graphics Knowledgeable with: concepts of computer graphics programming. Able to program 2D and 3D graphics in OpenGL. Familiarity with 3D modeling software and ray tracing programs.

Wireless Knowledge in: UART, I2C, SPI Architecture and its communication.

Programming: Familiar with using named pipes for inter-process communication.

Familiar with: BLE, ZigBee communication.

Operating Systems: Fluent with Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X, and Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux.

Troubleshooting: Adept at finding and resolving software and hardware bugs in a timely manner. Able to diagnose and resolve complex problems over the phone and in person. Ability to tailor instruction to user’s level of familiarity and technical fluency.

Web Design: Background in graphic design, webpage coding in HTML, XML, JSP, CSS, PHP, and ASP. Skill with CMS platform integration, online database application programming, and DNS record management.

Programming: Experience programming Linux and microcontroller based systems with C++, VHDL, and Python. Digital Logic Design Strong understanding of transistor based logic and logic gate design. Familiar with computer system design and CPU architecture. Experience with FPGA programming in VHDL.


Confidential, Oakland, CA



  • Disconnecting and Reconnecting Services.
  • Install Software and Driver as requested
  • Troubleshooting computer and driver issues as requested by client

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Test/Debug Technician


  • Functional Test
  • Hi-pot test
  • Test and Debug PCB, Circuit
  • Mechanical disassembly and assembly

Confidential, Corpus Christi, Texas

Professor Assistant


  • Teaching Assistant
  • Computer lab included of building computer and install OS, Software, and Driver as requested.
  • Working on Real Time tracking project.
  • Responsible for coding, and implement whole project using C++, LabVIEW, and OpenGL


Production Technician


  • Disassembly and Assembly the machines for servicing.
  • Troubleshooting and repair to ensure minimum machine downtime is incurred
  • Performing target change, head calibration and to ensure proper procedure is carried out.
  • Submitting Technical written report daily to the supervisor regarding the nature of that trouble
  • Carry out 5S and machine cleaning regularly to keep a high level of cleanroom cleanliness




  • Build and test fiber optic subsystems.
  • Splice and manage polarization maintaining optical fibers.
  • Work with optical assemblies and custom electronic test equipment to perform test and calibration
  • Test and Troubleshoot electronic circuits using basic test methods
  • Experience with hand soldering and PCB assembly, including surface-mount components
  • Experience with measurement and calibration of optical devices

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