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Frontline Engineer Resume


Operating Systems:: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Software Applications:: Office 365, Service Cloud Ticketing System, Bit Defender, Kayako Ticketing System, Desk Ticketing System, Adobe Suite, Goto Assist Remote Support application, JoinMe Remote assist, LogMeIn

Hardware: Motorola RFID Scanner, Zebra Thermal Printers, Cisco IT Essentials (PC Software and hardware); HP/Dell desktops and laptops, HP Printers, Tangle Firewall, Toshiba VoIP phones, Dell Kace Box 1000/2000, general networking experience (running cables, troubleshooting connections


Frontline Engineer


  • Provide first response IT support to over 300 hospitals across the nation
  • Deployed and maintained the equipment for staff in office and staff in the field
  • Managed the implementation of various software and security feature’s on a companywide level
  • Developed and carried out application downtime procedures
  • Participated in sales calls and customer follow up calls to offer technical information about network requirements, hardware information, and general troubleshooting
  • Maintained customer tickets using Kayako and Desk
  • Participated and organized in strategic initiatives outside of my duties, such as event planning.

Network Administrator


  • Provide first response IT support for the entire company using Web Helpdesk with a turnover rate of 1 hour
  • Manage the migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 using a network PXE
  • Provide administrative support and maintenance for over 200 users
  • Set up new workstations, create new user accounts and move employees workstations
  • Perform printer maintenance and A/V set up for meetings and presentations
  • Provide support for remote users with Goto Assist Remote Support application
  • Provide 24/7 support to ensure stability of IT infrastructure
  • Documented all IT related issues and solutions for all issues that occur

Program Specialist


  • Teach individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the fundamentals of computer technology and how to do hardware troubleshooting independently
  • Supervise a group of 5 individuals performing workstation moves / routine maintenance
  • Implement the activities of daily living schedule for adult Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Help design, implement, track and document each assigned Individual’s progress on his/her therapy goals and his/her Plan of Care
  • Report, track, and document each assigned individual’s daily, monthly, quarterly and annual progress
  • Responsible for providing information regarding significant changes in all individuals’ health, behavior and performance to designated staff

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