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Tier Ii Support Technician Resume

Alexandria, VA


  • Seven years’ cumulative customer service experience in both a retail and help desk environment.
  • Solid working knowledge of Windows operating systems, advanced troubleshooting procedures, and IT system management at an enterprise level.
  • Familiar with a large variety of IT concepts ranging from helpdesk support to planning an IT infrastructure overhaul of a fifteen - user accounting firm
  • Experienced in various system analysis concepts including the process of an application’s development as well as the scripted and regression testing of new releases
  • Experienced in the of new technicians and users as well as in the writing of SOPs and instructional material.


Office 365, ConnectWise, Remedy, Desk.com, Kaseya, Sharepoint, Exchange Online, Azure AD, Intronis, Acronis, JIRA, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Mac OSX, Remote, Management, WebEx, XenDesktop, VDI, Hyper-V, VMWare, Group Policy, Active Directory, Security Permissions, Security Groups, Domain Controller, BitLocker, Print Servers, VoIP Provisioning, Networking, DHCP, VPN, IT Consulting, Cloud Migration, Hardware, Software, Troubleshooting, Reimaging, License Management, SOPs, MCSA, HTML5, CSS3, PowerShell


Confidential, Alexandria, VA

Tier II Support Technician


  • Part of a 3-person team providing support to a user-base of over 500 users
  • Provided support to everyone from high-level VPs to new-hires
  • Handled various Tier II support tickets requiring either additional permissions, experience, or research in order to troubleshoot and resolve them successfully.
  • Handled the of new hires on the various IT applications, policies, and procedures, for the organization.
  • Infrastructure was heavily weighted towards Citrix XenDesktop VDI. I resolved issues both inside and outside of the VDI and am familiar with the intricacies, strengths, and potential issues associated with such an infrastructure and how to troubleshoot said issues.
  • Handled the creation, deployment, and regular updating of the Windows images we used on all of our laptops and desktops.
  • Created internal helpdesk SOPs, canned responses, guides, and instructional material for user .
  • Trained new helpdesk employees, interns, and contractors on the various systems we use on the helpdesk as well as advanced IT concepts for technicians lacking professional experience.
  • Utilized Active Directory for granting access to various users via Security Groups and permissions.
  • Utilized Group Policy for the automation of various processes and the enforcement of profile or setting customizations required by the organization.
  • Assisted in the migration of users from On-Prem to Office 365 and Exchange Online
  • Utilized the Office 365 Management Console to manage various users, licenses, and permissions after the migration.
  • Frequently assisted with advanced configuration of Outlook and Exchange mailboxes ranging from the configuration of settings within the Outlook such as calendar delegates and sharing permissions to the use of “Shared Mailboxes” in the context of Exchange Online and how those are to be set up for accessing from the Outlook application and the OWA.
  • Utilized various custom PowerShell scripts and Batch files for the automation of certain monotonous tasks. Especially on my Windows images.
  • Frequently utilized the VMware vSphere client to manage the various Virtual Machines utilized by XenDesktop for pooled and persistent VDIs. Sometimes action was required on a specific machine in order for it to be once again made available to XenDesktop
  • Assisted in the process of ITAM, handling the checking out of loaner laptops and entry of new hardware into the inventory.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Helpdesk Analyst


  • Provide over the phone and email technical support for the various users of the specified TSA systems. Further explanation of various systems available upon request.
  • Provide system analytics for said systems including the reporting of bugs, testing of new releases, and fulfilling administrator responsibilities.
  • Attend weekly developer and IPT meetings for the various systems, closely following and actively assisting in the development of new releases.
  • Assist in the complete redesign of the IACMS system, designing for usability rather than just “look and feel”.
  • Develop instructional materials including tutorials for specific processes and additions to user manuals to account for newly added features.

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Support Technician/System Administrator


  • Supported a variety of small business clients with all IT-related issues in a 24/7 on-call environment through either phone calls, remote desktop, email correspondence, or on-site visits ensuring that the high customer service standards of clients are met.
  • Provided advanced support and troubleshooting for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. Also have experience supporting and troubleshooting Mac OSX operating systems
  • Frequently preformed in-place upgrades, reimages and refreshes on the various client machines we supported. Typical methods included reinstallation of OS, built-in “refresh” for windows 8 and 10, and occasional use of SCCM when dealing with multiple workstations all needing the same image pushed out to all of them simultaneously.
  • Provided network installation and configuration, then handled the support for any issues involving the network.
  • I have solid experience provisioning, configuring, and utilizing Cisco Meraki products for remote network management.
  • Managed Windows servers for numerous clients, providing Active Directory administration, NTFS and Share permission management, data backup, and disaster recovery services. Specifically, I worked with both Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016
  • Developed a personal p and heavy emphasis on automation through Group Policy and PowerShell in order to simplify various monotonous or time-consuming tasks. Meticulous organization of Active Directory makes granular control of who is affected by what policies much simpler
  • Utilized RMM tool for remote management and monitoring of hundreds of workstations. This also simplified the process of providing remote support as any workstations with the RMM client installed could be remoted into for quick and easy remote support.
  • The RMM also provided the ability to schedule tasks and I utilized it for automation through a scheduled task to run a specific command prompt script I created to uninstall, clean-up and automatically reinstall the newest version of the RMM client.
  • Was constantly in the Office 365 portal managing our various clients, their licenses, and their Azure AD email accounts.
  • Utilized Office 365 and its One-Click installer to deploy Office on both individual computers, as well as multiple computers at once through silent automated installation.
  • Briefly got some experience with the utilization of PowerShell for management of the various Office 365 tenants (our clients) that we provided support for.
  • Provisioned, configured, and installed numerous VoIP phones for many of our different clients. Configured menus, recorded voicemail greetings, and provided troubleshooting for each of them.
  • Provided IT infrastructure analytics for a new client and did an entire infrastructure overhaul.
  • Implemented BitLocker Drive Encryption and did an in-place upgrade to Windows 7 Pro for 12 workstations in order to do so. Utilized both built-in TPM and USB flash drives for the BitLocker keys.
  • Configured a new bare-bones rack-mounted server as a Hyper-V client running two virtual machines, one being a server filling Active Directory/Domain role, the other acting as a file server for the various shared folders used throughout the firm.
  • Implemented various RAID configurations for redundancy, data viability, and performance.
  • Windows Azure was utilized for cloud-backup and disaster recovery of virtual machines.
  • We also provided an additional cloud-backup option through Intronis to specifically backup both server images and important files utilized by our various clients
  • Utilized domain controllers and roaming profiles to allow users to log in at any computer and have full access to all their files while also providing us granular configuration of permissions, Group Policy, and automation.
  • Acted as SME regarding certain clients, with a stronger understanding of the ins and outs of their infrastructure either due to having taken part in initial configuration or simply through working with that client more frequently than my colleagues.
  • Was required to think, plan, and work independently on-site with clients, having little to no guidance from my manager or the CEO.
  • Developed tutorials and created SOPs for new employees as well as instructional materials for clients.
  • Also took part in the of said new employees.

Confidential, Durham, NC

Support Tech


  • Provided helpdesk support for various Kodak Picture Kiosks and was throughly trained to troubleshoot the various models used in different photo processing labs around the country.
  • Often required to work with non-technical photo lab technicians and walk them through what were, at times, rather complex troubleshooting processes
  • Utilized a ticketing system to record various troubleshooting steps taken in real time as I completed them. Also noting various symptoms of the original issue and making interpritations of what may be wrong with the kiosk or photo printer itself.
  • Gained thorough experience in the troubleshooting of various printer types and the numerous potential issues that can occur with them
  • Most of the kiosks were essentially running an auto-starting Kodak application within the Windows XP Operating System, with newer kiosk models running on Windows 7. Troubleshooting often required accessing the OS itself and troubleshooting within various Windows components such as Device Manager for malfunctioning printer drivers.
  • Dealt with often irritated or difficult retail employees that were not happy to be troubleshooting a picture kiosk, yet never encountered any difficulty calming the user and getting them to cooperate with me.
  • Position put heavy emphasis on speed of calls and closing tickets, giving me experience in a high call-volume, high activity help desk role.

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