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Computer Technician Resume


  • During my time in school I worked as a computer technology freelancer for friends and neighbors replacing computer components, reimaging systems, installing antivirus software and advising them on how to best care for their machines.
  • I am comfortable working both as an individual contributor and as a member of a diverse team of technologist.
  • I am a quick learner and a reliable worker.
  • I am resourceful and will utilizes all of the available informational sources that are at my disposal to accomplish my assigned tasks.
  • I am looking for an opportunity to contribute to the goals of your organization with the skills that I have developed both in and outside of the class room.
  • Now that I have earned my associated degree in CIS I am looking for an entry - to-mid level position as a business analyst, a systems analyst, technical writer, computer technician or a software developer.


  • Product pricing
  • Product Marketing
  • Workflow Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Product Support
  • Account Management


Leadership Skills: Team Leader Technical Trainer Product Coach

Software: Python Adobe Photoshop C++ Flash Dreamweaver

Systems Operation: Hardware troubleshooting and repair Computer Networking PC, Hardware replacement and upgrades PC, System Diagnostics Security Software Installation and Management

Systems Development: System Analysis and Design Web Page Design and Development Technical Writing



Computer Technician


  • I serviced the home computers of friends and family by referrals.
  • My services include replacing power supplies, motherboards, adding memory, installing virus protection software and diagnosing PC hardware and software errors.
  • As well as more complex tasks such as overclocking CPUs and GPUs to healthy specifications or making proper system replacement recommendations based on the situation.

Applied Technology: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Avast Antivirus Security, Norton Antivirus Security, McAfee Antivirus Security, AdAware Antivirus Security, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox/Waterfox, Internet Explorer, ASUS Motherboards and BIOS, Nvidia GPU Software and Drivers, Radeon GPU Software and Drivers

Applied SkillsError Code Analysis, Hardware troubleshooting and repair, Technical Trainer, System Analysis and Design, Computer Networking, PC Hardware replacement and upgrades, PC System Diagnostics, Security Software Installation and Management, product and service pricing and marketing

Warehouse Administrator



  • My duties included processing orders, customer service, and procurement.
  • In this job, attention to detail was very important because models, pricing, and unit specifications had to be accurately entered to correctly describe each item.
  • This work put me in contact with new and repeat clients which helped me to hone my customer support skills.
  • Every customer interaction required that I have a clear understanding of our available merchandise.
  • I would then negotiate prices, provide quotes, set up business transactions, and close the transactions.
  • The customer base was international, including customers from Australia and Singapore.
  • In addition, I was also in charge of the complete relocation of inventory.
  • This meant tagging and associating the proper SKUs with thousands of inventory items.
  • I also ensured that the inventory was placed in the proper physical locations.
  • Finally, I captured the inventory data in excel spreadsheets, which were later uploaded to the main inventory system.

Applied Technology Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Applied Skills: Data Entry, Product Pricing, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Customer Service, Account Management, Team Leadership, Product Support

Data Entry Specialist



  • Assigned to a temp-to-hire position. Six months later I was hired and brought onto the team as a permanent employee.
  • My solid contributions to the company and how quickly I was able learn the job were cited as reasons for my being hired. My initial job was data entry.
  • I entered new inventory into the Applied Inventory Management System.
  • But I was soon asked to learn more about the parts that we sold, such as specifications, uses and various models of electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components as my job duties moved into sales and product support.

Applied Technology: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Applied Skills: Data Entry, Product Pricing, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Customer Service, Account Management, Product Support

Shift Leader/Game Technician

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Main Event is an entertainment destination for people of all ages.
  • As a shift leader my duties included preparing employee work schedules and new hires in my department.
  • I was responsible for making sure that the new hires knew how to properly operate the equipment in the department and to provide exceptional customer service.
  • In addition to the department shift lead, my duties also included that of game technician.
  • I was responsible for troubleshooting the games in the event of a mechanical malfunction. In the Laser Tag department these repairs were to vest and often required that electrical diagnostics be performed as prescribed by protocol, which would often result in the replacement of damaged components on the vest’s multi-motherboard configuration.
  • I was also responsible for monthly inventory audits in my department.

Applied Technology: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Laser Tag Diagnostic Software

Applied Skills: Error Code Analysis, Hardware troubleshooting and repair, Technical Trainer, Workflow Scheduling, Inventory Management, Customer Service, PC Hardware replacement and upgrades, PC System Diagnostics, Team Leader, Standard Operating Procedures Trainer, Shift supervision

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