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Senior Service Desk Technician Resume

Annapolis, MD


Highly skilled Information Technology Specialist with over 19 years of experience, including IT Operations, SDLC, Desktop Support, Service Desk, Quality Assurance, Testing and Systems Analyst experience. Knowledge of the principles and practices of information systems and technology analysis, operations and maintenance. Adept at designing innovative IT solutions and enhancing existing systems with new features. Committed to improving business productivity and efficiency. Specialize in applying technical expertise to develop insightful solutions applicable to current business practices. Strong ability to work well under pressure and continuously manage and deliver results for all stakeholders consistently ensuring excellent customer service, while meeting business objectives.


Confidential, Annapolis, MD

Senior Service Desk Technician


  • Serve as a Senior Service Desk Technician at the Judicial Information Systems (JIS) Service Desk, responsible for the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and technical support of all JIS issued hardware and software, as well as daily customer service reported incidents.
  • Assisted in migrating over 6000 existing workstations and laptops within the Maryland Judiciary Enterprise Network from Windows 2000/Windows XP to Windows 7 ( and currently Windows 7 to Windows 10 ), as well as from the Novell domain to the Active Directory domain by building out workstations and laptops by use of a prepared image of the various different models of equipment that is currently being used out in the field, formally by use of VMWare Mirage,and presently by utilizing the process of the Microsoft Deployment Tool (MDT). Coordination of large application deployment with various departments throughout JIS (Judiciary Information Systems), from software to networking.
  • Contain vast knowledge of business logic knowledge including the functions and capabilities of multipurpose, multi - tasking computer systems (MDEC, JPortal, MainFrame, the BUS, AIS, etc). Ability to learn, understand and adapt to changing complex information technology principles, theories and solutions. Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with peers, clients, and consultants. Ability to work independently and or in a team environment, prioritize tasks and assignments, establish and meet deadlines. Ability to learn and understand court business functions at both District and Circuit Courts ( including COA and COSA ).
  • Participated in interview panels, and trained all new employees on the functions and responsibilities of the Service Desk, as well as provide up to date weekly/monthly reports to management regarding the new team members. Trained existing junior team members on existing or new software/hardware solutions, thru hands-on approach, as well as created technical instruction sets, that were made available thru the ServiceNow Knowledgebase, as well as Microsoft SharePoint for team members to use so that they could install, and configure hardware/software solutions, used throughout JIS and the state of Maryland.
  • Assisted in replacing desktops/laptops that were over 5 years in age with new hardware. Also with the existing equipment that was less than 5 years in age, was responsible for moving local user files to the Novell file servers, so that after the install of Windows XP/Windows 7 pre-loaded hard disks (depending on location) took place, the user files were put back on the new migrated workstation and/or laptop.
  • During the years up to present, utilized leadership skills to delegate responsibilities, and tasks to team member, on not only large projects, but also amongst team members in training, for such tasks as site survey, coordination with other department thru out JIS, deployment, and training the user base, as well as coordination, preparation, and setup of training room for large enterprise hardware/software rollouts.
  • Taught users the standards of how to log into their new Windows 7 workstations for example, as well as get acquainted with the Microsoft Office 2013 ( and now Microsoft Office 2016, and Microsoft Office 365 ), as well as the JIS-created "application window", where the majority of the apps being used by the users were located. Was responsible for constant application support through remote assistance ( Confidential ), or actual onsite visit to the user. Also informed the users that it was imperative to never save data to the local hard drive on the workstation (the C'' drive), and that they should always save their data to the assigned network drives (either the G'' drive, or the H'' drive depending on the data), simply because the local hard drive can malfunction, and there is no way to get the data off of the drive when that happens. Once the data is on the G'' or H'' drives that data is backed up every night, and sits on a server in a separate location, and can be restored.
  • Worked on help desk tickets that were assigned by the Lead Tech where the user was called, and it was required to remote into the user's workstation by use of Confidential, or go out into the field to user's location to troubleshoot and facilitate a solution to the problem indicated on the help desk ticket. All information regarding the solution was inputted on a help desk database for future reference.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Helpdesk Specialist


  • Served as Helpdesk Specialist, responsible for configuring and setup of users AD accounts, VPN connections, and disk encryption on laptops and user's home computers. Created, configured and setup AD user's accounts upon VACO WAN and departmental local LAN. Implement setups of desktops to receive network scanning of Merit Review documents on Xerox WorkCentre MFPs. As well as assisted users in access to IMPAC II, Commons, and Federal Grants Management modules on ERA website.
  • Researched, implemented, and compiled data to answer consistent data calls from upper management on various topics. Assisted CIO (sometimes acting as main point of contact, in CIO's absence) in the development of complex reports, and provided recommendations based on investigative techniques, and analysis to senior management staff.
  • Configured and setup VA user's accounts for departmental database programs: CADE (Career Development System), RDIS (Research & Development Information System), RAFT (Research Analysis and Forecasting Tool) and MRBS (Merit Review Board Systems).
  • Provided Windows XP desktop/laptop support and training to over 147 users of the Research and Development's staff with perceptive user awareness and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Monitored, Diagnosed, Troubleshoots and employed problem-solving skills to resolve/recover system failures on user's workstations. Processed over 160+ help desk support tickets per month, utilizing the Track IT ticketing system, consisting of desktop user application support, workstation, laptop, and desktop scanning support. Provided in-house technical liaison between Office of Research and Development and VACO for support on EDMS, IFCAP, Blackberry, data, network, and voice communications.
  • Throughout the first 2 years, conducted duties as the Helpdesk Specialist alone for the 147 user base. During the last 2 years, other team members were hired, and leadership and knowledge of the existing process and infrastructure of the network environment, user base requirements were used to train the team members, to get them up to speed to take over certain responsibilities and tasks. Weekly/Monthly reports were given to management of the team members and their progress.
  • Monitoring of Track IT ticket system, and email to ensure proper day to day operation of the help desk.
  • Created, and utilized detailed records as well as establish and enforce all IT asset management (servers, workstations, and printers) and detailed records of up and coming upgrades (software and hardware). Documented resolutions used to fix common issues among the user base, kept abreast of trends occurring with the user base and corrected ( thru instructional sets and email to the user base to prevent future problems.)
  • Trained with the knowledge, abilities and skills in Telecommunication, Customer Service Relations, attention to details, problem solving, Network design and implementation, VPN, Windows XP and VISTA, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 2003, and Microsoft Office 2007 suite, Visio, Microsoft Project and Track-IT database.Confidential, Alexandra, VA


Computer Specialist


  • Served as Computer Specialist, responsible for preparing and conducting one on one, or team training for new system operators on processes and procedures on all shifts.
  • Managed support for traders that would call for detailed data reports on trades submitted by their company on request. Produced various reports based on investigate techniques, and research to extract and summarize important information for use by upper management, and other staff members.
  • On occasion, was put in the leadership role, and was responsible for training new team members. Strong written and verbal communication was used with the team members to get them up to point of understanding, and comprehension of the process of the office, as well as the knowledge and requirements of the position. Reports on the evaluation of the team members were sent to management weekly.
  • Performed various network activity/performance monitoring procedures, along with troubleshoot/problem solving using different tools such as: Microsoft SCOM, Quest Big Brother, and Dell Open Manage to ensure optimum network, hardware, and application performance.
  • Wrote detailed batch scripts that were used for testing, and ultimately installed on production server systems. Created disaster recovery images of all systems with Symantec Ghost on a quarterly basis.

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