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Senior Technician Resume


  • To obtain a position working in an environment which will utilize my skills and abilities.
  • Experience in customer service and working in a fast paced working environment.
  • Experience working independently and as part of a team in a variety of working environments.
  • I worked temporarily as an administrative advisor at a small Confidential in Mid - Michigan.
  • I've been a computer enthusiast for over half my life now, 17+ years.


Senior Technician



  • Provide technical support for Confidential, including fixing PCs, printers, networking equipment, Confidential administration. I was responsible for inventory, creating and managing users, network drives, and networking permissions.
  • Working in high stress environments, I've repaired PCs in active operating rooms and ICUs in multiple hospitals all over


Network Administrative Internship


  • Answer calls from colleagues and assist in providing technical solutions and support to issues and problems.
  • Worked under the direction of Network Administrator and performed computer updates, repairs, installations, troubleshooting, networking, wiring for the county’s Register of Deeds office.
  • Completed projects as assigned, performed preventative maintenance on 60 computers and ran anti-spyware software.


  • ADUC experience managing user profiles
  • Experience in managing Cisco networks and identifying problem areas, faulty or malfunctioning hardware.
  • Knowledge and ability in wiring Ethernet and analog blocks
  • Self directed continuous research on new and emerging computer technology.
  • Creating documentation for new processes and updating old documentation.
  • Explaining computer problems in terms a less tech-savvy person would understand.
  • Working in data center, installing and troubleshooting enterprise class hardware.

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