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Front Desk Support Resume

Dahlgren, VA


  • To acquire a position that will enable me to maximize and in corporate my security experience and contracting experience to fulfill the organizations mission and objectives while continuing to grow professionally.


Confidential, Dahlgren, VA

Front Desk Support

  • Provide front desk support, access control and escort support for building 1452, by providing entrance for un - cleared personnel or visitors to secured areas
  • Contacting Base Security to notify we are opening/closing for the day
  • Prepare visitor log daily of incoming visitors to include making sure visitor has the appropriate identification
  • Greet visiting personnel and acquiring visitor log-in signatures for badge issuance and control
  • Contacting visitor’s point of contact, controlling of prohibited items from entering classified area(s) by the visitor(s)
  • Scanning of all incoming media for viruses
  • Conduct random bag inspections on personnel entering and leaving the building
  • Use badge accountability database to identify and locate personnel who have not returned badges before close of business and any other situations that may arise
  • Prompt alarm monitoring and assessment of alarm systems,
  • Assess alarm priority and cause and then acknowledge the alarm by taking corrective action to mitigate the alarm condition
  • Schedule vehicles for personnel to attend meetings on and off base
  • Sort and distribute unclassified mail upon receipt form mail courier
  • Notify FEDEX of a delivery for pick up
  • Verify security clearance of visitors attending meeting by calling Security Office within building
  • Answer incoming phone calls
  • Monitor security camera for building

Confidential, Dahlgren, VA

Procurement Specialist

  • Review procurement documents for consistency with policy and guidelines outlined in the FAR and DFAR
  • Conduct market research to obtain fair and reasonable prices using a variety of internet tools
  • Award purchase orders in a timely manner ensuring accuracy
  • Prepare synopsis, amendments/ modifications and award to purchase orders
  • Review to ensure SAP package is complete with pertinent documentation (i.e., SSJ, IT Waiver, SOW, Specifications,
  • Quotes), and advise when documents are missing or incomplete
  • Familiar with various contract types (i.e., Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Cost Price Firm Fixed (CPFF))
  • Apply my knowledge of using previous price history, price lists and market research to assure price reasonableness
  • Conduct Request For Quotes (RFQ) on GSA and SEWP to acquire competition
  • Proficient in use of the Standard Procurement System (SPS) used in writing all contractual awards
  • Coordinate with various departments to obtain Procurement Requisitions (PRs) for procuring materials and services
  • Identify / solve any issues that may arise between TPOC/contract office/vendor
  • Work closely with Contracting Officers when working complex contract requirements
  • Research /familiarize the types of funding used for procurements; understand
  • Receive and evaluate quotes from suppliers based on price and technical criteria for compliance to the request
  • Maintain proper files for audit purposes
  • Awarded numbers Calls under the Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Electronic Components

Confidential, Dahlgren, VA

Technical Information Specialist

  • Task leader for the Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) Library
  • Maintained databases for both Secret and Top Secret information
  • Conducted yearly inventory with Top Secret Control Officer
  • Ensured Top Secret documentation was properly controlled
  • Coordinated the receiving and destroying of Top Secret material
  • Examined all Top Secret documents and media by security bar code
  • Coordinated the distribution of Top Secret message traffic to customers
  • Prepared monthly reports for the Security Manager
  • Expedited tracers to the Fleets when receipts were 30 days overdue
  • Performed unclassified security audits
  • Maintained and Streamlined security records for top secret material
  • Prepared Top Secret, Secret and Confidential material for destruction
  • Tasked to oversee the sending of shipments to the National Security Agency (NSA)

Confidential, Dahlgren, VA

Security Assistant

  • Performed indoctrination of all new hires
  • Submitted the Single Scope Background Investigations (SSBI) packages to OPM
  • Conducted weekly status checks on employees pending clearances
  • Maintained contact with the Department of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility (DONCAF)
  • Prepared identification cards, courier cards, courier letters, and visit requests
  • Briefed employees on policies and procedures for accessing secret and top secret material
  • Established and maintained an accurate and efficient filing system
  • Maintained clearance database for all incoming visitor clearances
  • Assisted with incoming calls in reference to security related matters

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