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Technical Support Analyst Resume


To obtain a technical position that will allow me to leverage my work experience and for the benefit of my employer with the opportunity to grow.


Proven track record as a hard working, dependable employee. Flexible in the types assignments I am willing to assume. I have learned to handle job assignments with a minimum of supervision.


Proficient in Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and Microsoft Office 365 including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Lotus Notes/ Confidential Notes version 9.0. Working knowledge of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 2016 Server and MS - DOS with the basic commands, Clientele version 7.0,7.3 and 8.5, Genesys Pure Cloud, Skype, Softdent Clinical Management Software for all versions, ExactDental, WinOMS, Orthotrac and Confidential . Knowledge with Electronic claims and statement submissions under HIPAA format, Electronic Forms, Electronic Reminders and Electronic Prescriptions. Microsoft SQL primarily in attaching d Confidential bases and rebuilding logins. Proficient in Ipad Support and Softdent Cloud. Working knowledge with dial-up, DSL and Broadband modems and basic networking. Proficient in printers and Integrated Credit Card Processing Systems. Experience with Bomgar Remote Access Software.



Technical Support Analyst


  • Handled all aspects of Customer Service to Dental offices for supporting Electronic Insurance claims, billing statements, Confidential t online eligibility, integrated credit card processing, Eforms and E Reminders.
  • Trained Integrated Credit Card Processing in various dental softwares to the department.
  • Wrote documentation with the various services in the Electronic Services Department.
  • Coordinated Software Maintenance Requests between the Electronic Services Department and the Programming Department.
  • Trained new employees by assisting them with clients on the phone and software .
  • Assisted Clients in general troubleshooting and problem solving by using written and oral communication.
  • Reported all hardware and software issues to Programmers and Supervisors using written and oral communication.
  • Conducted research for various modems, printers and general software issues.
  • Recorded all issues in both in - house and clearinghouse operations in Excel 2000 formats.
  • Beta tested transmissions through Internet and Credit Card transactions through various dental software.
  • Beta tested Electronic Remittance Advice.
  • Compiled Knowledge Base articles in Word format to assist end users and internally in the Department.
  • Documented Electronic Services Department meetings once a month.
  • Assist R1 Technicians for resolving solutions. ed recognition for beta testing Electronic Insurance Company Payers and outstanding customer service.


Technical Support Representative


  • Handled all aspects of customer service to dental offices and assisted clients in implementing the Softdent Clinical Management System.
  • Assisted clients in troubleshooting and solving problems with the software by using written and oral communications.
  • Conducted research for solving specific software issues.

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