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Geospatial Analyst Resume


  • Auto CAD 8
  • Mac OSX
  • Arc SDE
  • Auto CAD LT 2002
  • UNIX
  • Arc Info
  • MS Access
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Arc Editor
  • MS Excel
  • Google Sketch up
  • Arc GIS 8.x, 9.x, 10.x
  • MS Word and Word Perfect
  • Google Earth
  • Arc Pad
  • MS FrontPage
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Arc Scene
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microstation, Z/I Stereoscopic
  • Acuglobe
  • Socet Set


Geospatial Analyst

Confidential, LA


  • Extract and apply source to feature data using high resolution satellite imagery and LIDAR.
  • Create digital elevation models using Socet Set terrain editing tools.
  • Create 3D models of transportation networks and urban features applying photo interpretation skills to extract and classify infrastructure features and uses.
  • Trained new employees with NGA guidance procedures, Arc Tools, Socet Set, and GAIT.
  • Write SQL statements for Quality Control definition queries.

Engineering Aide

Confidential, Troy, Ohio


  • Collected and attributed RTK and VRS point location survey data for sanitation and storm water pipelines, water meters, utility poles, water testing stations, curb shut off valves, fire hydrants, catch basins and traffic signs.
  • Utilized engineering grade survey equipment and Arc Pad and COGO.
  • Digitized plans of commercially zoned properties, georeferenced and created an impervious surface database based on surface types, materials and permeability rates.
  • Established surface area taxation basis for each business within the city.
  • Researched materials and costs for Confidential seating and Confidential benches multi - million dollar project.
  • Overlaid measurements into a computer drafted plan using Auto Cad 8.
  • Correlated and analyzed patterns causal factors of automobile crashes including blind intersections, speed, road types and conditions.

Planning Intern

Confidential, Beavercreek City, Ohio


  • Worked on multiple projects including but not limited to the following:
  • Compiled, projected and edited noise, census tract, land use, and aircraft flight track data into a map showing noise impacted regions and population affected.
  • Utilized Arc View’s Spatial Analysis and data interpolation tools.
  • Located sources, compiled, projected, and edited data.
  • Used Arc Editor’s TIN to create 3D model of flood hazard areas.
  • Analyzed data and determined estimated property loss for 100 year and 500 year floods.

Field Technician

Confidential, Ohio


  • Collected survey data and designed geospatial databases of the county storm water and sanitation utilities.
  • Responsible all aspects of locating, verifying and obtaining spatial data from the field.

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