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Knowledge Management Specialist And Lead Trainer Resume

Rockville, MD


Confidential, Rockville, MD

Knowledge Management Specialist and Lead Trainer


  • Create and maintain content applicable to an electronic web - based system to support loan program management
  • Work with business partners to understand requirements and build solutions to meet those needs.
  • Create courses and technical based manuals to teach and demo new and seasoned users the functionality of the Confidential Application.
  • Gather, edit, and document content as well as translate raw data to well defined and comprehensive content.
  • Ensure existing content remains up-to-date, relevant, and accurate.
  • Ensure timely submission of documents and course materials.
  • Performed user acceptance testing (UAT) of the application for updates to the system.
  • Bi-weekly.
  • Design demo’s and courses for over 5,000 internal and external users in a classroom setting or adobe connect sessions.
  • Create off Cycle training request and be available for desk side training for all users.
  • Create Go -Animate videos for external users applying for grants that cannot attend in class courses on the Confidential campus.
  • Conduct roundtable meetings for good working relationships and communications. In corporate roundtable discussions for feedback in a time manner and send out weekly reports to all attendees.
  • Regulate reviews and refine procedures and policies ensuring that they are user friendly.
  • Use JIRA for agile projects.
  • Mentor and teach new employees how to teach Confidential staff as a quality assurance specialist .

Confidential, Silver Spring, MD

Business Management Analyst


  • Analyzes and defined user problems within a Project Management application and coordinate with users to identify problems for the purpose of creating reliable technology solutions that increase employee productivity remotely using Lync or RD web access and making tickets using Service Now application.
  • Prepare a variety of comprehensive status reports, management summaries, and briefing papers which identify problems, assess the overall condition of work completed or in progress and outlines issues, solutions and recommendations.
  • Assisting Project Managers, in planning and executing tasks; this includes include day-to-day management and oversight of multiple, concurrent projects; collaborating with stakeholders; assisting contracting officer representatives; and reviewing and approving contract deliverables.
  • Troubleshoots and diagnoses system failures to isolate source of problems. Performs testing, troubleshoots, corrects problems, and distributes workload relative to interface and interoperability of system components such as hardware, systems software, and applications programs.
  • Provides customer technical assistance and support for all users. Provides ongoing technical support to customers to ensure proper functional use of equipment and programs and to preclude undue interruptions to IT and communications services. Works with customers to ensure efficient operations which support each unit’s requirements. Assists in solving problems associated with delivery of hardware and software orders.
  • Assists the database administrator for the purpose of maintaining database operation at peak performance, to protect federal information, and to maintain integrity of data.
  • Learns a variety of new software and enhancements and maintains current knowledge of trends, developments, and products in the software field for the purpose of providing technical support to users, developing applications, and informing department staff and management of trends to assist in decision-making on software development.
  • Coordinates projects within the Work front application, related to programs and collaborate with the users of different offices for the purpose of ensuring required integration and achievement of objectives.
  • Analyzing and implementing recommendations to management officials for streamlining and improving procedures related to procurement and contract administration
  • Facilitates project communications with management, developers, and users for the purpose of having a common understanding of project results
  • Provides a variety of guidance, direction, and training to less-experienced staff as needed, including providing technical advice to non-technical staff at a level consistent with user’s expertise for the purpose of providing support to other staff and to ensure completion of projects within established guidelines.

Confidential, Largo, MD

Application Support specialist


  • Was promoted within my first 9 months from Tier II to Tier III by assisting insurance companies with providing their insurance plans on the HealthCare.gov website with excellent and affiant productivity rates.
  • Serves as a source of information and advice on Confidential programmatic issues that require assessment and/or analysis.
  • Fix maintenance issues for hundreds of large and small insurance companies by using a Remedy ticketing system to ensure that every client is visible to the customer and accounted for in our system.
  • Encrypting using sharepoint to ensure issuers with the utmost protection of their customers information.
  • Achieve high productivity, managing thousands of tickets and proving the best customer service to enhance the quality and ease of use of HealthCare.gov.
  • Technical Authority on decisions impacting acquisition and contracts, policy matters, mission objectives
  • Fix web link issues and grammatical errors to ensure functionality and clarity of the healthcare exchange website
  • Ensure the correct information is displayed for each company to the customer seeking comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Confidential, Washington, DC

IT Support Technician


  • Performed Technology support for over 600 users teacher and student by using a Remedy ticketing system
  • Achieved the highest levels of productivity, handling over 100 to 150 calls and tickets per week and averaging 30+ calls daily.
  • Serving as authority on contracting and procurement issues and policies for the Center, collaborates with program offices to provide assistance and advice in the development of complex acquisition plans.
  • Provides on-going optimization and problem solving support; continually surveys system operation to identify potential systems problems which could lead to loss or serious interruption of service.
  • Installs, and continuously analyzes system design, hardware and software. Develops, recommends, and installs solutions and upgrades to ensure availability, integrity, efficiency, and reliability of all components of the assigned system.
  • Optimized systems performance. Respond to system hardware/software error messages, storage and hardware configuration problems and reimaging over 300 to 400 laptop and computers using Acronis true image.
  • Earned solid reputation for resolving complex issues and providing exceptional customer service in a timely fashion.
  • Assisted users with policies and procedures for setting up conference calls, new accounts, web/network presentations and voice mail.
  • Optimizes the functionality and performance of hardware and software systems and ensures availability, integrity, efficiency, and reliability of system/functional resources while managing the communications focal point coordination and workload distribution duties.
  • Maintenance activities and network outages
  • A Clear understanding of the OSI Model is required. Candidate needs a basic understanding of network devices such as servers, routers, switches, associated software tools, and cabling in a large LAN/MAN/BAN/WAN environment.

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