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Contract Rpg Developer Resume

Culver City, CA


More than twenty years of solid AS/400 RPG development experience engaging in full life cycle applications design and development, support and maintenance of AS/400 legacy systems, deployment and customization of software packages (e.g. JDE, Lawson), EDI implementation, and user training.

Has high degree of technical and functional expertise in the JDE World software packages, Lawson Insights, dcLINK, BPCS, MAPICS, MACPAC, Sabre CRS, and aMadeus GDS.

Has solid business background in Manufacturing, Inventory and Distribution, Warehousing, Procurement, Logistics, Retail systems, POS, Order Fulfillment, Financials, HR/Risk Mgt, Payroll, Banking, and EDI.


ILE RPG, RPG IV, RPG III, CLP, Subfiles, Embedded SQL, DB2 Referential Integrity and Triggers, SQL Stored Procedures, .NET Framework, C#, PHP, HTML, XML

IBM i (i5/OS), Windows 7/XP/NT, MAC OS X Mavericks

DB2/400, SQL Server 2003, SQL/400, Query/400, WDSC (WebSphere), Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, SEU, SDA, RLU, DBU, FTP, JDE CASE Tool, Client Access/400, ShowCase, Citrix/XenApp, ROBOT, ALDON CMS, PowerLock, BSafe (Security Support), TURNOVER, HAWKEYE, ABSTRACT, Polaris Service Center, ServiceNow, REMEDY, HEAT, GENTRAN

JDE World A8.1/A7.3, Lawson Insights II, BPCS, MAPICS, MACPAC, DSI dcLINK, Sabre CRS, aMadeus GDS


Confidential, Culver City, CA

Contract RPG Developer


  • Provide Level 2/3 tech support for the client’s JDE A7.3 ERP system.
  • Perform root cause analysis on problem tickets generated from reported issues.
  • Write and implement RPG code changes to address production issues.

Confidential - Oshkosh, WI

Senior Systems Analyst


  • Design, implement, and maintain information systems that meet business requirements.
  • Perform business and systems process analysis, interact with business users to learn and document requirements.
  • Write functional and technical specifications for various development projects.
  • Code, test, and implement RPG programs.
  • Provide day-to-day support for the company’s production JDE A8.1 ERP system.
  • Developed an interface to import Oracle based EVM (Earn Value Management) data into the JDE Job Costing application. JDE Job master records and cost schedules are automatically generated.
  • Developed an application interface to convey accurate torqueing information from Design Engineering to Manufacturing. Torque values information is consumed on the Shop Floor via a web application interface.
  • Developed ERP-side business-logic-execution programs used by various SOA data services to expose ERP data over HTTP.

Confidential, Temple, Texas

Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Main technical resource for major development projects on the AS/400; deployment and support of special projects.
  • Technical support for the McLane Foodservice JDE World A7.3 software package and dcLINK application.
  • Successfully implemented a project that switched the company’s Transportation Management System (TMS) from Arzoon (SSA Global) to the Lean Logistics On-Demand TMS™.
  • Enhanced the JDE-to-DSI (dcLINK) download process to include product quality assurance information. Enhanced DSI-to-JDE data capture to provide detailed audit trails on various RF transaction files.

Confidential, Denton, Texas

Senior Analyst/Programmer


  • Developed an automated process that electronically sends HIPAA-compliant medical and vision eligibility and maintenance updates to the health insurance company.
  • Developed an interface that extracts Puerto Rico employee W2 data from Lawson and load into a tax compliance application package.
  • Applied periodic Lawson Insights application patches including cyclic updates for the BSI tax compliance software.
  • Re-wrote and streamlined a shipping application to address requirements specific to salon equipment orders. Used ZPL II for all barcode implementation.
  • Enhanced an invoicing application for international orders to enable sending (via e-mail) of AS/400-generated commercial invoices to customs brokers.
  • Converted a homegrown freight rating system to the industry standard CZARLITE™.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Consultant - Sr. AS/400 Developer, Software Engineer


  • Developed a dashboard application written in RPG that provides purchase planning capability and freight forwarder cost management for inbound shipments from international suppliers. Interfaced with BPCS, JDE OneWorld AP and EDI applications.
  • Developed an EDI module used in an online ordering application to automatically load customer purchase orders into the BPCS Sales Order Mgt system.

Confidential, New York, New York

Contract Analyst/Programmer


  • Wrote miscellaneous programs in ILE RPG that converted interface data for promotional items required in the new POS system.
  • Wrote RPG programs to perform reclassification of promotional items.

Confidential, Miami, Florida

Contract Analyst/Programmer


  • Modified, tested, and implemented ILE RPG programs to convert an air (flights) reservation application from Sabre GDS to the aMadeus reservation system.
  • Designed, wrote, tested, and implemented an automated interface that detects internal flight changes and propagate flight updates to the aMadeus database.
  • Provided support and maintenance of the Automated Air Management System’s (AAMS) Flights application. Modules supported include the Schedule Change, Flights Information (Flifo), Internal Flight Changes, and Air Deviation modules.

Confidential, Miami, Florida

Contract Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Wrote functional and technical specifications for the aMadeus project.
  • Wrote, tested, and implemented critical system components of the aMadeus project.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented a vendor-initiated PNR database synch-up functionality that synchronizes vendor and aMadeus reservation databases.
  • Project lead in the LeisureShopper Y2K remediation project.

Confidential, Canton, Ohio

Contract Programmer/Analyst


  • Converted the company’s JDE Financial and HR/Payroll applications. Modified over 20 application interfaces written in RPG III to conform to JDE A7.3 specifications
  • Provided support and maintenance for a homegrown EDI system. Responsible for setting-up EDI trading partners and developing/maintaining of application link programs.

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