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Training Instructor Resume

Richmond, VirginiA


Extensive management expertise with the Confidential, managing personnel and equipment, and working with multiple organizations/stakeholders to meet national goals. Twenty - three years experience as a non-commissioned officer in organizational supply, operations, counseling, mentoring, training, and evaluating enlisted soldiers. Specialized experience includes more than fifteen years of experience as an inspector of unit supply rooms and eight years of experience as training instructor for the US Confidential . Posses’ extensive experience with training the Confidential - Confidential processes to soldiers, government employees and contractors. Successfully demonstrated the ability to effectively assist with the tier 1.5 help desk on help desk tickets with issues they were having with the system.


Continuous Process Improvement. Quality Assurance. Logistics Coordination. Schedule Coordination. Training and Development. Materials Purchasing. Shipping and Receiving. Preventative Maintenance. Production Oversight. Logistics Management. Team Leadership



Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • Conduct site preparation activities, classroom set-up and tear-down, classroom instruction/facilitation, assisting converting units with data validation checks and post go - live activities.
  • I travel worldwide, interacting effectively with Confidential Soldiers, leaders, civilians, and contractors in a workplace setting, learn program- specific software application and tools, and assist with sustainment of Confidential - Confidential software functionality and fielding-activity experiences.
  • Instructing SAP/ERP systems.
  • With a passion for teaching and traveling to new places, in the absence of the Master Trainer or the New Instructor Trainer I have assisted with the training documentation in the Richmond Hub Unit Supply section and ensured that all are prepared to facilitate training.
  • When asked I assisted with the virtual over the shoulder support to online customers that were having system issues with Confidential - Confidential .

Helpdesk Tier II Analyst

Confidential, Fort Lee, Virginia


  • Responded to customer queries and provided guidance and solutions as needed.
  • Conducted research utilizing historical database records and updated the records to document solutions.
  • Coordinated with technicians as needed to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Documented and implemented end-to-end integrated Help Desk system solutions consistent with best industry practices.
  • Alerted management to recurring problems and patterns of potential issues.

Training Instructor

Confidential, VA


  • Responsible for the training of Advanced Individual Training soldiers on tactics, techniques and practices to improve their marksmanship skills.
  • Responsible for training soldiers using the Confidential ’s latest versions of marksmanship training simulators to include the Laser Convoy Counter Ambush Training System (LTMS) and the Engagement Skills Trainer 2000.
  • Trained soldiers and their instructors on specific M16, M4, and M9 tasks of grouping, zeroing, and qualification and reflexive fire techniques.
  • During this assignment trained and qualified hundreds of soldiers stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia.

Training Instructor

Confidential, Ft. Lee, VA


  • Instructed students attending Advanced Individual Training Course at the Confidential .
  • Instructed students in both classroom and field environments.
  • Responsible for maintaining programs of instruction in accordance with current Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) policies and procedures. Instructed students on disassembly/assembly of multiple types of small arms weapons.
  • Continuously updated programs of instructions to ensure the most current information was presented.
  • Taught soldiers how to perform preventive maintenance checks and services, troubleshooting, document review/preparation, parts procurement and replacement procedures as well as proper lubrication schedules. Maintained training records and conducted performance and professional counseling for students.
  • Instructed students on the proper procedures for maintaining key control and physical security of weapons storage facilities.

Confidential, Ft. Lee, Virginia

Training Instructor


  • Supported the analysis, design, development, implementation, and validation of comprehensive curriculum to support training of various processes to users according to standard LMR training development procedures.
  • Products included paper-based, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) or Distributed Training Vehicles (DTVs) as required.
  • Analyzed customer requirements to create training products.
  • Worked with both customers and subject matter experts to develop materials required for support of end user training in a classroom environment.




  • Authored course material and performed classroom instruction for the Confidential .
  • Responsible for training 30-36 soldiers (Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard) per class on supply operations and procedures.
  • Reviewed and edited technical material relating to supply operations.
  • Served as subject matter expert (SME) in supply operations and taught the use of the appropriate regulations, field manuals, and technical manuals.
  • Tested students to measure their learning progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the training presentations.
  • Developed complex training modules. Provided guidance and direction to less experienced trainers to strengthen their expertise and training skills.
  • Responsible for training soldiers by building on and affirming their strengths, and shoring up their weaknesses. Instructed coached, mentored, and assisted soldiers in meeting standards through performance counseling and phased goal setting.
  • Promoted and instilled the professional pride, dignity, military bearing associated with being a soldier in the United States Confidential .
  • The course included modules for of military history, tradition, sexual harassment, risk management, suicide prevention, coping skills, ethical decision making, Confidential values, automation training, lesson plan construction, test preparation, after action reviews, and effective writing.

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