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Team Lead Resume

Marietta, GA


To provide excellent helpdesk customer support for the federal government health care information technology systems.


  • MS Access C++ Project Planning Leadership
  • Visual Basic Clipper Quality Control Project Management
  • MS FrontPage Strong Technical Bkgd Problem Solving Maintenance Planning
  • JCL COBOL Unix/ Shell Scripting Decision Making
  • FTP Customer Service Process Improvement SAS
  • Aremos 5.3 ETL MS PowerPoint DB II
  • Powerbuilder MS Excel HTML MS - DOS
  • Team Work Report Writing SQL Help Desk


Confidential, Marietta, GA

Team Lead


  • Performed inspection of merchandise for damage, to include reporting and documenting damaged merchandise to management.
  • Verifies correct inventory, plate order, and serial number against the appropriate paperwork.
  • Verifies all orders have correct overlays, QRG, authorization stickers, letters, kitting material and maintains customer’s equipment, pre - kits, and supply material for their respective inventories.
  • Ensured the correct accessories are packaged with all equipment. Verifies test receipts on all equipment transactions.
  • Reviewed and learned all IMS Customer specific requirements, processes required paperwork for all outbound orders.

Computer Support Technician

Confidential, West Kingston, RI


  • Supported and maintain all data related to an uninterruptible power source or a battery backup which is a device that maintains a continuous supply of electric power by supplying power from a separate source when utility power is not available.
  • I recorded the final readings in an Excel spreadsheet for each Power module, battery modules, and MIM and RIM readings, and all serial numbers related to the Confidential itself, such as Confidential ;. AC and DC voltage and amperages along with room temperatures were important in this process, otherwise the customer could possibly lose important data.

SQL/Sybase Data Cleansing Support Analyst

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Supported BellSouth/ Confidential on its mission to resolve database/SQL issue within its DBA department.
  • Added, changed, and deleted Sybase record email utilizing script to update in the range of 80 to 100+ records per day based on customer’s request.
  • Utilized DBArtisan on a Unix/OS platform tools to accomplish data cleansing tasks as well as support other user administration and data administration functions as needed.
  • Market Research Analyst/Data Analyst/Applications Maintenance Programmer

Confidential, Atlanta, Ga



  • Transferred 60 years of energy sales data from Aremos 5.3 databanks and moved data from Aremos 5.3 and imported data into MS Excel and imported same data into MS Access for ease of use and for querying and GUI interfacing capabilities.
  • Utilized Crystal reporting tools and created MS Excel and MS Access solutions that loaded MS Access with data from MS Excel and generated reports for Forecasting Department.
  • Sourced from several disparate data sources including mainframe and legacy Aremos database financial data systems, data storage and statistical package utilized for reporting to Public Service Commission.
  • Development from scratch eleven screen GUI interface project, production support and enhancement of GUI interface screens using VB-6 and VBA.
  • Writing SQL queries to retrieve data from Sybase; SQL queries optimization and tuning; design, development and coding of reports MS Access 97, VBA; documentation and knowledge transfer.
  • Prepared budget analysis reports for Alabama Power, Georgia Power and Mississippi Power Companies utilizing MS Excel and Access.
  • Developed a series of diagnostic graphs and charts in MS Excel that is automatically linked to the results shown in the system spreadsheet.
  • Assisted in the coordinating and enhancing Economic data by updating monthly historical energy banks that will assist in the production of Budget 2002 Long-term 25-Year Load & Budget 2002 Energy Forecast.
  • Maintenance of these projects assisted in the production of the Budget 2002 economic, energy, customer, and demand long-term forecasts for each respective OPCO—APC, GPC, MPC. Web Page Administrator and Publisher for Confidential ’ Market Forecasting group Intranet web site using MS FrontPage 2000.
  • Assisted with the economical and demographical forecast using Economy.Com (RFA) data to produce the segment/ class used by EPRI Modeling tools.
  • Provided support and forecasted residential, commercial, and industrial sales data inputs to update B2002 Forecast for Confidential Company’s and its subsidiaries.
  • Maintained, updated, and proofed Monthly historical energy Banks in Aremos 5.3.
  • Updated & proofed monthly historical energy banks.
  • Established and distributed an electronic catalog of these databases, what each database contains, and directions on how to access the data contained in each.
  • Implement changes to these databases that will make them user-friendlier or better suited to the current needs of the group.

Data Analyst/Applications Maintenance Programmer



  • Responsible for hardware and software maintenance and resolving customer issues.
  • Performed helpdesk support on Unix and PVWave.
  • Resolve problems with applications and batch report files.
  • Installed software and troubleshooted hardware issues.

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