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Customer Service Specialist, Internet Sales Resume



Confidential, Florida

Customer Service Specialist, Internet Sales


  • Duties as a Customer Services Specialist is to review incoming orders placed via the internet to our store, pick all items in the order, stage the orders and notify customer that the order is ready for pickup. When customers come in to pickup their orders, pick the order from the staging area and check out the customer.
  • Duties also include helping departments like Hardware (answering questions for customers, helping them find items), Inside Lawn & Gardens (assist in selling items, power equipment, etc.)


Disaster Inspector


  • In the wake of a disaster, a lot of people need a lot of help, and they need it quickly.
  • Many are entirely homeless while some have homes in serious disrepair. Imagine the scores of families whose homes have been demolished or rendered uninhabitable by hurricanes and tornadoes just within the past 10 years.
  • Confidential inspectors might not be busy every day, but when they are busy, it’s nonstop.
  • Confidential inspectors spend about 15 to 30 minutes at each house, which is much less time than what’s spent at an ordinary home inspection.
  • The goal is to evaluate as many homes as fast as possible so that Confidential may move in and get federal assistance flowing without unnecessary delay.
  • The work that a Confidential inspector does helps homeowners in distress move past hurdles to get the help that they need.

Confidential, Florida

Wine & Spirits Consultant


  • Improved store order entry by 5% month over month.
  • Improved store sales by 12% month over month.

Confidential, St Petersburg, Florida

IT Manager


  • Delivered comprehensive management for multiple departments inside the Enterprise Integrations Services Group.
  • Spearheaded rollouts for complex new content management systems while adhering to resource requirements of existing system.
  • Organized establishment of key processes to track budget, resource, and system usage and allocation.
  • Integrated sophisticated content management system that supplanted legacy systems that had been in service for 10 years.
  • Implemented and managed over 600 Service - Oriented Architecture (SOA) services which included interfacing with US and Canadian government information systems.
  • Managed all aspects of Financial Budgeting, Forecasting and Risk Management for all projects related to my area.
  • Reduced internal audit time by 60% by designing and implementing processes and documentation.
  • Propelled 30% reduction in estimating time and 50% reduction in budget tracking time by creating project estimating system.

Confidential, Cupertino, California

Co-Director Project Management Services


  • Managed all aspects of project management solutions including establishment of key methods, organization practices. and methodologies.
  • Directed large team of professionals from various technical disciplines.
  • Directed the Application Architecture, Internet and Network Solutions, and Integration Practice divisions which included resource and staff management.
  • Effected in corporation of project management program to establish standards, guidelines, and common practices for successful project completion.
  • Created project methodology for Compaq Professional Services Organization western region.
  • Managed 65 developers and project managers in the Western Region for Compaq Professional Services Group.

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