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Infrastructure/desktop Support Admin Resume

Linthicum, MD


  • Confidential possesses over seven (14+) years of IT experience that involves heavy emphasis on Sys Admin support, Remedy call tracking, hardware support, and Microsoft Office support.
  • He has very strong experience providing and support for upper management and end users regarding MS Office products, VPN connectivity, and mainframe issues.
  • He is responsible for working within a small team and under minimal supervision to keep hundreds of end users and VP staff functioning up and down the Eastern Seaboard.


  • Help Desk Support 13 9.0
  • end - users 11 9.0
  • Microsoft Office Support 12 8.0
  • Hardware Support 12 9.0
  • Remedy Call Tracking 12 9.0
  • Active Directory 12 9.0


  • Veterans Administration/OIG Secure Audit Laptop Build
  • Network Admin /support (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, routers, switches)
  • WAN and LAN connectivity, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points
  • CISCO Server/Switch Patching/Configuration
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
  • VSphere/VMware Configuration and use
  • Build and configure workstations and laptops via SCCM
  • HEAT and Open View/CAPR’s Ticketing System
  • Active Directory Domain Services
  • Federal Government Iron Key Configuration
  • Bit Locker/McAfee Encryption Configuration
  • CITRIX Environment
  • Blackberry/IPhone/Android/Air Watch Configuration /Maintenance
  • Confidential Government Mainframe
  • Win 7/Win 10 Enterprise Environment
  • Microsoft Exchange/Outlook client/server applications
  • Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0
  • SWITCH/ROUTER Configuration and Maintenance
  • HSPD (Homeland Security Mainframe)
  • Installing/Maintaining Network Peripherals/VPN Connections


Confidential, Linthicum, MD

Infrastructure/Desktop Support Admin


  • Maintain hardware, software, networks, data center, and related equipment used to develop, test, operate, monitor, manage and support IT services in the Linthicum Office and Eastern Seaboard
  • Daily assistance of software issues for users in local/remote offices and HQ in India
  • Support Secured laptops, tablets, smart phones and VMware Workstation applications
  • Sole point of contact for the east coast offices/remote users for Hardware/Software production problems / inquires.
  • Windows Desktop and Server configuration, Active Directory user account creation/termination and transferring to different OU’s
  • Supporting local/international users with application installations and troubleshooting with VMware/VSphere
  • Support local/remote users on our Horizon project with VDI issues such as email configuration, application problems and compliance issues service requests, incidents, and problems reported by the user community and other IT departments
  • Research, test, hardware and software for up to date service support
  • Assist with local upgrades of HP Blade Servers, storage, and software
  • Installing apps via SCCM for patch management and operating system deployment
  • Audit, troubleshoot, and deploy drive encryption for company compliance
  • Train and guide staff on hardware and software usage/changes
  • Maintain passwords, data integrity/user backups via Druva console
  • Assist in technical upgrading and maintaining life cycles and inventory of Servers/Desktop/Software systems in Linthicum Office.
  • Loading software packages such as networking components, operating systems and proprietary office applications.

Confidential, Timonium, MD

Help Desk


  • Offering Level 2/3 support for incoming printer or laptop issue via dedicated second level queue mailbox and responding to calls from customers referencing a hardware/software issue.
  • Building and submitting Veterans Administration Secure Audit Laptops for OIG (Office of Inspector General)
  • Use of SCCM to create and distribute software packages to install proprietary and off the shelf software
  • Install specific user applications and data also setups for new hires/terms /transfers
  • Daily testing and system/application upgrades for OIG review
  • Monitor Government/ Non-Government laptops for viral intrusions
  • Provides basic planning and design of key enterprise Systems.
  • Configuring upgraded laptops/handheld devices for disbursement for Partners and staff across USA
  • Installation of various Financial Applications at home and remote office sites
  • Building contractor laptops for outside financial agencies
  • Keeping and maintenance of Infrastructure Enterprise Systems (including Cisco routers, switches, wireless networking, VPNs, firewalls and network security) in a high-availability environment
  • Provide daily Imaging of PCs, maintenance of VIOP phone systems, network configurations and mobile devices and local and nationwide network peripherals.
  • Analyzes end user system architecture, and develops and execute methods to test and integrate end user systems with the standard infrastructure technologies.
  • Provides project and technical leadership to integrate information systems with various business units Charged with implementing leading edge end user systems

Confidential, Woodlawn, MD

Help Desk


  • Providing help desk support to end user throughout United States and International Confidential offices.
  • Build and configure workstations and laptops with HSPD SCCM for Homeland Security specific devices slated for Foreign Service posts and Embassy locations around the world.
  • Reset Active Directory LAN passwords as well as troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve Blackberry issues
  • Troubleshoot, diagnosed, and set up repairs for HP, Lexmark, Dell monochrome and color printers; configured equipment to function properly
  • Troubleshot LAN connectivity issues, network outages, printers, blackberries, Windows XP/Vista/WIN 7 issue
  • f new employees when the join the company (Subject Matter Expert)

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

System Instructional Coordinator


  • Delivery of instructional computer services to various youth, families and older adults and computer/mainframe maintenance and daily upkeep for staff of the community based organization.
  • Developed methodologies and practices to manage and plan system capacity based on projected growth
  • Established network environments and system configuration while directing system installation
  • Imaging workstations and home user devices via SCCM client.
  • Provided face-to-face mentoring for new hires as well as completing remote involving MS Office products, VPN connectivity, and mainframe for upper management.
  • Monitor and provide technical assistance to organizations and agencies delivering services specified under contract.
  • Effectively manage support resources by optimizing cost, quality and service levels for staff, participants and parents involved with programming.
  • Maintained environments by identifying system requirements; installing upgrades; and monitoring system performance.
  • Set up systems by planning and executing the selection, installation, configuration, and testing of PC and server hardware, software, LAN and WAN networks.

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