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Government Operations Consultant /employment Security Representative Resume


  • Performance Monitoring - Plays an active role in monitoring the overall performance and tuning the various database performance bottlenecks.
  • Database Administration - Performs detailed database administration across millions of records, including reporting and technical support of 24 regions across the state of Florida
  • Process Improvement - Authored a 50-page database dictionary to serve as a tool that aggregates frequently asked questions to simplify database troubleshooting and technical support
  • Performance Reporting - Develop daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports supporting measurement, management and service improvements aimed at helping Floridians find jobs through services and resources provided by Florida’s workforce system.
  • PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, DEFAULT, CHECK and UNIQUE constraints, and investigate cascading FOREIGN KEY constraints.
  • Determine appropriate single column and composite indexes strategies.
  • Create tables as heaps and tables with clustered indexes, also consider the design of a table and suggest an appropriate structure.
  • Read and interpret details of common elements from execution plans.
  • Design effective non-clustered indexes.
  • Design and implement views
  • Design and implement stored procedures.


Operating Systems: UNIX, Window XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Database Systems: SQL Server 2005, 2008, and 2012. Oracle, Microsoft Query AnalyzerProgramming C#, C++, Java, HTML, FoxPro, SQL.

Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Core FTP, Adobe Photoshop, Lotus Notes, Notepad, Dreamweaver.



Government Operations Consultant /Employment Security Representative


  • Develops and maintained SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 databases.
  • Creates and executes stored procedures to update tables of the federal programs and then create a backup of the tables.
  • Develops periodic federal, state, crystal and local reports for the agency and partners.
  • Reviews federal and state law and consults with staff and partners as appropriate to develop or redesign state and federal reporting procedures, forms, systems and manuals.
  • Works with programming staff to implement programming changes as required by federal or state mandates.
  • Identifies reporting issues and addresses problems related to timely production of federal and state reports.
  • Investigates, reviewed, and conducted analysis of data collection problems in conjunction with EFM and regional, state and federal performance.
  • Provides recommendations to management relative to correcting problem areas.
  • Performs ad-hoc applications, designs, data queries and reports.
  • Utilizes T-SQL to build reports to import into an Excel format of the job seekers of the different federal programs.
  • Provides and technical assistance to AWI staff, regions and other partners with regard to performance and reporting systems.

Environment: SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 , T-SQL, Production, Development, Backup/Recovery.

Security Representative



  • Processed initial unemployment compensation claims via telephone, mail and internet.
  • Determined issues, concerns and/or complaints, employers or other customers. Accessed and researched necessary records to either resolve those issues or refer to a specific or appropriate program specialist or supervisor.
  • Researched and explained the unemployment compensation program at the request of callers and direct them to the appropriate place to file a claim. Explained how to file via mail, fax or internet.


Systems Project Analyst


  • Established and maintained databases used for testing and production.
  • Established and maintained database dictionaries.
  • Wrote queries using Microsoft Query Analyzer.
  • Performed database maintenance.
  • Developed security and control procedures for databases including recovery and back-up procedures.
  • Developed and documented standards for use, control, updating and maintenance of databases.
  • Worked in coordination with programmers, programmer/analysts and other data processing personnel on procedures related to new or existing data files.

Environment: SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Query Analyzer, T-SQL.

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