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Field Service / Installer Resume

Glenwillow, OhiO


  • Over ten years of experience Electrical/Electronic fields successively performed the duties of several disciplines such as Controls, Engineering, Panel building, Electrician, Electronics technician, IT, Bench /component level repair to installation of large systems and from Low to High voltages.
  • These experiences coupled with in depth Electronic theory education from trade school, Confidential, College and numerous in depth specialty courses, have provided a well - rounded cache of expertise, with the ability to comprehend the marriage of today's cutting edge technologies with yesterday's.
  • I truly enjoy working with electricity and electronics. It’s more of a hobby than a job.
  • Strong troubleshooting skills.
  • Very competent electronic t heory, schematic reading and technical documentation.
  • Project management skills, Leadership qualities and a “Team Player” .
  • National Electrical Code; NFPA 70, 79 ; working knowledge of the electrical code.
  • Manufacturing Industrial Electronics; Troubleshooting, Upgrade, Install .
  • Motor Control Panel (MCP); AC/DC motors; Protection circuits, IDEC Smart Replays, Slow Start . motor control drives; Servo, VFD, Rexroth, Yaskawa, Emerson, Allen Bradley .
  • Voltage disruption: 110-220-480 VAC three phase : Wye, Delta, Phase switching or m otor reversing relays .
  • Conduit and bending; Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT), rigid (GRC),Liquid-tight Flexible Metal (LFMC), Rigid PVC
  • Cabling; Fiber Optics, Phone, Coax (RG), UTP, Fiber optics, Punch panels, Certifying.
  • Electro-mechanical: Robotics, PLC’s, DAC, Hydraulic, Pneumatics, Flow valves, Temperature sensors.
  • AGV/AGC Automatic Guided vehicles, maintenance, operation, and programming.
  • 2M Micro Miniature certified Level D, NASA Hand soldering Cert, Board repair, SMD, teaching.
  • RF Electronics, Wi-Fi Networking, RFID technologies, programming RF devices .
  • HF, VHF, UHF Amateur Radio Operator (HAM) Radio Repeater operations and setup, Antenna tuning.


Mainframes, Servers, PCs Laptops: repair, maintenance, DEC, VAX, IBM, Compaq, Dell, HP, and other manufacturers.

Operating systems and software: Open VMS, MS XP, Vista, 2000, Server 2003, MS Office, and others

Disk storage configuration: RAID, SAN, Storage works, Mag.-Tape drives.

Printers: Line (band and shuttle), Laser, Barcode, CTP (computer to plate)

PLC and Control Software: RS Logix, PLC AB 1768 CompactLogix, SLC 5,500, 5000, Device net, Control net

Robotics: ABB Models IRB 140, IRC 2400, ABB IRC5 programing, Setup and maintenance. .

Programming: ABB IRC5, PLC RS Logix, WindLGC IDEC Smart relays, Boolean, Python and C++..

Fire Alarm: National Time and Signal, Maintenance, installation, testing and certification


Confidential, Glenwillow, Ohio

Field service / Installer


  • Startup, troubleshooting, new and upgraded CNC machines, facilities maintenance of ALL onsite manufacturing equipment, HVAC, Large 10 Ton Overhead Cranes, High pressure water-jet cutter, Lift or Fork-Trucks, Trains, Facility automated Lighting and much more. Panel wiring, soldering and cable making.
  • Feedback devices;
  • Rebuilt Ingersoll Rand High pressure Water-jet; replaced PLC, programmed. CNC machines: With VMC Vertical Machining Centers TMB Traveling Bridge Machining Center, DHDM Deep Hole Drilling Machines, PMT Portable Moving Table Machines, LCMT, 5 Axis clay mill.


Electrician-Electronics Technician


  • nsite troubleshooting, repair, preventive maintenance
  • Calibrations, upgrades, whole system moves, installations and commissioning
  • Hands-on instruction to pressmen, maintenance and operators; Subjects such as operation, troubleshooting and print reading.
  • This Position required Extensive travel throughout the US, Canada and Europe, current passport Canadian work permit and. troubleshooting, programming and cabling; PLC’s, Input-output devices, DAC and ADC, Analog devices, ultrasonic, laser and optical sensor devices, configured to CAN Bus and PLC Inputs, Frequency Drives, Servos.
  • Computer MS windows interface, Backups, Hard drive upgrades to solid state and interfacing to press PLC’s, Loading firmware to Microprocessor control devices.
  • Large electric pumps that provide blast air and suction. Three phase 400 Vac (European supply voltage).


Electrical Project Engineer


  • Engineer, design and installation; as the integrator responsibilities were to coordinate with Confidential, vendors and Mechanical Engineers.
  • To develop the electrical disruption, controls, motors, cabinet and device layout design.
  • Power railing (mobile electrification system) for Skillet system; made the necessary hardware and software purchases and the field surveys, coordination for proper installation.
  • Coordinated with the external vendors and participated in various meetings, reviewed the design for the system with customers design team.
  • Prepared lists of all electrical equipment and circuits in the plant and distributed the power accordingly.


Service Engineer / Technical instructor


  • Maintenance, troubleshooting, Install:.
  • VSM/CSM - vehicle guidance, collision avoidance software.
  • Electronics, PM s and Schematic reading, Troubleshooting.


Electronic Technician


  • Siemens Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems ASRS, Siemens Automatic Guided Vehicles AGV, Siemens Roll Handling System, Burgess Conveyors and Benders and QuadTech Color control system, AGFA Computer to Plate Imagers (CTP): Maintained system integrity, database, problem solving of the data interface, system wide issues and electrical-electronic control subsystems.

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