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It Specialist Resume

Maitland, FL


  • Maintenance and support of CICS / VSAM online and batch “(CWF) Customer Work Files” Medicare application systems and customer databases to analyze Medicare diagnosis and payments; Supported HIPAA - 9 enhancements and CMS (Center for Medicaid / Medicare Systems) directives.
  • I have been in the I.T. field for over 20 years comprising of various assignments conducted in-house and through consulting.
  • Transitioned and supported applications in telecommunications and circuit routing, insurance, airline ticketing and tracking, Medicare, and retirement systems.
  • Development and support of CLIST online applications for dataset editing, regional user request inquires; LPAR data-center network routing of internal reader job submissions for batch and real-time transaction initiation and submissions; ISPF CLIST panels and allocations
  • Supported online and batch CICS / IMS / DB2 / VSAM applications and networks in MVS-XA EXCI / ZOS environments.
  • Support of execution and documentation of WSIM (Workload Simulation) scenarios in integration performance regions for application stability testing of VTAM, CICS, DB2, IMS, internet / server network applications.
  • Proficient with DB2 SQL, SPUFI, DB2 Utilities (LOAD, UNLOAD, IMAGE COPY, TABLE CREATE)
  • Maintain the testing and development regions’ software for our application testers and QA analysts, as well as assist and develop testing tools and tools for those individuals and groups.
  • Direct and support software migrations, using ENDEVOR, from initial development to implementation.
  • Also track all phases of software application and network development and testing using standard SDLC methodologies and VISIO charting.
  • Coordinated design and development teams, and presented resource allocations, costs, development and testing timelines, requirements and design documents, testing plans, and quality assurance.
  • Assist in RACF definitions for CICS environments and its components. I am knowledgeable with IMS and DB2 database design, creation, and maintenance from an applications’ developer viewpoint.
  • Proficient with batch EXCI applications and interfaces to CICS VSAM, IMS, and DB2.
  • Proficient with JCL, TSO/ISPF, SDSF, and Panvalet
  • Developed ADABAS / Natural online and bath applications, as well as designed and developed their application screen interfaces and field edit procedures.
  • Proficient in VTAM networks and with data mover transmissions (NDM: Direct Connect with CA7 triggers), as well as with internal reader submissions from foreground or background CICS applications.
  • Support user and performance testing and production cycle application’s support for our product areas.
  • Also train other team members on procedures, products, and techniques used in our software and network areas.
  • Interaction with the systems’ support personnel and vendors for network and software related performance issues, and the performance tuning of VSAM files and environments.
  • Project manager / technical lead of various departmental and joint application development (JAD), and network projects (SDLC)
  • Proficient with requirements gather and developing business process models using YOURDON flow diagrams, VISO, and technical writings / documentation
  • Familiar with JES II, Workload Manager, CA-7 Job Scheduling w/ conditional triggers for external applications


  • VTAM (20+)
  • MVS (25+)
  • MVS-XA, (14+)
  • COBOL (25+)
  • CICS (25+)
  • JCL (25+)
  • DB2 (15+)
  • VSAM (25+)
  • IMS (10)
  • SQL (15)
  • Microsoft Suites (WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT) (15)
  • Microsoft Project (8)
  • Microsoft VISIO (15)
  • Microsoft ACCESS (4)
  • C/A NDM (Network Data Mover) / Direct Connect
  • C/A UCC7 (job scheduler and triggers)
  • C/A UCC11 (restart / restore utilities)
  • IBM DB2 database load / unload / image copies / create database / utilities
  • ENDEAVOR Migration Management tools (individual items and packages)
  • TSO / ISPF
  • Panvalet
  • Workload Manager


IT Specialist

Confidential, Maitland, Fl


  • Support of execution, and documentation, of WSIM (Workload Simulation) load scenarios in various integration performance regions (LPARS) for application stability testing of VTAM, CICS, DB2, IMS, internet / server network applications under batch background, and LOADRUNNER front end initiations.

Computer Lab Technician

Confidential, Baltimore, Maryland


  • Support of computer lab consisting of 21 PCs and peripherals
  • Administration of Microsoft products' courses for on-site after school programs and weekend sessions (part time)

Senior Mainframe Software Engineer

Confidential, Woodlawn, Maryland


  • Maintenance and support of CICS / VSAM online and batch CWF Medicaid application systems and customer databases;
  • Supported HIPAA-9 enhancements and CMS (Center for Medicaid / Medicare Systems) directives;
  • Supported batch testing cycles in various CICS regions utilizing “security scrubbed” business analyst generated data;
  • Created and maintained JCL, PROCS, and control members for various production, adhoc, and testing job streams;
  • Created and maintained various COBOL II applications and copylibs; Supported application module and package migration utilizing ENDEVOR scripts;
  • Proficient utilization of TSO/ISPF, Syncsort, JCL, CICS, FTP, Expediter, VSAM and full system development life cycle (SDLC) implementations;
  • Supported full analysis of VSAM file tuning with regards to control interval / control area (CI/CA) splits and freespace allocations for online performance.
  • Supported EXCI applications for batch VSAM storage access against CICS attached online allocations.
  • Documented software and network enhancements;
  • Set up project time lines for management planning to coordinate project development and implementations.

Senior Software Analyst Consultant



  • Quality assurance; Requirements gathering and document generation; COBOL mainframe development utilizing VSAM, and DB2 storage databases; JCL development of various job streams and procs; VISIO documentation;

Data Analyst / Production Control Analyst

Confidential, Woodlawn, Maryland


  • Support the scheduling and control of batch job streams; monitor web-sphere generated transactions and CICS applications, monitor queues, assure the completion of batch applications, interface with application programmers on Confidential, monitor and verify file transmissions
  • Support of Medicare Part D development and implementation
  • Code and initiate DB2 table loads and unloads
  • Supported FTP transmissions and monitoring of data across regions to external vendors, customers, and associated agencies.

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Chevy Chase, Maryland


  • Lead analyst and project manager of various projects involving the development and modifications of new and existing software networks and applications using full SDLC methodologies;
  • Projected and maintained project tracking of internal and external resource and manpower estimates;
  • Coordinated and supported various software release implementations;
  • Analysis, design, coding, and testing of various software elements supporting IMS, DB2, VSAM file accesses in MVSXA COBOL VSII CICS and batch environments;
  • Production and maintenance of various project requirements and design documents, and testing plans for internal and external support;
  • Proficient knowledge of JCL utilities, VTAM, and IMS direct / DLI, DB2 SQL / SPUFI call structures; IMS and DB2 table creation, storage access, and manipulation;
  • Creation and support of testing software to support the users in the software testing; quality assurance, and departments; of subordinate level associates:
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project, Excel, RequistPRO, and VISIO.
  • Supported production applications cycles and special processing runs.
  • Developed and maintained various CLIST development and testing applications for departmental and interface user data extracts, loads, and data extracts, loads,, reorgs, migrations from VSAM, DB2 tables, and flat files

Systems Analyst Consultant

Confidential, Vienna, Virginia


  • Primary responsibility was to analyze the critical system Confidential, make restitution to the applications or systems involved, load changes to the production environment, oversee production controls’ initiation of ADABAS/ NATURAL ADHOC procedures and applications, document system Confidential, notify management of billing system run statuses.

Analyst Consultant

Confidential, Silver Springs, MD


  • Analyze and modify batch COBOL ADABAS applications
  • Design new batch applications consisting of JCL job streams, procs, and COBOL / ADASQL / DB2 programs.

Analyst Consultant

Confidential, Wilson, NC


  • Analysis and development of batch COBOL / DB2 applications for data file conversions;
  • Creation of batch JCL for the initiation of DB2 database loads from IMS file extraction and reformatting applications.

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