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Computer Operator (consultant) Resume

Laurel, MarylanD


  • NOC Manager / Administrator with over 20 years of experience. Successful project implementation with emphasis in the following areas:
  • System Analysis - Monitored Operating System and CPU productivity run-time, applications run time, and report output status in print ques.
  • Network Administration - Assisted Help Desk by manning telephones and assisting user s with line, modem and communications problems.
  • Project Management Ensured operating systems ran at maximum efficiency ensuring all organization goals and objectives are met in a real time scope.
  • Performed Initial Program loads (IPL s) and IML's for various Operating systems, rebooted Windows, started Unix, and Linux operating subsystems.
  • Performed daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups for all platforms.
  • Strong organizational, written & verbal communication skills. Communicated problems to Client, Vendor and or Helpdesk
  • Maintained calendars, Schedules, released batch jobs for Test and Production environments, ran and restarted jobs.
  • Provided Leadership and training to Junior Operator position.
  • Documentation of any SOP s including new procedures, cable management, servers, Tivoli, CA Workload Control Center and any backup devices located in the Data Center.
  • Ability to take ownership of Issues and facilitate until resolved.


Hardware: Z/OS, ESA9000, IBM 3090 Mainframe Systems AS400, UNISYS 2200/600,400, A - Series, 1100,90,80,70 Mainframe Systems, Xerox laser printers 9700, 4635, IBM Printer 4490, 3800 Laser Printer, Impact and Network printers and all associated peripherals.

Software: Z/OS (10), OS/390(V2.8, V2.1 0), MVS, VSE/ESA, CA-ESP CA-7, CA-11, Autosys, OPC, OPCA, ZEKE/ZEBB and Confidential, JOBTRAC, Control-M, CHGMAN SAR, CICS, JES2, JCL, VTAM, ISPF/PDF, SDSF, TSO, TOF, Tivoli, PUTTY, OMEGAMON, OMEGAVIEW, NETVIEWM DB2, Outlook, Windows 95/98/ME, XL, 7 and 8, Remedy, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, Excel, Unix, Linux MAPPER/Cool Ice


Confidential, Laurel, Maryland

Computer Operator (Consultant)


  • Performed first level support for failed jobs.
  • Notification and escalation of any existing or potential problems to Operations Manager.
  • Participated in projects to maintain and both review and release batch jobs for test and QA environments.
  • Performed daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups for all platforms, adjustments to equipment using manufacturers and system operating procedures.
  • Documented any new procedures including cable management, servers and any back up devices located in the data center.
  • Ensured all platforms hosting applications such as printers and tape drives are operating according to service level agreements.
  • Assisted in facilities management including ensuring the backup power supplies, fire suppression, leak detection, air conditioning and water detection systems services as recommended by manufacturers.
  • Provided after hours help-desk support in resetting passwords and resetting servers.

Confidential, Melville, NY

System Analyst


  • Monitored and maintained batch processing. Responsible for Processing/Distribution of all Production Control output products.
  • Utilized VSE/MVS, CA-7/ CA 11, ZEKE, ZEBB, Confidential, Autosys scheduling packages along with TSO/ISPF, JCL, JES2, VTAM and UNIX along with Net View, Omega Mon to monitor CPU time jobs used.
  • Used Comtrak and Changeman software to submit jobs to daily batch schedules.
  • Responded to error messages and error codes, recovered and restarted jobs.
  • Used Confidential Library system store and track tape cartridges produced by the system.
  • Monitored/maintained 2 STORAGE Confidential Tape Silo's.
  • Revised and implemented production schedules to meet user criteria.
  • Worked closely with users and Confidential 's, programmers to resolve daily problems.
  • Handle scheduled and unscheduled IPL’s and initialization of operating systems when necessary.
  • Provided detailed reports to management through Outlook / Remedy (turnover reports, performance reports).
  • Provided after hours help-desk support in resetting passwords and resetting servers.

Confidential, Albany, NY

Senior Computer Operator


  • Executed system's IPL'S (Initial Program Loads), Autosys and Disaster Recovery, power on resets, ran system backups.
  • Provided first level problem determination of ABENDs, Restarts, Job Updates, and Recovery procedures.

Confidential, New York

Lead Senior Operator


  • Monitored and controlled electronic computer and peripheral electronic data processing equipment to process business and other data according to operating instructions.
  • Monitored and responded to operating systems messages/error messages.
  • Entered commands at a master computer terminal and set controls on computer and peripheral devices.
  • Directly responsible for controlling system workflow (batch, production and test), ZEKE and JOBTRAC scheduling package resources.
  • Assisted Help Desk by manning telephones and assisting users with line, modem and communications problems, as well as Local Access Network Wide Access Network problems.
  • Provided after hours help-desk support in resetting passwords and resetting servers.

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