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Administrative Assisstant Resume


  • Experience with Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office applications including Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Visio/Access/Project/Outlook/Adobe
  • SPSS 15.0 Statistics Software
  • Digital Marketing programs such as HP Quality Center, Campaign Manager 2.3, and SQL
  • Experience with Google Drive/Calendar/Sites/Mail
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and eagerness to learn.



Administrative Assisstant


  • Working in Center for Packaging Innovation for the safety teams
  • Creating tiered documentation systems
  • Templating
  • Systematic referencing
  • Quality control
  • Document control
  • Web design
  • Determine best way to balance and prioritize large volumes of administrative requests, some of which are complex and require executive - level support.
  • Type and design general correspondence and presentation needs.
  • Retrieve, coordinate and distribute incoming mail for named directors/managers. Answer calls and route to appropriate individual and respond independently when possible.
  • Arrange meetings and provide calendar management for VPs; arrange meetings with multiple attendees or meetings that involve executives for department directors and team members.
  • Maintain hard and electronic filing systems and ensure administrative processes are documented and up-to-date.
  • Manage inventory of supplies and order supplies as needed.
  • Assist on special projects and/or teams and assignments. Work with other administrative staff outside of department to accomplish organizational goals
  • Organize programs, events or meetings by arranging facilities and catering, issuing information or invitations, coordinating speakers and controlling event budget.
  • Bottom of Form


Campaign Manager


  • Worked in Digital Marketing as a Process Coordinator
  • Monitored project schedule and reports to appropriate internal clients
  • Built and maintained matrices in which I conducted weekly audits
  • Worked closely and collaborated with the brand, marketing, and compliance departments
  • Highlighted certain Confidential products in which they were trying to advertise.
  • Launched campaigns based off their value, which meant running analyses, cross referencing each campaign to see which would produce more money
  • Kept record of click counts, amount of purchasing of the product, and figured out the value of these campaigns comparing the two
  • Stored project artifacts, built knowledge libraries, managed issue and risk updates, and monitored overall SDM compliance
  • Built campaigns for internal customers.
  • The customer puts in a request to launch a campaign on the Confidential website with banners and/or interstitials
  • The customer informs us of who the graphics are segmented to and we controlled which group of Confidential customers would see the graphic(s) when they logged in to their account.
  • Built requirements for the campaigns for approval before they were built in the QA environment.
  • Once tested in QA, campaign would be exported to Production.
  • Sent test accounts to the internal customers so they could log in and see their campaigns for business validation
  • Built data models
  • Teamed up with brand managers and marketing managers to continually improve customer’s online experience
  • Ran kickoff meetings and helped build risk management curriculum
  • Helped oversee strategy development, design, implementation, and results monitoring
  • Maintained rollout dates for all campaigns in the validation and production stage
  • Helped determine slotting and scope of a project
  • Implemented the four phases of project planning (planning, initiating, execution, and closing)
  • Provided stakeholder updates on deliverables and any changes in status regarding the project
  • Provided timely project plan updates in various levels of detail
  • Managed all files and documents in Knowledgelink and Confidential, Confidential ’s internal databases
  • Captured meeting minutes and distributed to the project team
  • Updated status reports
  • Acted as key communication between all workstreams on the projects
  • Document control
  • Controlled the release and cancellation of specific documents
  • Controlled specific requirements, instructions, and updates to the documents
  • Used permanent documentation to support the maintenance and enhancement of the systems in our projects
  • Controlled the updates in monthly reports, quarterly reports, matrices, risk and issues logs, and action logs
  • Controlled documents that reflected each major stage in the evolution of our projects
  • Archived every document and file for easy access to see changes throughout the project
  • Anything that was needed of me by the project manager
  • Achieved operational objectives by contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; prepared and completed action plans; implemented production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolved problems; completed audits; identifying trends; determining system improvements; implementing change.
  • Met financial objectives by forecasting requirements; prepared an annual budget; scheduled expenditures; analyzed variances; initiated corrective actions.

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