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Sr. Helpdesk Resume


As Senior Helpdesk Analyst for 7 years. I have gained extensive knowledge in Customer Service and IT Technical field. I understand the importance of treating the customer with professionalism and sound technical skills. In my tenure as a Senior Helpdesk Analyst I have always taken pride in completing difficult task and being an honest and helpful team player.


Operating Systems: HDI customer service, Fire fox /Mozilla,CIA wire,Multi Media Messenger M3, Google Earth, Internet Explorer, Jabber Moment IM, Roxio Creater, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Exchange Server, Exchange Management Shell, Exchange Management Console, Tele Vantage Viewpoint, Windows 95 1 - 3 years advanced, Windows NT 4.1 3 years advanced, Windows XP

Computing enviroment: Desktop computing 1-8 years advanced

Data management abilities: Data Security 0-6 years advanced, Database Backup and Recovery 0-4 years advanced, Database Performance Tuning 1-3 years advanced

Desktop application packages: Microsoft Office 8 years advanced, Microsoft word 8 years advanced, Microsoft project 5 years advanced, Development Hardware Documentation 1-8 years

Network management abilities: Network Administrator 1-5 years advanced,Network Moves-Adds-Changes 1-8 years advanced,Network Security 1-4 intermediate,Network Troubleshooting 1-4 years intermediate,Network Virus Protection 1-4 years advanced

Network technologies: 3 COM 1-3 years intermediate

Telecommunication technologies: Fiber Optics 0-1 year novice,Twisted pair 0-5 years advanced, CAT-5, 6 CABLE 0-7 years advanced

Messaging services: Lotus Notes 3 year intermediate, Printers, HP LASERJET


Sr. HelpDesk



  • Use Active Directory to unlock passwords, give rights to individual or groups, create mailboxes.
  • Reconfigure corrupted user profiles
  • VOIP phones are configured with each user in a secure location, REMEDY tracking device is used to input trouble tickets, document user problem, input user name, building location and phone number . input if the issue was resolved or in pending status, input which network had the issue such as input a summary of what action took place as a result of the information you installed in REMEDY SOFTWARE.
  • Document procedures, document all personal computers for all networks, created Excel spreadsheet, Servicing HP printers and HP and Fujitsu scanners

Senior Helpdesk Analyst



  • Install, assembles and configures computers, monitors, network infrastructure and peripherals such as scanners and related hardware; troubleshoots problems with computer systems, resolve all IT trouble calls, including technical, hardware and software support.
  • Provide hardware configuration, troubleshooting, and resolution and identify hardware, diagnostic tools that can reduce downtime by decreasing problem identification and resolution time.
  • Provide support for all IT equipment, including PCs, printers, portable computers, blackberry devices, and other miscellaneous IT equipment.
  • Perform equipment relocation, installation, expansion, connection and disconnection, upgrades, support and maintenance, and preventive maintenance of computer systems hardware, documentation, and peripheral devices.
  • Install and maintain all types of network and PC attached printers, including bar code and laser, configure network print servers, and support disconnection, connection, installation, or relocation of PCs and associated peripherals.
  • Provide troubleshooting, guidance, and to Confidential personnel on the use of the Confidential card and its software s.

Helpdesk Analyst



  • Installs, modifies, and makes minor repairs to personal computer hardware and software systems, and provides technical assistance and to system users.
  • Answers client's inquiries concerning systems operation; diagnoses system hardware, software, and operator problems; and recommends or performs remedial actions to correct problems based on knowledge of system operation.
  • Inspects personal computer equipment and reads order sheet listing user requirements to prepare computer for delivery.
  • Installs or assists service personnel in installation of hardware and peripheral components, such as monitors, keyboards, printers, and disk drives on user's premises, following design or installation specifications.
  • Loads specified software packages, such as operating systems, word processing, office2000, adobe acrobat programs into computer.
  • Enters commands and observes system functions to verify correct system operation.
  • Instructs user in use of equipment, software, and manuals.
  • Replaces defective or inadequate software packages.
  • Refers major hardware problems to service personnel for correction.
  • Attends technical conferences and seminars to keep abreast of new software and hardware product developments, and used TCIP and remote applications for laptop users.

Helpdesk Technician



  • Managed the Microsoft and Exchange Servers for the Confidential, implemented back-up of servers, patch installs
  • Monitored servers using Domino 5
  • Completed helpdesk tickets using Remedy software, Active Directory and worked with the client one on one solving laptop and network printer issues.

IT Specialist



  • Manage Novell Network Netware 5,0 and 4.11,backup files using vVarious tape methods such as BACKUP EXEC, NOVA system and SNAP server.
  • Monitor network security, LOTUSNOTES and repair HP Laser jet printers.
  • Set up and repair personal computers with WINNT and WIN95 operating systems, completing and monitoring help desk calls

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