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Scheduling Assistant Resume

Coopersburg, PA


  • Software & Database Development / Project Planning & Coordination / & Support Services
  • Dedicated, versatile professional with the ability to improve business operations through technology development and enhancement.
  • Expertise in large - scale data extraction, management and warehousing.
  • Versatile history with multinational corporations and small businesses.
  • Qualifications include advanced in biology, in mathematics and hands-on experience as Programmer/Analyst.
  • Fast learner with knowledge of the software development life cycle and high level of technical proficiency.


  • Large-scale Data Management
  • Process & System Analysis
  • Data Warehousing
  • Process Analysis & Detailed Requirements Gathering
  • Documentation, Tracking & Reporting
  • Database Programming
  • User
  • Creative Problem Solving


Platforms: UNIX, (Linux, SGI, SUSE), Windows (XP, NT, 98, ME, 2000)

Tools: Oracle, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Perl, Shell Scripting, PL/SQL, Make, C, Java, Visual Basic (VBA)

Lutron Tools: E1, QTT, BPM


Confidential, Coopersburg, PA

Scheduling Assistant


  • Responsible for verifying correct scheduling information in E1, finding supporting information in QTT and in electronic and paper filing system.
  • Also verifying Purchase Orders in BPM, as well as maintaining and updating Qualifications and Territory Database in Access.
  • Working on developing a Box-based protocol for our FSE and ASC to access necessary files on their iPads instead of requiring VPN access to large data files.
  • Providing additional technical support to Scheduling as needed and time permits

Confidential, Allentown, PA



  • Manage front-desk and store operations.
  • Supervise and coordinate volunteers.
  • Serve as knowledgeable liaison responsible for providing insights on science center exhibits to guests.
  • Provided hardware and software support including preparing and editing reports, correspondence in Confidential for information. Initially served in volunteer role and stepped into paid, part-time position. Manage front-desk and store operations.
  • Supervise and coordinate volunteers.
  • Serve as knowledgeable liaison responsible for providing insights on science center exhibits to guests.
  • Initially served in volunteer role and recently stepped into paid, part-time position.

Confidential, King of Prussia, PA

Programmer Analyst


  • Consulted with clients to identify needs, present solutions and coordinate projects that supported daily business operations in the healthcare, insurance and retail pharmacy fields.
  • Extracted and managed large, customized data sets by loading, matching, cleansing essential data.
  • Streamlined and automated key aspects of data management and warehousing processes.
  • Facilitated sessions and led workgroups to educate team members and customers/users.
  • Mentored new employees to sustain a productive, team-focused setting.
  • Expertly performed Extract Transform Load (ETL) responsibilities by developing, loading, matching and cleansing customized data files.
  • Developed and delivered custom data deliveries of master file and claims data to key clients in medical and health industries.
  • Successfully transformed data (using Perl, Shell Scripting and PL/SQL) and closely monitored ETL load processes to ensure the accuracy and integrity of Oracle databases.
  • Skillfully and effectively educated customers/users on projects, processes and systems.
  • Collaborated with team members in completing client-centered projects within strict deadlines.

Confidential, Allentown, PA

Postdoctoral Researcher


  • Designed and executed independent research in association with Confidential, a newly established organization focused on the detection and treatment of Flavivirus proteases.
  • Led key phases of research study, including organizing procedures and documenting findings.

Confidential, Stony Brook, NY

Graduate Teaching Assistant / Graduate Student


  • Taught cellular biology, physical chemistry and introductory chemistry laboratory while pursuing advanced in molecular and cellular biology.
  • Conducted independent research on "Effects of Point Mutations on Protein Folding and Ligand Binding.
  • Performed molecular dynamic protein studies of HIV Protease and Trp-Cage mutants and model systems to determine effect on tertiary structure.
  • Skillfully organized terabytes of molecular dynamics data, and wrote scripts to transform and evaluate data according to experimental parameters.
  • Operated remote supercomputers and Linux clusters worldwide.
  • Expertly planned and coordinated complex projects including prioritizing goals, managing time and resources, tracking milestones and documenting/publishing results.

Confidential, Stony Brook, NY

Molecular and Cellular Biology Rotation Student


  • Provided research support on various aspects of yeast genetics and biochemistry.
  • Developed microarray dataset from the ground up.
  • Also performed PCR analysis and 2-hybrid screens.

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