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Customer Service Associate Resume

Arlington, VirginiA


  • Experienced software developer skilled in developing project plans, managing and tracking project execution, designing prototypes and assisting with usability testing, developing and executing test scenarios.
  • Proficient in utilizing formal software development methodologies and best practices.
  • Skilled in communicating with internal departments, management, and meeting customer expectations.
  • Possess a successful track record meeting project milestones and developing long - term relationships with clients.
  • Strong history of successful project completions and proficient in applications requiring, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Oracle 11g Developer & Administrator, HTML, DHTML.



Confidential, Arlington, Virginia


  • Afforded high quality customer service representation and enhanced associate relationships while serving in customer service areas.
  • Strong ability to multi-task and enhance work flow in high-paced environment.


Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Responsible for timely pick-up and drop-off of clients at local events and destinations.
  • Provided hands on assistance with loading and unloading luggage.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience navigating issues related to transportation, traffic, and thoroughfares in the D.C. metro area.


Confidential, Fairfax, Virginia


  • Oversaw work activity within the department.
  • Communicated organization’s objective to associates.
  • Supervised associates’ schedule, work time and within the department.
  • Trained and developed associates’ customer service skills and product knowledge.
  • Evaluated associates’ performance.
  • Assisted with new hire interviews.
  • Managed profitability through report analysis, identifying trends, defining problems and developing appropriate responses.


Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Provided individualized and client-centered assessments.
  • Identified aims and goals to meet client's needs.
  • Facilitated and innovated access to appropriate resources in order to meet clients’ needs.
  • Implemented and coordinated community rehabilitation programs.
  • Monitored long-term needs of clients.
  • Assisted clients with accessing wide range of services and referrals.




  • Responsible for development, maintenance, operation and network management of four satellite control centers using FORTRAN, Pascal and Assembly.
  • Specified Confidential software requirements in co-ordination with satellite operations engineers.
  • Participated in the evaluation of proposals for implementation of Confidential software changes.
  • Followed up on Confidential software development projects and Confidential software maintenance activities covering reviewing design documentation, reviewing test plans, testing software in factory and on-site.
  • Participated in the software maintenance activities of the Confidential software (e.g. analysis of code changes, modification of the application code, and preparation of new software releases).
  • Maintained Confidential software and its associated documentation under configuration control.
  • Provided support to the Confidential operations team. Participated in the preparation, testing and installation of new Confidential software.
  • Designed and implemented a satellite telemetry processing system using PASCAL & Assembly.

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