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Applications Support Analyst/avp Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Bilingual Systems Specialist with experience in mainframe and data base administrations.
  • Designed, developed, implemented, and tested systems in the financial, administrative, human resources, inventory, stocks, and production control areas.
  • Over 18 years experience with relational data structures, theories, principles, and practices.
  • Demonstrated skills in business and technical analysis, testing, and quality assurance.
  • Recognized for strong problem solving skills.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Data Warehouse sign principles.
  • Can proactively identify, troubleshoot, and resolve complex data integrity issues.
  • 30 years of COBOL, Assembler - HL (BAL) and Easytrieve
  • 3 years of PL/I, Natural and ADABAS
  • 30 years of Confidential
  • Expert in Credit Cards, Bank and Manufacturing Industries Design, Development and Implementation
  • 10 years giving support for Operation System Support as a Software Support
  • 30 years in IMS-DB Administrator (Hierarquical databases) and Confidential
  • 20 years in DB2 (Relational Data Bases)
  • SQL coding, queries, index, and database IO performance tuning, Capacity Efficiency
  • Over 20 years experienced with ROSCOE, TSO, XPEDITER, CA-7, FILE-AID, CA-VIEW, ABEND-AID, etc
  • 10 years working with low Platform COBOL (Visual, Microfocus, Microbase)
  • 12 years experience defining test strategy for all applicable phases of the SDLC( Software Development Life Cycle) , including test scenarios/acceptance criteria, etc.
  • Strong experience managing multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritize tasks accordingly


Databases: DL1, DB2, SQL, IMS DB/DC, Confidential


Languages: COBOL2, Assembler-HL, Easytrieve, SAS, REXX, Java, 3GL, 4GL

Operating Systems: Z/OS, MVS/ESA, OS/VS1, DOS/VSE, VM

Third-Party Software: MS Office-2010, Lotus Notes, Sametime, Outlook Extended; Visio, Peregrine system and SDM, IOC, EURC, ECM, PKS, ACR, CMM, OFFICER 2007/2010, JAVA and SQL SERVER 2005(Microsoft certified), Lotus Notes, Peregrine, ECM, EURC, IOC/SDRS, PAR, ACR, VISIO, EiRDS, EDGAR, ROSCOE, etc.


  • Over 22 years of experience with relational data structures, theories, principles, and practices
  • Worked with current extractions and transformation processes
  • Mastered stored procedures, SQL coding, advanced queries, indexed database IO performance turning for DB2
  • Obtained comprehensive understanding of Data Warehouse design principles
  • Defined system strategy and development of system requirements, design, prototyping, testing, support procedures, and implementation of custom technology solutions
  • Engaged in full cycle implementation
  • Performed functional and system analysis, feasibility studies and design studies
  • Evaluated and recommended new/improved processes and technological innovations as per client specifications
  • IBM Mainframe JCL AUDIT and CROSS REF system
  • Confidential TABLES AUDIT and CROSS REF system
  • CA7 AUDIT and CROSS REF system
  • Automatic routines to generate test environments for JCL Job Generation, GDB Base Generation, and PDS Members Copy
  • LOADLIB, SOURCELIB, COPYLIB and CNTLCARD members automatic check up and RETROFIT control
  • Automatic source COBOL, Assembler, PL/I and Natural Source programs Extraction, Audit and XREF
  • Unit Level Testing Routines for IBM Business System Environment Jobs
  • Automatic ICF ( Confidential catalogs) Extraction, Audit and XREF
  • Automatic VSE and MVS/Z-OS JCL Extraction, Audit and XREF
  • Intercontinental Communication System for Brazilian Central Bank (like DTC) developed and implemented using Confidential, COBOL2, Visual Basic, DB2, Confidential and Assembler Language


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Applications Support Analyst/AVP


  • Tuned and supported systems development with Confidential resources to obtain better performance for online and batch applications in Custody systems
  • Analyzed data bases to solve performance problems connected with the improvement of data access
  • Adapted own software audit system for mainframe data processing to automatically prepare the Impact Analysis, Master Element List, and Work Load reports for system maintenance and upgrades
  • Developed and maintained new routines for custody systems using Assembler, COBOL, Easytrieve, and SAS languages involving unit and individual tests, walk-through, and documentation preparation in order to move into production usage (incorporated usage of Endeavor, TSO, Xpediter, CA-7, ABEND-Aid, CA-View, SDR, File-Aid, Omeganon, BMS (GTB), ACR, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Peregrine, EURC, NERDO, and others)
  • Developed and maintained business system work load calculations for the Treasury and Securities Systems department
  • Provided support to system analysts and programmers
  • Provided on-call support to solve batch and online issues for internal users
  • Recommended and changed based on contention analysis batch routines to save run times and overriding JCLS automatically.


Technical Credit Card System Support Consultant


  • Provided assistance in Confidential products for new clients to implement hardware and software for credit card test simulator and payment system
  • Conducted hardware and software technical presentations for Credit Card Support Department


Applications Developer


  • Developed batch and online programming communications with Stratus platform to receive and process information about Credit Card inquiries (authorizations, declines, referrals). Extremely complex system which required working with scripts and high level of concentration to avoid errors.
  • Implemented Peregrine System and SDM Methodology to control all project phases.
  • Controlled test scripts and walk-throughs to check changes and resources being implemented or unit tested for complete results
  • Retrofitted controls to maintain several versions for the same system, module, or program level
  • Prepared master plan/master element list in order to follow up on all phases of project
  • Solved complex online abends through the use of debugging tools (ABEND-Aid and XPEDITER)
  • Implemented Data Processing Audit, Control, and Cross- System to prepare impact analysis, work load, and master element lists in order to install new releases for Sungard Package
  • Implemented automatic test JCL batch routine to include compare steps and overriding of JCLS automatically


System and Applications Programmer


  • Developed and maintained hundreds of Assembler, COBOL, and CSP programs using IMS-DB and DB2 for accounting area
  • Adapted and implemented new IRS Tax Routine with annual changes for shared interest and profits
  • Coded and tested several CSP/AD programs for accounting
  • Used STROBE, ABEND-Aid, and EXPEDITER to solve performance and production abends
  • Adapted and Implemented Data Processing Audit, Control, and Cross- System

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